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  1. I use a site called Imgur and post a direct link here, works great, really easy
  2. Just thought I would post a few of my favorite pictures, post if you have some favorites. Love Cutties on dries. Leftovers from tying orders. Dads tackle, still in occasional use.
  3. They are a real living Jewel
  4. Here is how to reverse the F2 Bighorn. 1. Remove the spool by placing your thumbs on the small black/grey rubber, and push, the reel should come off. 2. Remove the rubbers on both sides of the reel (drag knob and axel) 3. On the axel housing you will see a little notch, you will have to remove this one with a small Alan key (hex wrench) 4. In the drag knob you will see a screw, remove and twist off drag knob completely 5. You will be able to pull the complete drag housing apart and will see the inside of it (cork, brass insert etc.) 6. Remove the brass insert and the axel out of the axel housing 7. Inside you will see a ribbed 'insert' this is the 'one-directional bearing', you can gently push it out, in most cases it will slide out 8. Turn the bearing 180 degrees and put it back in; make sure you take it out in such a way that it doesn’t fall, if you by accident drop it and put it back, I guess you have a 50-50% chance you changed the retrieve : )) 9. Now your reel is the opposite retrieve 10. Place back the axel and brass sleeve, and slide back on the axel attached to the reel housing 11. Twist on the drag knob 12. Screw in the tiny notch/screw in the axel part of the housing 13. To set the drag: tighten the knob in such a way that if you turn it from 5 to 12 counterclockwise back to 12 you should feel the drag come lose (at 12 is where the screw will be stopped by a peg and will be your drags range, let's say) 14. You can set your drag a bit tighter or looser by placing the screw at 5 to 12 or let's say 10 to 12. 15. Put back the rubbers Please make sure you take it apart above a towel, the screws are pretty small and fall and bounce everywhere. Good luck
  5. I did one in the fly shop a while back, it was years ago but I believe you pop the rubber inserts and then flip the bearing. It was a bit tricky, took some fiddeling.
  6. Great observation on sink tips, I have a couple of lines that are dedicated to sink tips, I've stripped the core and done a loop to loop with the core and served over. Runs through the guides easier. Good use for the old lines.
  7. I do like a floating line with a sink tip most of the time. Makes pickup for the cast easier. It is a good idea to carry a full sink when they are hanging in that lower layer.
  8. Have never fished the Vision brand reels, although I have seen them for sale online at Togens Fly shop. Lamson makes good products without question. You also might look at Islander Reels, have owned several and they are excellent plus Canadian Made. Hardy also makes some great reels along with Loop.
  9. The new 2023 Fishing Regulations are now available online Here. Its always good to review .
  10. Oops we better do a 2023 version.
  11. They where mandatory on boats, looks like they will target smaller craft also like kayaks, canoes and rubber ducks.
  12. Best wishes of the season to you and yours from our family.
  13. Awesome pictures thanks for posting.
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