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  1. i was hunting for the same thing last week. no luck at all in Calgary as all stores i contacted are out of stock. i might try to make my own. m
  2. that is disgusting. i pity the poor guy that comes in to clean up and finds those packages. this would be a good practical joke for Geocaching....surprise surprise... on a serious note i agree the world is changing on the constant. Seems the sense of community, care for environment, and in general each other is gone. Sad state. m
  3. I went yesterday...I think the low oil price / Canadian dollar has impacted us even in our hobbies. Not much to do......saw Phil's balanced flies presentation and that was it.. I went gave $15 bucks left..hope next year I will get some value. M
  4. I have the galaxy s3 phone and is a very nice phone and like it much better then the iphone as the apps are available and most of them are free. the only thing i will tell you i have dropped my wifes Iphone 5 numerous time and it is still solid. I dropped my Samsung once, it fell maybe a foot and half on to a coffee table at the doctors office and the screen is shattered. done some research and it is a major flaw in the design. the cost to repair... $300 to $350. and yes it had a case with adequate protection (Otter defender). Next phone will be the Iphone for me. $600 for a phone that breaks so easy..forget it. m
  5. Dropped my phone yesterday and shattered the front glass. Is there anyone out there that knows of someone that can replace it. Let me know. m
  6. good website for review about various foods. http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/brand/ IMO i would go with high quality vs. low quality. Raw Food is an option but will run about $70 per week. we are currently using Petcurean Dog Food. and we switch up the flavours bag to bag. there are many good quality brands out there just need to find one that has good ingredients and your dog will eat. m
  7. Some policies cover for misplace, lost, and maybe even thrown out. I would check with the insurance provider. You might even have a one free claim. I know my insurance has this provision. M
  8. Looking at purchasing a hot tub for the family and was wondering if anyone has suggestions on brand, size, salt vs. traditional, etc. any input appreciated. m
  9. Costco in Okotoks has Ottlite lights for $20
  10. Just a question, is there restrictions on what type of watercraft can be used??? Can folks on jet ski/wave runners zip up and down the river for fun or is it limited to only boats?
  11. I purchased the stuff with holes in it from Costco.
  12. I have a Trolling motor and want to put the battery in the middle to the front of the boat in order to balance it. Is this something that you can do. someone at wholesale sports told me that you can't add extensions. I want to believe him but was quite a young lad and seemed to be not sure of himself. I guess I'm looking for a second opinion. I tried to contact Minn Kota but their internet is messed up..... keep getting a communication error screen when i send them messages on their contact us message center. M
  13. i have that camera and only effective way to get the videos off the camera is to use the supplied software photo fun studio 6.1 HD. not sure if it works with MAC though
  14. Are you using a swivel for head vs. a cut off hook? If so, that is quite brilliant. I have been using a large hook and cutting off the hook part. I have seen folks use cotter pins but i think this might be much better. m
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