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  1. This is my first attempt at a Parachute Adams, and I feel it turned out pretty well. Normally I take macro photos with an SLR, but I'm missing my card reader. Next time.
  2. I guess I could call this a Blue-Winged something, but it's more like a Gray-Winged Blue! Size 18.
  3. Orange Scud, Size 16. I've been experimenting with different leg materials, but Ostrich Herl seems to do the trick. Really loving these Knapek hooks!
  4. Holsinger's Green Wire Caddis, Size 14. This one's a real hit fished deep!
  5. I tried a super-tiny swivel for a while, and didn't mind the extra weight while casting an Intermediate. Line twist was helped a bit, but the difficulty was the dreaded 'hinge' effect in the loop. In the wind, the swivel was worse than a split-shot for nailing the rod and also the fisherman...My left ear can attest to this! BAM! -M.
  6. Holy Moly!! Sitttin' on a goldmine, Lornce...as usual! Beautiful stuff.
  7. Just gorgeous, Lornce. Is the wicking fabric silk or linen? 'Parchment' meant a lot in said old days.... It's so incredible to see a museum piece in possession. Is the leather salvageable? It would be a shame to lose such an amazing piece. Well done, and thank you!! -M.
  8. Wow...incredible reel. Nicely done. -M.
  9. I'm a child of the 70's, so not quite as wise as some in this thread, but I am very much at risk, dealing with both COPD and Asthma. Tying my brains out, and attempting some tough patterns, including mini Intruders, 18-20 BWO and the mighty Adams. Might post a few in the 'What are you tying 2020' thread. Also, cleaning house after a big move last summer. Try and get out at least 2wice a week, but sometimes it's nicer to stay home with a Fly Fusion magazine and some homemade beer. Be cool, everyone. Let's keep it going, and hope that the fish are getting a bit of a break. -M.
  10. I fish a Redington Hydrogen single-hand 3W at 10', specifically made for Euro-style nymphing, super strong butt, and very forgiving near the tip. It's really light. The best part is, one can still single-hand switch/Spey with the exact same rod, however 'wiggly' it might be upon roll/single Spey casting. Thanks to Iron Bow for this! I contacted OPST about my options. They recommended a Skagit 180grain Smooth with an 80grain sink tip and I'm happy as a clam. Easily sending line across to 40-50' but a light enough running line/head to switch leaders and do Euro-style. -M.
  11. Last time I was down there (Sue Higgins) it was business as usual. Nobody is immune to this (dogs included)...even one that has contracted, suffered and survived. I went out to a spot 5min from home and promptly got swamped, by complete accident. Luckily I did not need medical attention, and made it back to my place, cold, but unharmed. I'm bursting to get out there just like everyone else, but we need to stay home! -M.
  12. I know that Quarry Lake in Canmore is stocked with Grayling, but I have never caught one. Not sure if this stocking programme is still running either. -M.
  13. So I was going stir crazy earlier in the week, and went fishing in thigh-deep water, with a fairly good current below a small drop in elevation. During the Spring, I always try to look upstream/behind me after every cast or two looking for ice. This day was no different. I felt a small bump on my thigh, watched a small berg turn past me, and thought nothing of it. Did one more cast, and BAM I was in, with only my rod arm and my head above water. The berg was maybe 5' x 2' and about 8" thick, so not super big...but I lost my footing right now. Luckily I was only 15' from shore, 200' from the car and 5mins from home, because I was swamped. It was freaky because it happened so fast, and the ice that hit me was completely clear, so almost impossible to see. Yikes! Be safe everyone! -M.
  14. Holy firecrackers Debbie Downers, The actual Influenza FLU killed over 51,000 people last year around the world. Was there a panic? Turn off that stupid device, go walk the routes, stare at those awesome Springtime holes, remember why you clean your wading boots and gear and stuff.... Shake someone's hand, open a door and forget the media. -M.
  15. It's cool to see more folks out there wearing PFDs, it is that time.. -M.
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