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  1. https://www.hatchmag.com/articles/how-help-fly-shops-and-guides-during-coronavirus-pandemic/7715014 Fly shops and guides are the tangible heart of our sport, here's how to help them I know we are all hurting, some more than others, but give some thought to the folks who support us. T
  2. Good article. here is the link if you dont want to go thru facebook http://www.outsidebozeman.com/magazine/archives/spring-2016/fish-out-water
  3. https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/home/office/magnifiers/110117-led-headband-magnifier seems like a worthwhile option for us vision impaired folks.
  4. Terrible way to end a summer. Hope you get better soon.
  5. just starting for the upcoming stonefly season. Playing with extended bodies EAstonefly X2.0, with mods. also planning on playing with the coloring pens.
  6. This fall was good for me - many whities, a few browns and better than my average for fall bows. The spring and summer had the whities only rarely, frequent big healthy browns and only a few (albeit healthy and strong ) bows. Only infrequent tiddler browns. Nymphing, same spots as prior years. Goes to show that anecdotal info can be unreliable. A side note - noticed quite a few of the 16+ browns and bows had what to me appeared to be pelican damage - cuts and slashes. Didnt see any such on the whities or the small trout.
  7. SA suggests their sonar leaders, anybody try these - thoughts, comments? Going to try a 225 grain spey lite, skagit, integrated. I am not a streamer guy, and wanted to give it a serious try this winter. Not likely throwing a whole chicken, just some leeches, buggers and sculpins. Thanks.
  8. I have always tied pts and hare's ears with legs, yet I do notice that a number of the patterns on the web do not. I am interested in the comments as to effectiveness and usage of the forum. Note that I tried to think of a bit of double entendre arising from the subject, but nothing came together.
  9. What he said. worry far more about the creepers than breaking a shelf. even a 4 sg ft creeper can take you out.
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