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  1. Saw them this spring in the Blindman river halfway to Rimbey. They were jumping like little salmon over the weir by the pumping station. They will be up the Blindman as far as they can swim by now.
  2. Missed your PM back this summer.

    Still have the hat and am coming to Calgary next week.



    1. murray


      Hi, I have a couple of things going on next week but I’m interested in the hat if you still want to sell it.  Give me a shout or let me know which day your coming in and maybe we can meet up for a coffee somewhere.  403 281 7537(H) 587 891 1923 (C)


  3. Its gone to a new home. Happy fishing.
  4. I agree with Silver Doctor- it does deserve to be out on the water talking to some trout. I will be willing to trade it for a reel. A 7/8 large arbor, metal construction reel would be a good trade if anyone has one that is surplus to their needs. The tape that is visible is just a wrap of old masking tape on there for some reason. I washed most of it off. The ferrules are all in good shape and are in proper position- as should be with a custom rod. Comes with original hard tube case and rod sock. Have more pix if needed. Will post on the buy sell.
  5. I have inherited a custom built fiberglass rod built for a friend of my father's (both deceased now) in Calgary in 1979 by someone named "Rutherford" who had a business name of Trout Fly? The script on the rod reads- "The Trout Fly" Model 8590-AFTMA 7-8'6". "Cataract" If anyone can shed some light on the builder it would be great to find out some more about. I have not fished with it yet as it is so far removed from what my other rods are.
  6. What a great production Clive. We never made it down this year, but plan to be back in 2016. Love the drone shots!
  7. My wife and I both have them-on a Outcast Prowler and a fishcat. Wouldn't go out without them as we do a lot of indicator fishing and you get an accurate depth reading as well as knowledge about weeds coming up off the bottom. Go for it.
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