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  1. troutlover

    Power drifters etc

    I have rowed Jason's boat and I have to say its pretty sweet. I found it easy to maneuver and get across the river even slow down enough to get a few casts on a spot. I personally own a 1652 crestliner with a 60/40 merc. it has a deck in the front and back and a inboard tank. It is a beast to row but it holds a good line and once you are set to drift a bank its easy to hold. However there is NOTHING quick about making adjustments and you cant hold in the current. You would need to be really fit to row it all day. Jasons boat I could row all day. Pro my boat cost around $11,000.00 Con Jasons boat costs around $30,000. If I had the money I would go with Jasons set up no question. If I had the time to commit full days I would go with a drift boat. One day ill probably own both. Drifter for the Bow and a jet for the Bulkley.
  2. troutlover

    Relics on the bow

    Relic..... Beachcombers.
  3. troutlover

    Where to buy dry fly hackle?

    Keep an eye on kijiji I have bought Thousands of dollars worth of materials for a fishing rod and a few hundred dollars from guys who were into tying and then decided to stop. I have more materials than I could tie with in 3 lifetimes from just 2 kijiji finds.
  4. troutlover

    Felt Soled Boots

    felt, rubber, felt with studs, rubber with studs. I have grips i use just for the bow and ones i use just for BC. I like felt with studs on the bow.
  5. troutlover

    Felt Soled Boots

    Hodgmans has an awesome boot with interchangeable soles their system is 100 times better than korkers. I have 2 seasons on mine I fish a lot and the boots are still like new. The hodgman boot i had 3 years ago was garbage so they sent me their new H-lock Vion design and i like them better than my old simms guide boot. Hodgmans is finally getting it right in the fly fishing gear department.
  6. We are way behind on the studies and the scientific research so we will skip that and go forward with theory and observation....... The intent has merit but the approach is flawed. When you take this approach you can very often waste time and resources chasing a theory validated by good intentions while the real problem unseen and misunderstood continues on. We see this approach and failure far to often in the management of the environment. It gives Government and Business the opportunity to say they are doing their part while at the same time they are doing nothing. Facts and science is what will focus the resource management in the direction they need to go. Though properly conducted scientific studies are the slower approach in the long term it is what will bring the best results. I think foundations that are raising funds to make real change should focus more of their money towards research that will help us understand how to spend funds on action that will make the largest impact. Its about finding the best balance between long term results and short therm solutions. If the government wont spend the money for the studies that will hold them accountable, then i think it is up to the foundations that petition for donations and public funding to take up the responsibility. I'm not saying the Bow River Foundation is going the wrong direction by any means. I am grateful for their time, effort and stewardship. They have made already drastic improvements to the Bow river and i know they will continue to do so and for that reason i will continue to send $$ their way, My thoughts are just something i share so that they can be considered. I think there needs to be more balance brought to the process that will bring longer term results. We need the government to shift their way of thinking by providing consistent scientific observation and facts. It is the only thing that can keep them accountable, the only way we can know if our efforts are having an impact and the only way we can have consistent results that don't change with every 4 year election.
  7. I"m not mentioning this to say you are wrong only to say there might be information that we can use from other trout waters that face the same population and user base as the Bow river.Yes the Bow river is very unique as it flows through a metro area of over 1 million people. There are only 3 trout streams in the world that flow through a metro area of over 1 million people 1.The Bow river in Calgary Alberta pop. 1,500,000. 2.The Chattahoochee River in Atlanta Georgia pop. 6,000,000 3.The Isar River in Munich Germany pop. city 1,500,00 metro area 6,000,000. We might be able to learn some things from the management of these other rivers.
  8. they are my favorite type of clap.....I have really bad hands and they are not a problem for me.
  9. I called in to book some back country reservations and it turns out that it has all been moved to online bookings now. The system is actually pretty good and will be way better than the phone in method. What really ticks me off is there used to be a 90 day limit to pre booking your reservation but this year they opened all booking January 1st. So everything is totally booked up. I don't feel like i live under a rock but i never heard anything about this change. How did i miss this? Did anyone else? Was there any effort put forward by parks Canada to inform the public? I guess the positive side to this is i will spend the summer now outside the park exploring the hidden corners of crown land and Kananaskis. Something i have wanted to do for ages but never given it the time.
  10. incredible!!! any fishing along the way. What is the total KM of the trail? How many days would it take?
  11. troutlover

    Pike fishing ???

    Any lake that is connected to the irrigation system is going to have pike in it. Bigger the water bigger population of big pike smaller the water still lots of fish but the population of bigger ones is going to be less. Nice thing about spring is the pike haven't gone deep yet so fishing from shore is possible. Look on google earth there are lots of lakes withing 20 min of Calgary that hook up with the irrigation system that are full of pike. Look for back bays and transition lines. A friend was East of Calgary about 30min the other day and he said the pike were in 1 to 2 feet of water they had 60 to 70 pike to the boat all around 24 to 30" .
  12. troutlover

    newbie question

    Just tie a perfection loop out of 25 lb florocarbon and albright knot that to the end of your line. then you will have a loop at the end and no need to snip anymore.
  13. troutlover

    South Boat Launches

    Bron i cant remember what year it was maybe the flood year they did some grading to the road and added a bunch of rock. The road is actually the best it has ever been. I pulled out of there on some very wet days and the road was fine. I dont think it got rutted out at all last year. Compared to years before they added the gravel. Years before i can remember doing a controlled slide down the hill into the corners then backing up maneuvering the corner and sliding to the next ........ so much fun.
  14. troutlover

    Policeman's Flats Closures in April

    Maxwell posted a video on instagram of heavy equipment in the river and it looked to me that they were working on the rocks at the end of the Big berm
  15. troutlover

    Policeman's Flats Closures in April

    Hi Peter Will there be barriers installed to stop vehicles from driving along the bank of the river?