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  1. very interesting, and gives some food for thought. kinda contrary to conventional wisdom. always good to test the assumptions.
  2. I am a fan of Kelly Galloups Hares ear. and I find his long winded tying videos very helpful, or at least worth the time . i prefer the non bead headed version on the bow. Search Galloups hares ear, for links to the video on youtube. good luck.
  3. bought the cabelas waist high ones. first pair leaked badly, second pair leaked a bit. both went back. my simms experience echos lornce's, lasted ten years, but leaked from the start. the inside is a measles outbreak of patch material, usually required to be reaplied after two weeks for new leaks. couldnt find the redingtons in town.
  4. Knibbes did some quality work on my F150 - rear end (pinion bearings) and exhaust manifolds. quality work, good to deal with and fair pricing. Since then they have done all my maintenance work. I go to the Crowfoot location.
  5. Don //www.crowsnestheritage.ca/trails-routes/trails-hikes/lille-mines-and-townsite/ old mine at Lille, still old ruins/buildings there.
  6. I have been using the same Hydrogen rod since the fall. I previously used a Amundson ww 3/4 for 4years. Both rods were primarily fishing the bow river. I am using integrated lines, a 240 gr Spey lite skagit from SA. and a 240 gr airflo switch float. I really like the airflo for indicators, line mending is pretty good. I find that the SA skagit is a bit overweighted for the line, but this is a very personal matter, and if you are just starting the spey game, overweighting is probably good. I am using versa tips for both the soft hackle and the smallish streamers. However I fish 70 * 80 % with the bobber. I am very impressed with the Hydrogen, handles fish well, nice feel. mends line well, good backbone for me. A little whippy with the skagit line, but it does throw it a long way out there. Have fun with this. Tom
  7. https://www.hatchmag.com/articles/how-help-fly-shops-and-guides-during-coronavirus-pandemic/7715014 Fly shops and guides are the tangible heart of our sport, here's how to help them I know we are all hurting, some more than others, but give some thought to the folks who support us. T
  8. Good article. here is the link if you dont want to go thru facebook http://www.outsidebozeman.com/magazine/archives/spring-2016/fish-out-water
  9. https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/home/office/magnifiers/110117-led-headband-magnifier seems like a worthwhile option for us vision impaired folks.
  10. Terrible way to end a summer. Hope you get better soon.
  11. just starting for the upcoming stonefly season. Playing with extended bodies EAstonefly X2.0, with mods. also planning on playing with the coloring pens.
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