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  1. A similar story to rudedawg, this afternoon near Sue Higgins. The water is reaaaaally low in some places so the wading was easy. Two-hand casting was going very well, nice calm loops with some strangely accurate reach cast placement!? I was casting into the bubble line, nymphing away, when all the hair went up on my neck...my line went slowly away from me, then quickly back across with a small amount of tension. As the fish came back towards me, I saw that it was a sleepy brown, who seemed to pause as I laid eyes on his silver/gold side. My first fish of 2020! One quick but laboured twitch and he was off...and I didn't mind, because the 4 deer behind me watched this fish too, from about 20m away. -M.
  2. Hi all, Won't get into the scientific and provincial/government side of things. I started fly fishing on the mighty Bow in 2012, so yes I'm a noobie. I remember flailing and falling around, 'throwing' my oversized gear out there... still caught fish. After said Flood, and into the middle 20teens, even when I didn't understand flow estimates and how much damage had actually been done to the sediment/channels/backwaters...had some really great years in there...still caught fish. 2019..I cannot remember the last time I caught a trout, let alone any whitefish (maybe June) ...not catching fish. In my NW neck of the woods, there are numerous construction projects that are altering flow (Stoney Trail bridge something-or-other, Edworthy Park upstream drainage project and Shagannappi Pumphouse to name a few), so there's noise, sediment and poaching (oh my!!) that have hurt the smaller populations up here... Overall, yes this has been the worst fishing season to date for me. Rise in Pike and introduced species?...maybe. Poaching?...I've seen a lot (LOT) of evidence up here, literally across the river from AFW Headquarters~! Grin Pictures during 30ºC days?...maybe. Maybe I'm just a sh***y angler! I want to say 'ride it out'...but I'm a skeptical sort. Good friend in Montana said he just had one of his best years, all wading. Hmmm. -M.
  3. Hi Folks, been a while. I have seen a few very large Crap fish in the Glenmore Reservoir, one literally 1m away from me, on the shore. Tried to attract it with a Chironomid, but it was just cruising the banks. As said in the earlier posts, it had a huge back, looked like a football, quite pronounced upturned eyes...and it reminded me of the Sesame Street song.." one of these things just doesn't belong here..." Must have been in there for a while, because it was at least a 35 inch fish...sigh. It's weird, because Carp are actually a staple food in parts of Asia. Hmmm.... -M.
  4. Hi folks, been dealing. lost my two most meaningful Women in the world, namely my Mom. have seen a bunch of Redds and warned some 'weekenders' Losing a lot means reset. This is me. Lost my Girlfriend too.... Sigh Hope to be around within our strange community. Bit edgy just now. -M.
  5. Smith Guide's Choice with Polarchromatic Ignitor lenses (chromaPop)....if the light isn't too bright, say moving into overcast, I find these work great. Purple light rules! I need a bit more coverage if it's going to be full sun, however, and I have a couple pairs of Ryders Polarized in full dark that really do the job. Craving a Smith Ignitor Amber lens for twilight, but money money. -M.
  6. Done. Already sent in a letter. I live in AB, but BC has the right idea...aside from moose-riding people! 2nd Done, took pictures and the subjects got pretty snarky about it. I have fished a certain corner near Bowness for a while now and have witnessed 3 (three) individuals throwing back fish when they see me start casting in the area. I have also taken pictures, but nearly every time I get close, they (poachers) are gone. We're doing good work folks, no matter how maddening it is. Keep it up everyone, and thanks bmbilon for the OP. Shocking that this person could call himself a 'fisherman' I disagree. Poaching has become rampant! There's a reason the Alberta Fish & Wildlife stopped all keeps on the Bow a few years ago. I am not familiar with the scenario in the other smaller streams, but I can just imagine the meatheads that are out there. -M.
  7. I've been throwing a TFO 8'6 Pro Series 2 Carbon since I was able to start, and caught one of my largest fish ever with it. Nice and light, quiet through the trees and also a reasonable price. I also liked the compact 4-pc without a hardcase, for really getting into deep country. IMO the rod shouldn't dictate whether one can fish larger water or not. -M.
  8. Didn't know there was a good kind of clap... but hey, one gets lonely in that float-boat. Thanks. -M.
  9. Hey FFfolks, Had a question about buying new tools, forceps, scissors, trail nippers, etc...I'm an older fella by hands alone, and only need a new tool. Seizing up real bad even trying to get through holding a bobbin, or a non-slip loop with my regular larger forceps/scissors, wondering if anyone has tried the 'mitten scissor' clamps? I have taped up most of my scissors/forceps but wanted some more advice, besides the regular 'take an Aleve and call me in the morning' answer. Thanks, -M.
  10. That's it, blame the origin countries, for mismanagement of the species. We wouldn't have our mighty Bow Browns and Athabasca Rainbows without Alleman. Ever went fishing in Austria..>>? Just saying... -M.
  11. BigFoamy, I didn't object to this photo, because you obviously know what you're doing. It does seem, however, that the upper green fly is hooked into the fish, by the rear fin, if you look quickly. I haven't looked at the photo up close, but it kinda looks that way. *...Upon further inspection, it's clearly above the fish...* Maybe that's why someone had a knee-jerk reaction to a fish in super-clear water. Weird. -M.
  12. Thanks Bron and BurningChrome. I do use a lead-free wire (!) if available, otherwise a lead wire. Learned about the wire push into the conehead from a veteran online gentleman who posts almost every week. Thankfully, my conehead hasn't migrated too far into the shank, just a thing to have a loose conehead after tying...you know how it goes. Cheers! -M.
  13. I do need your advice, Bron. Securing a conehead is fun..but one might take that last bit of wrap and maybe make it, or waste some over-tying Zonkers. Any tips on securing a conehead when just a bit short would be appreciated.. if it's convenient. -M.
  14. A signature floppy...? Who cares... just a variation. :roll eyes: -M.
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