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  1. Thanks, Lornce. I'm pretty sold on the new hooks...now to convert some more fish!
  2. Keel - balanced rubber band grub, Sz 12, using another style of hook from the new brand. There is no barb, the hook point is angled out from the factory. Can't wait to get this one wet!
  3. Olive pheasant rump / peacock eye nymph with a rubber band abdomen. Sz 10, using a new brand of hook.
  4. DM'd...and no I don't know how. I can point you in a direction...
  5. Saturday soft hackle. Sz 12, purple holo tinsel, peacock herl and Partridge feathers from a local Alberta hunt. Caught a couple with this guy today. Cheers!
  6. UV Fluorescing Loon coating on the body...
  7. UV Red Butt special. Sz 12. Fluorescing Loon UV treatment on the body, Olive UV dubbing collar, chartreuse 140 Denier hotspot, and the weird 'Insta Jig' tungsten bead in gunmetal. Whewph... lots of steps for a bottom-bouncer!
  8. Just remember to leave said coffee grinder in the tying area...don't ask me why I know this.
  9. Rusty squirrel sculpin fish skull thing...haha. Sz6 Van Klinken bomber hook. It's surprisingly thin once the fish skull goes on.
  10. I have witnessed salmon and trout spawning, both in BC and also trout on the Mighty Bow - it was a humbling experience. To see the true Steelheads continuing to do so in such "skinny" water, in tributaries of the mighty Skagit is equally as exciting...and important! We need more people like Bill McMillan on all the rivers these crazy days. Watch fish spawning if you can...it changes everything!
  11. Well done @ggp, you beat me to it! Gorgeous fly. Here we go!
  12. Beauty fish, @monger Do you have them painted first, then catch them?
  13. Hoo boy, the experts are tying #20's again....sigh.
  14. Hadn't tied an Intruder for a while, and decided on blue! Squirrel tail, pheasant rump feathers and then guinea hen feathers, with a rabbit zonker strip. I kinda like it!
  15. Thanks monger ya it's bigger than I thought, so 7W for my single-hand for sure, and the medium Spey rod (550g) as well. Would like to say I'll get some fish, but only one bump last time, on the dangle. They're fishy!
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