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  1. I don’t usually fish the bow. I’ve only fished it 2 times in 32 years. I mostly do creeks and the lakes around me.
  2. I’ve had the fishing bug for years. I’ve just fallen in love with the more refined art of fly fishing. I’m a trader to the junk checker comunity Lol.
  3. Fished lake newal today. On my second cast using a modified clouser minnow, I hooked up with a 30” pike.tough fight on my 6 weight but I got him.i don’t usualy net any fish I catch, preferring to never take from the water durring release. But I found a 5 of diamonds lure stuck in him up near his dorsal fin.i removed it and released him, wound wasn’t to bad so he should survive, it looked like it was a fresh wound. What I did find was rusted out hooks and connections rings.the ring to the leader had broken.pls anyone fishing junk or fly check all gear for rust ect. Before fishing. If I hadn’t r
  4. Should have been listed years ago. Let’s hope that between new regs and recovery efforts that we see a differance inpopulations.
  5. I’m very much the same way. I don’t need a pic to remember the time I had on any given day. It’s all about enjoying where you are, no trophy needed.
  6. We loose people o this lake every year. Please use all required safety gear and fish with a buddy. It’s a large lake and weather can change I just a few moments. Be aware and be safe everyone.
  7. https://brooksbulletin.com/search-continues-for-missing-boater
  8. It’s actualy a verve nice fishery, large walleye and pike. I believe the record for the lake is 34lbs “ I may be wrong” cnr only which is nice.
  9. The tiger I caught was about 6 inches long and that was just after it was stocked. With luck by spring they will be a lot larger. Anyone have a clue what their growth rate is like?
  10. Honestly I’ve been reconsidering my next rod weight since I started this thread. I already land good sized pike and walleye with the rod I have, so thinking maybe I’ll look into a TFO lighter weight rod,or another quality brand but have limited resources I’m willing to invest in it. I do tend to spend more time adventuring small mountian streams then lake fishing when I can help it. I think maybe investing in a good trout stream rod may be a better investment really. Thoughts?
  11. That would be great but I’m in brooks. The average pike I hook up with at kinbrook island provincial park is around 45-50 inches, and I do that with my 6 weight pflueger, heck of a fight is all I can say lol
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