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  1. Incredible ties, ggp! Wow...
  2. WOW!! https://apple.news/ANWJvuNmuS8ixBF0ncIsOVQ
  3. Hey Birddog, really nice tie! Could you reveal the dubbing/mixture you used? It's exactly the 'leechy' look I was searching for. Thanks.
  4. Gorgeous fish!! I had a very close call at work...nearly killed me. I left the job, said "I'm going home"....got home and got drunk for what seemed like forever. Left the area for a while, and discovered Fly Fishing. Saved my life, conquered a fear, and brought me peace. Get out there, @BigFoamy69, The river will provide.
  5. Just got locked down... sigh... holy *hit
  6. ...also found an old Macro I shot from a couple yrs ago. I think I had tied a hackled flashback PT. I just like how the hackle turned out...and how much I have to 'clean-up' my hook eyes!
  7. Tied a CDC Prince nymph on a Sz 14 Knapek comp jig-style hook. Fished it for a few days, caught a few and lost a few, all while bumping bottom more than once. Used a bit of UV resin in a strategic spot, and it's hard to tell, but the gold bead is pretty beat up, and the UV resin is gone!! Maybe these hooks really do float point up...hmmm....
  8. This is called 'Tim's Alternator' and was kinda fun to tie on a Size 16 3x long after all the 20's I've been squinting at! Can't really tell from the pic, but the abdomen is a pearl Uni-mylar, which gives it a nice shimmer. I'm down to my last straggles of peacock herl, however, so one can imagine a fuller thorax! Might trim the bottom of the rusty hackle...but might not.
  9. ...and a Sz 20 'caddis' emerger...I probably wouldn't tie this small if they didn't catch fish...but they do!
  10. Silver Doctor and ggp, you have both inspired me to continue with my Sz 20 journey. Boy these hooks are tiny! Sz 20 'october' emerger...whewph!
  11. I've had success sealing leaks/small tears in the neoprene using the flexible Solarez (green) UV cure resin, so long as they were perfectly dry. Soft enough for inside and out. Also, I was able to use a bit of moisture in the bootie to glue up a delaminated seam using Gorilla Glue. This glue dries hard, however, so some parts of the foot might get rubbed.
  12. Freestyle 'October Caddis' with olive deer hair and a few different orange dubbings.
  13. German Brown Spider, Sz 14. Not sure why it's called a German Brown, but here we are. Might try a different hook, as the gap seems a bit excessive.
  14. Double-wire Copper John, Sz 16. Little bit of flashback and some UV resin as well. This was a handfull !!
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