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  1. OHV crowd are continuing to "lose their minds" over even the backed off plans... read the comments in the Minister's Facebook post on the matter @DevinDreeshen4AB. 71% of wildfires caused by people, I think is what was said in the stat quoted in the video. Maybe a total shutdown on the back country and forestry management areas is actually in order <cue barrage of assorted flying fruit and vegetables>
  2. Time to close the Crow? At the very least, I would think it prudent to put some significant seasonal closures in place. That river needs every advantage it can get to recover from this and the myriad of other things it is facing.
  3. Am sorry I missed the session here in Lethbridge. Unfortunately I had another commitment and was out of town. A buddy went, and his impressions were similar to the above. I did the survey, and suspected there would be a much heavier emphasis on the survey topics, but it sounds like it was a great effort to cover lots of other things as well.
  4. I said it in the other forum, and I will say it here too. 112s for a mean time out of the water seems super long to me. We can do way better than that, even if we want the hero shot.
  5. Not the Patagonia Ultralights then. I have super wide feet (often can't find shoes or boots to fit unless they are 4E), and these ones actually fit me pretty well. I had an older version of the Rock Grip a few years back, and they were narrower, so I had to size up a couple to get em to fit. Maybe the Foot Tractors fit differently than the Ultralights... I've never tried 'em.
  6. Lots of online resources exist (e.g., Orvis learn to fly fish series). That said, there is nothing quite like in-person instruction. McLennan Fly Fishing is a wonderful place to start. Jim and Lynda are both awesome teachers, and will get you going in the right direction. Never too old!
  7. You too Doc! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!
  8. (A little surprised no one has posted this yet... maybe it is here somewhere and I just missed it.) Perhaps this isn't really news to anyone, as I've heard about these concerns before. But here's an interesting read/watch about selenium in the Elk Valley, done by an environmental protection research group. Print article contains a video link as well. https://thenarwhal.ca/for-decades-b-c-failed-to-address-selenium-pollution-in-the-elk-valley-now-no-one-knows-how-to-stop-it/ I appreciate the economic importance of Teck to the region, so hopefully they can find a way to mitigate this issue, but quick. Not sure where the mine proposal is at for Crowsnest Pass these days, but it certainly raises alarm bells for me about potential mine impacts this side of the divide too.
  9. I find Solarez cures better than Loon... less tacky anyway. I'm not convinced it is any more durable though.
  10. Based on this, I went ahead and ordered the Nests. The wired ones are hard to come by locally, so just got them from Best Buy online.
  11. I always thought that too, but came across this in my interweb travels today. I was compelled to dig a little more, and next found a website that referenced this article; in a test they placed detectors at 3 different heights in a sealed chamber, and each performed equally as well. Conversely I've also read today that 5 feet is the best height, and that there is potential they won't perform as well when on a ceiling if there is an expanse of heated air up there preventing the CO from reaching the detector. All a little confusing for the consumer with an inclination for proverbial salt grains Those look great on the dual sensor front, but not sure I'm inclined (based on my comments above) to do separate CO detectors. I like the permanent (lithium) battery ones as well, but not a dealbreaker one way or the other. My understanding of Alberta code is that CO detectors are to be installed in or within 5m of each bedroom, and must be interconnected. So in my case to stick to code the house was built to, I need at least 2 of them, one on upper floor and one in the basement; not sure how I would interconnect stand alone ones.
  12. Any electrician types out there that are expert in these things? Got a replacement alarm on one of our detectors last night, and see that the builders ones installed in our house are all marked for 2017 replacement. So, I opened a Pandora's box this morning and started some research for new ones. Turns out the standard ionization-type detectors in most houses are a little questionable in terms of their effectiveness against some types of fires... who knew?? That sent me on the path of looking at dual-sensor detectors, with CO detector built in... there's just not a lot out there that I could find that fits the bill. I was leaning heavily toward the Nest Protect, until I read that some inspectors are not passing them (mainly Ontario anecdotes) because they are not interconnected by hardwire (120v Nest versions are two wire, and rely on network for interconnect) So ideally, I think I would like a dual sensor, 3 wire, with CO detector. Smart features are optional. Failing that, can anyone confirm if the Nests pass inspections in AB?
  13. jgib01


    My wife and I took our kids (now 13 and 15) to Yellowstone for the first time. We had been for our honeymoon in 2001, but this was before kids and long before I fly fished. Such a beautiful place, and it goes far beyond just the unique geological stuff... the Lamar and Hayden Valleys are amazing places to view wildlife. In fact we were lucky to witness a griz feeding on a bison carcass from a nice healthy distance away across the Yellowstone River (the vehicles across from us in the 4th picture down are all there to see the griz). While the brunt of time was spent touring around, my son and I did manage to wet our lines a couple of times in the Yellowstone and Soda Butte Creek. I most definitely plan to go back. Lots of walk and wade opportunities in the park, and amazing looking floats on the Madison which I may try to do next time. The folks at Blue Ribbon Flies were super helpful, friendly, and very knowledgeable (and will steer you in the right direction).
  14. I could be wrong, but think given the litigious age we live in, there's very little likelihood that we will ever see broad testing of campground wells again.
  15. Ah, if you are coming down the 22, definitely quicker to zip back toward The Pass or to Lundbreck, rather than to the Pincher area. Not sure about the fire hall, as I've never stopped there... Google maps shows a sani dump there, so looks pretty promising. But if you stop and buy a lot of beer at the Oldman River Brewing Company, I'm sure they would give you some water... then everybody's happy! Have fun on the Castle! Edit: I'll try to remember to zip past there when I am heading west (tomorrow or Sat likely), to see if it still looks like a go.
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