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  1. That's unfortunate... Hopefully it turns up.
  2. Monger! "Very inappropriate political comment which is completely false. THINK! These comments do not belong in this forum." The Alberta government makes the fisheries policy decisions and are subject to public criticism. Censorship does not belong in this forum.
  3. Jay, unfortunately due to the City of Calgary's continued flood mitigation strategy, most of the water is going to get flushed through the system. Then they will dramatically reduce flows through the summer and fall to refill the many upstream dams for the winter. And, in tandem with the continued over diversion of the Bow and it's tributaries by commercial interests, it will ensure the Bow river trout fisheries future decline. The government chooses to blame C&R angling (and Guides), in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary. Less Water = Less Fish. Period! The recent online Angling surveys, Guiding regulations surveys, Stakeholders meetings etc.... Smoke and Mirrors. (Hope to see you on the river this season, Jay.)
  4. https://idfg.idaho.gov/blog/2022/06/trout-density-henrys-fork-snake-river
  5. River closures during High temps and low flows, right? Maybe not. Read on.... https://idfg.idaho.gov/blog/2022/06/some-perspective-trout-fishing-during-low-water-and-high-temperatures
  6. Fish are really easy to catch in the dark. Top feeding fish, bright, sunny afternoons in low clear water, much more difficult game.
  7. No, not really. You could try beating the water repeatedly with a hopper pattern (or any fly), to try and replicate your experiment, but you probably won't have consistent success. Worth noting is that your hoppers were dead, damaged and likely sinking into the film and your multiple eats may have been the work of only one small fish, which stopped feeding after eating 6 dead hoppers in a row. The joy and challenge of dry fly fishing is all about matching natural hatches, searching for willing risers, tying your own patterns. It's not about trying to get lucky. That's been my experience. Results may vary....
  8. A comprehensive assessment of more than 100 C&R studies, and yet no mention of any increase in C&R mortality due to the "Cumulative effects" of repeat capture and release, which is the narrative (without evidence), that AEP keeps trying to sell us.
  9. Yep, Brookies, Rainbows, Browns, Lohontan Cutthroat, Golden trout... Good Bye!
  10. Some of us wonder if Whirling Disease might be slowly eroding the Rainbow trout populations on the Bow (As it has in many US rivers), but AEP says there is no Whirling problem. I don't have any hard evidence to argue the point. AEP is saying that Rainbow recruitment is not a problem on the lower Bow, so WD is not a likely factor. However, there hasn't been any scientific investigation conducted on the HIghwood river tributaries, where the majority of Bow Rainbows migrate to spawn, and where WD could cause high mortality to eggs and fry. If any WD infected juvenile trout survived their first year in the nursery tributaries, it's unlikely that they would be able to swim back down to the Bow river with the returning adults, post spawn, the following year. And, even if a few infected juveniles did make it back, they would likely succumb to predation very quickly. This might explain why AEP has not found any infected Rainbows in the Lower Bow during their electro-fishing surveys in the Autumn/Fall.
  11. Can't see how angling could be responsible for all the dead 6"-8" trout or minnows. Might be water quality issues (low flow, low oxygen, pollutants, entrainment), or possibly disease. Probably should be reported to AEP for further investigation. Paul Christensen, Senior Fisheries Biologist, p. 403-851-2149
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