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  1. Hey dale can u text a pic or 2 please



    tx Dave 

  2. Maybe not what ur after but saw a set I believe were sawyers in iron bow hanging from the rafters. have my square tops and love em.
  3. Well... My neighbor below police had the whole bank rip rapped. Had allot of good years prior on that bank.16 to be exact. Is it dangerous to walk on ? You bet ! Do I walk on the rip rap ? Nope ! If you had a choice of doing nothing and having your property eroded away with run off , floods etc.. Or would you take the government funding, rip rap it and protect what is yours ? As much as I truly hate that rock bank in a selfish sort of way I respect the decision to protect it and property. Yes I understand this is private property and most other rip rap banks through the city are not.
  4. I’m so grossed out I don’t know how to respond. after 30 plus years of adventure on this amazing stream. Not knowing the exact answer how did the rivers in US manage through this ? Restocking ?
  5. Finally got my MRI on my knee from a crash on the rocks as I was wearing vibram or whatever Patagonia calls theirs. Get results next week. They suck on the bow but are better on streams that rocks are clean. Ive said it before ... can they not add some kind of grit into the rubber to add traction, as sole wears down new grit is exposed. A course silica .
  6. Some chunkers there. nice
  7. For little guys I just grab em accross back of head and retrieve fly. next size up to about 12-14 lbs I’ve used a grey glove , some kind of light chain mail. Grips those slippery buggers well. Past that size glove doesn’t work as my hands not big enough and fish are too strong. Next is cradle , get them in and orient them the right way that it’s reasonable to work on. Big ones easily crunch down jaw spreaders and dwarf your baker hook outs making getting fly out a challenge and hard on the fish. I will slide my hand under gill up to end of jaw getting no more than first 2 knuckles in. Any more and you will be a bleeder for sure after momma does a head shake or 2 as there are many teeth. Anyhow , hand under gill, head up, fish in control, hook quickly out and ready for a quick pic. Back in cradle for revival and off she goes.
  8. Did not put garden in last year...too busy ..paying for it this spring as beds are out of control! Soon as things thaw I’ll sort the beds ...hopefully knock down the high ph w some ash I’ve saved up ? Basics, spuds carrots , corn peas lettuce herbs etc.. Anyone ever grown peanuts ? I remember as a kid my folks had them growing. Ive got this neat stretch up the shady side of our drive, gives wild asparagus, morel mushrooms, strawberry’s gooseberry and raspberries.
  9. Don’t know what weights they come in but like my Recon for a streamer stick. All my old stuff is RPL’S
  10. Wow, killer place to fish. Amazing! Its now on the list .
  11. What is the Sam Livingston hatchery doing now ? I haven't been in there in 20 years.
  12. Okay so what's it going to take ? You may have a smaller stream that has less urban impact. Easier to identify and try to regulate the obvious destructive forces ?Could be logging, gravel pits, ag. Smaller streams already have fishing seasons ( closures) for a reason. They have a small group of very concerned anglers fighting for the health of the systems. Looking at the Bow specifically, huge city, constant construction, river re tooled to suite our needs. What is it going to take ? When we have excavation to build bridges, construction. Rip rap walls to keep banks together. Fluctuating water levels Unchecked pollution entering water system, sewers, chemicals,road salt etc.. What habitat enhancement would be the most beneficial to help fish be happy, spawn, grow, thrive ??
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