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  1. It makes excellent Dry Fly Dubbing. Floats well and easy to dubb for flies like the Adams. I like the course longer fibers for Wings on dry flies, float like a cork.
  2. With all respect any time you want to pick up the moderation duties here and think you can do a better job you are more than than welcome.
  3. Know how you feel, encountered it too may times to count.
  4. There are a lot of regional variations of flies like this. Tied to focus on a particular area or lake. The one you show in the box was popular for Raibow trout in the mountain Lakes in the interior of BC.
  5. Easy, its an Alexandra wet fly. Lots of slight variations of this one depending on location. Tied a lot of these for shops in BC in the 60's and 70's, named in honour of the Princess Alexandra. Basic pattern Typical sizes 6–10 Thread Black 6/0 nylon Tail Red ibis, swan or goose wing feather (this one is blue and natural dunn) Body Yellow Dubbing (often tie it with a double tinsel body) Wing Six or more strands of peacock herl over red duck, swan or goose wing feather Ribbing Fine oval silver tinsel Hackle Black or brown tied wet Head Black thread
  6. Although at times I wade. But I more often see people standing where fish are (where).
  7. I have spent so much more time watching the water and finding actual fishing lanes where Trout go to feed than actually fishing. Certainly prospecting is a way to go but I have never been a one to flog the water with "go to flies". My best tool is actually a small pair of binoculars to look for trout that are either rising or in many cases just finning on the bottom between hatches. Not all areas hold trout. There are literally dozens of different bugs that are available to Trout during the course of the year if you are a Dry fly fisher. Beginning with Midges, Stoneflies, Ants, Caddis and Tricos plus a host of others. Each has not only its season but its time of day and place on the river. Some are early morning or late evening in the dark so that all you hear is gulping trout to try to target with you casts. From just a personal point of view I fish with the objective of getting to know the river, when and how the trout feed. I have kept a concise fishing diary of such things as water temperature, flow height, and bugs encountered on all the streams I fish, they are all different but the research is half the fun. I also take pictures of Mayflies and other bugs to have an idea what I am up against and need to tie or find a fly that matches. That is not to say that you can't fish any way you want but this is what makes sense and satisfies me. Maybe I'm just getting old and set in my ways but it's what gives me pleasure. I can fish Nymphs and do very well or swing a streamer and nail a big brown in a lie, but my goal has always been to fool a trout feeding on surface or slightly subsurface and catch trout on my terms. I cant count the hours it has taken me an to slowly get myself into position behind a rising fish and get that one or two drifts. Mind you I've blown enough stalks on trout but its part of the game. Just my Old Guy two cents.
  8. Cool what was the trick, I don't have one but perhaps someone else could befit.
  9. With those prices they should have a security patrol and launch your boat for you. Is this a new boat launch they are trying to pay for or the existing launch used as a tax target.
  10. We don't do politics, hunting or trapping here.
  11. Here are the new regulations. https://albertaregulations.ca/fishingregs-pdfs-2022.html
  12. Nice job, I like tubes, better hookups and releases. Have used them on Kootenay Lake Rainbows with great success.
  13. There are a lot of subjects to talk about besides hotspotting.
  14. I love Frenchmans Creek Had some great days out on that water last year.
  15. Like all forums its what you make of it, Winter is always slow, and other social media does share users. It is amazing how many people do comment when an interesting subject surfaces.
  16. Nice, you should be proud of that one.
  17. If you are able to become involved. https://www.alberta.ca/2022-23-sportfishing-regulations-engagement.aspx Register Here https://goa.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_CV32rNj7R0SHvtqDIv801g
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