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  1. Haven't tried these as yet. Looks like they would work nicely.
  2. Maybe just post it here, there seems to be a lot of interest.
  3. Time to form a Fly fishing hit squad. With hotspotting and concentrated effort.
  4. They also catch fire easily if you use them to stir a campfire.
  5. Buy the reel and take it to an engraving service like a Trophy store or some Jewellers will also preform the task. A quick google search is your friend.
  6. New interactive Map to Sportsfishing Regulations Here.
  7. Do you have a Spey Rod etc.?
  8. Look for Macrame yarn, Don turned me on to it years ago. Floats like a cork.
  9. I bought My Reddingtons Online Pokerfish. Would have been nice to be able to check the size but with their chart it did turn out OK.
  10. I've always used Simms but my last set of G3 Guides where nothing but trouble. Leak after leak. No joy for the price. Last year I tried a pair of Reddington Sonic Pro's with a front zipperand love em. The other Idea is to look for wast high waders (Wading pants). Unless you are wading chest high they are a good bet (don't wade where the fish are). Bass Pro had a good brand a couple of years back when I worked in the fly shop, Lasted 6 years.
  11. Been pinching in the vice for years but it was interesting when I tried rolling, it really flattened the sides of the barbed area.
  12. Nice, just teh right amount of bucktail.
  13. Wait a second did I lock the truck?
  14. There is certainly a lot of value in a Ring neck skin, the range is astounding.
  15. If the feathers seem matted and dirty overall you can do a light washing with dish-soap in warm water and then lightly blow dry. Most of the time there is no need at all. If you do be prepared to re-Borax the skin, unless it is perfectly dry (non greasy to the touch). A trick is to place the skin side on paper, if there are grease spots add Borax. If you choose to keep the skins in a plastic bag keep it fully open. A paper bag is actually better if it is a new skin as it aids in drying. I will then put it in plastic. I have bought commercial skins that still needed drying. But most reputable companies do a great job and don't require more work. I normally don't clean unless there is a need. I do occasionally steam feathers to get them back to their original shape. Hope this helps let me know if you have other questions.
  16. You must now fill out and deposit a self-certification permit for non-motorized watercraft and water recreational gear in Banff National Park. You can get the permit and more information here.
  17. Nice, fewer and fewer companies stand behind their product. Had a small plate fall out a Hardy reel of mine, they sent a replacement no probleml
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