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  1. I too have completely stopped fishing for Bull trout. Very rarely, they are a by catch while fishing for other species. I also now only take a couple trips seasonally for the Cutts, which I still desire for the dry fly action. By voluntarily limiting my catch this way, I can uphold my conservation ethic. There is far to much pressure nowadays on these fish to justify any other attitude.
  2. My season on the Bow was my worst ever in terms of effort/ # of trout caught. Where I live in the Nw stretch, above Crowchild trail, the numbers of fish are significantly down. And this stretch already has considerably less fish than below Calgary. Small rainbow trout numbers have really crashed. The browns are about the same as last season, but hardly impressive catch rates. Only have taken 3 whitefish, despite protection for this species. I used to have days I could catch multiple numbers in a single evening of this vanishing species. Most of my bigger rainbows were taken in May, prime spawning time. It should have remained closed during the spring season. Now that it is open all year, I see guys hitting the redds hard a lot of days. The river is in trouble, and yet, as mentioned, there seems to be an all time high in numbers of mergansers and ospreys in this stretch. But angling pressure has increased substantially. More fishermen fishing for less, highly educated trout leads to a very mediocre fishing experience these days.
  3. FraserN

    Picky Cutties

    I had the same problem on a river down South, this summer. The Cutts refused literally every dry fly I threw at them. It sure isn't like the old days, when you could drag a size 14 elk caddis over their head and they would take. Things have really changed.
  4. I finally wore out my Simms freestone boots last season. I am going to replace them very soon. I found them to be a great boot. Much more durable than Korkers.
  5. This new study shows a decline of "all" sports fish in the Bow. I have noticed the decline in whitefish and adult rainbows. The browns, however, have seemed to recover very well after the 2013 flood. However, the 2018 study is not good news at all for the river.
  6. Nice story, and a great way to end the season in the high country.
  7. Very good point, toolman. The big birds are starting to show up in the NW stretch, as well. There has always been Osprey's here, taking their fair share of fish (mostly whitefish and suckers). I have even had them fly over and wait for a trout to be released by me in the shallows. They are clever birds, that are very efficient at catching fish, but are likely no where near as destructive to the fish populations as pelicans are, I suspect.
  8. Just one of many reasons I don't fish the Bow in the winter. A good read for any fly fisherman.
  9. That brown is about as big as they come in the BOW. Great catch.
  10. The rocks on the Bow are the worst for slippage I have ever waded on. I put studs on my vibram soles (Simms). Without them, wading would be downright dangerous.
  11. They are extremely rare. I have caught 2 in my whole life on the bow. The one I got last year in Edworthy Park went 23 inches, and fought longer and stronger than any Brown I ever caught. Very memorable experience, especially since it will likely never happen again for me on the Bow.
  12. I'll go with Brook trout. I think I can see black marks on the dorsal fin in one of the pics. Amazing catch!
  13. The rescue boat crews placed a very large orange Buoy in the middle of some heavy rapids upstream of crowchild trail bridge, tonight. I suppose it serves as a warning to boaters about the rapids, but to be honest, I have no idea why they put it there.
  14. i've mentioned this before. I went through two pairs of korkers, which fell apart after only a season or two, even with multiple gluing and repairs, They are a poor product, in my opinion. I bought myself a pair of simms freestone boots, and they are still intact in my third season of use. Unfortunately, where I mainly fish the Bow, there are vast amounts of rip-rap, which I find to wear out wading boots very quickly, so even the soles of these boots are very worn now. But at least they aren't korkers.
  15. There are definetly brookies in the Bow. I have caught several in Bowness. The primary reason that keeps their numbers low is the fact that they require cold water in order to thrive. For most of the open season, temperatures in the river are too high on average for brook trout to comfortably live.
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