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  1. RIO 4 weight Scandi Versitip kit is great on this rod.
  2. It would be nice to take a short drift after work or late afternoon on a nice evening.
  3. Just go to RIO's How to series. Simon tells you everything you need to know about fishing wet flies. Pretty easy.
  4. Just animal bones & modern day relics (garbage).
  5. Monger’s swivel works great also & can be bought locally.
  6. First Fly Rod ever was an Orvis Far & Fine, which I still have, Rod Building Class, & Fly Fishing school with a manual to keep, which I still have also. Great Memories, Thank you to all the staff over the years.
  7. Unfortunately not all who do this will get this message, it's Kayakers, Splash & Gigglers in rubber toys, not always drift boats, but good on you to get it out there again.
  8. jdangler


    I bought Redingtons, less than a year old started leaking, sent away for warranty repair, couldn't replace, full money back, which went to a pair of Simms & love them. The Redingtons were nice, comfy, & great warranty, but not as tough as the Simms.
  9. Check out Clackacraft for their Zigco Anchor Pulley system or SpinRX on Amazon.
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