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  1. I remember Tom Rosenbauer saying a mile or two in small streams is a big day. Guess it comes down to fitness and love of the trail. 8km of XC skiing would be a ‘starter’ day IMO, but hiking in with a new fisher, hmmm it’s a long one. Remember that it’s 8km back out too.
  2. Ya, same here. Closures were during the rain fest a few weeks ago. I was out there yesterday, saw a couple of drift boats waiting to get out. Water looks great..jus’ sayin’
  3. That's the one! Great tie, thanks!!
  4. Gorgeous fly, SilverDoctor. C'mon, give us a Royal Wulff! I tied the 'extended-abdomen' wobbly stone again, with a new type of olive chenille. It's on a Size 8 Knapek Comp jig hook. Not a lot of real-estate, but a surefire hookset! -M.
  5. No problem. One thing I did was colour the floss on the top with a yellow Sharpie, just to darken the yellow a bit. It ended up soaking through most of it. You can see the original floss peeking out right near the base of the tail. Good luck! -M.
  6. Hi brunsie1, I used two layers of Danville's yellow floss and a few wraps of 8lb Chameleon Maxima mono. I found that using some extra tension on the mono helps to sink it into the floss. Cheers! -M.
  7. 'Pregnant' hot-spot scud. The reason I'm posting another scud is that this one popped out of my vise yesterday, and I searched for at least an hour! Found it wedged between my sling pack and a box, some 2m away!! Knapek Comp Scud hook, size 14.
  8. Longhorn Caddis adult, size 14 Knapek competition midge hook.
  9. This is called a West Fork Nymph, but I think it could pass for a wet-style Stimulator. Fun one in size 10!
  10. Thanks Lornce! Delving into soft hackles for a while...will post if I'm happy with a couple.
  11. This is my first attempt at a Parachute Adams, and I feel it turned out pretty well. Normally I take macro photos with an SLR, but I'm missing my card reader. Next time.
  12. I guess I could call this a Blue-Winged something, but it's more like a Gray-Winged Blue! Size 18.
  13. Orange Scud, Size 16. I've been experimenting with different leg materials, but Ostrich Herl seems to do the trick. Really loving these Knapek hooks!
  14. Holsinger's Green Wire Caddis, Size 14. This one's a real hit fished deep!
  15. I tried a super-tiny swivel for a while, and didn't mind the extra weight while casting an Intermediate. Line twist was helped a bit, but the difficulty was the dreaded 'hinge' effect in the loop. In the wind, the swivel was worse than a split-shot for nailing the rod and also the fisherman...My left ear can attest to this! BAM! -M.
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