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  1. Is there still a new content icon?Cause i cant find it.WTH is a leader board?This is now a competition??
  2. Simple resize is the app you want.makes posting photos from your phone easier then from your laptop.
  3. Some will also call it Cabosil, mixed with epoxy as a thickening agent makes it Thixotropic.Available at IPP or lee valley.
  4. I mix CLR and a little water in a spray bottle spray the boat and the foaming brush at the car wash takes it all off.
  5. Stay away from the xylene it evaporates too quickly and is very toxic.Why even bother removing?Just re glue over top.
  6. Was he there long or something?I have to backup that far to load my boat and its not easy so it takes me a good 5 -10 minutes to load.
  7. considering weight and cost youd be farther ahead with a 2 HP long shaft much lighter and only need a liter of gas and never have worry about batteries
  8. Batteries are rated in amp/hrs,more the better.Sizes are usually a group 27 or 31 IIRC A large battery kept on the lower speeds will last a weekend if used sparingly.If you like to rip around and have it in rabbit all the time then a battery will only last an afternoon.
  9. get someone to measure your transom height when your in the boat,36" might be too short if you move to the bow or have a big guy up there.
  10. You ll want the maximizer as it uses much less battery. 55 lb is enough only need one battery then. I use the bow mount so i can control with the foot pedal but the tiller steer would also work just need tge exstention so you can stay in the rowers seat
  11. http://flyfishcalgary.com/board/index.php?showtopic=22646&hl= 5 th post is who i used,nothing but good things to say and cheap.
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