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  1. That's encouraging! I fished after a few floods, 98?, 05, and don't remember a big decrease in fish numbers. Do you see a bunch of Pelicans and Cormerants up there as well ? Fishing pressure is considerably lighter up there, I expect that helps ? We are now 6 years since the 2013 flood, how long should it take to rebound ? Where is our cleaned water entering into the Bow, right at calf robe bridge? Would this mean all water up stream has more nutrients ? Jay I don't mean for you to answer all my questions just putting some thoughts out there.
  2. Wow this is complicated Fishing closures Gear restrictions possible restocking fertilizing ( for aquatic growth ?) special licencing Predator cull dams government awareness Habitat enhancement Global warming Low land runoff User pressure Whirling disease Agree 100% tecks point, River so clean now compared to 15 years ago. Could walk across weeds at glenmore. 15 years ago pods of 3 fish to 50 fish found rising.(honest) * Can you add some nutrients @ water treatment plant to give river a boost ? * Is it a bad idea to restock at this point ? * Enforce a system or complete angling closure giving River time to reboot ? * Haven't paid a ton of attention to flow rates this season but seemed way better than prior bunch. Problem addressed and solved ? Ive noticed tons of changes on the Bow, other streams too over the years, at this point doesn't matter. ( Well it does if we counter past mistakes) This is our River, what we have now. The guys with the big brains get the plan together that well manages what we have and please do ask for help when the time comes.
  3. I for one had been in denial since the report(s) came out and up until last year before I really notified the obvious decline in rainbow population. Year prior was a little better. If I remember correctly when the stats or report came out it was a sampling from a small section of river and perhaps not not entirely accurate. my understanding. My network of buddies , guides etc. goes pretty deep, we all talked about poor fishing , decline etc, floods , birds, rip rap, pressure, drought, heat, rain, cold, climate change, water up and down all the time and on and on. Im a little slower than others when it comes to realizing the full picture but point is I get it and am concerned. Whatever the process lets do it. Reflection period is over. This is a crisis I'm all ears.
  4. I’ve got agree that it stems from the flood ? wipe out a few classes of fish, less fish to reproduce and add more pressure, habitat loss and here we are. Not sure if patience is the best solution .
  5. My first thought is seasonal closures. I do remember your data from last year. My question is why the loss of rainbows? Allways have had anglers, poachers, birds, floods... I still feel even though the rebound from Sapro that the Brown population is about 25% of what it was several years preflood
  6. Specifically the Bow river. My experience, no longer the blue ribbon Bow, boasting 2000 fish per mile.. A depleted fish population for sure with RELENTLESS angling pressure. A common occurrence for me was finding a willing fish and discovering that it had been hooked several times before. Did I hear that another fish count was/is underway ? I do not see the volume of juvenile trout rising, especially on lower bow that I'm used too. My season had a few select highlights but overall very disappointing and I'm concerned.
  7. Yesterday the water was going through boat full to the top. You could barely make out rock it was stuck on. Im sure the anglers had the scare of their lives!
  8. For any not aware.... The river is huge right now, large river hydraulics, flow much faster, put a bunch of gear, people etc. in your boat and that kind of weight and everything happens way quicker . A drift boat went into the rock wall coming into police, boat is pinned againest Boulder and has few thousand pounds of water smashing through it. As far as I know everyone is ok.
  9. I'd have to say I always had trouble tying the humpy. Is it humpy or humpty ? nice job.
  10. I wore Simms last 20 yrs , all with good results, a few fell apart, soles wore off but all in all did their job. Went into a Patagonia last spring, non felt sole ( do not like ) sticky I think they call them. Some deteriorating of rubber around perimeter of sole. comfortable enough but don't like that they take about 4-5 days to dry out. Heres a thought about Vibram or stickies soles... They probably work better on some rocks & river bottoms better than others. Bow has lots of snot on rocks so not so good. how about when they make the rubber they put grit of some sort in the mix to give some traction. As the sole wears new grit is exposed and still traction. sorry off topic with the above, yes some good boots out there.
  11. That sucks, can't help but I am heading out in next hour or so in full gear to battle a nest that is behind our siding. Spray foam wasp killer.
  12. Looked at that zigco pully. Exactly the same as the Harkin I have in line already (glenmore) I had to add the spinner guy from mec over and above to to make the system work. i like the Harkin because it has a fair size diameter.
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