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  1. I once had an employees from one of those Calgary stores (can't remember which one) tell me that he tied every one of those flies himself....hmmm ok.
  2. I remember reading somewhere that the cutts in the Ram River system weren't true Westslopes, but Westslope/Yellowstone hybrids from the hatchery back in the 60s. Any truth to this?
  3. Obviously this social or physical distancing thing hasn't filtered up to the great white north. In the small town I live in, if someone lights a campfire, it attracts people like flies. Yesterday one of them had a fire in his driveway and there had to be about 8 of them standing around it after a time. Just have to shake my head. Can't wait for some open water so I can go sit by myself on my pontoon.
  4. After a move 3 years ago to the "Great White North", I fish a lake 2 1/2 hrs away that contains them. You think bull trout have big mouths? Catch a pig of a tiger and you'd be suprised.
  5. Report said it leaked from a tank...a 4000 cubic meter tank? 4000000L? Sounds pretty unlikely.I could see 4000L which is 4 cubic meters.
  6. I think it would be safe to say if I still lived in Central AB, I'd have my new (to me) pontoon. That is a good deal.
  7. Just cancelled my order for the Colorado, looking at the Fish Cat Panther 9' from the Fishin Hole. How about accessories - noticed the unit does not come with rod holders or anchor system. Can you get these from the Fishin Hole as well?
  8. It's been a long time since I've posted in here (years actually), but I'm in the market for an inflatable pontoon boat. Ordered one off Amazon, a Colorado XTS that's backordered. I'm not sure if they can even bring this model in anymore. Who's using what out there, and what do you recommend? I'm looking for something 9 feet long and I already have a 30lb thrust electric and battery box. Thanks - Mike
  9. Check this out...10 bucks and my left nut says these bastards kept this fish. https://youtu.be/rpvM56Av1Vk
  10. HVAC units in my opinion fall into 3 main companies...Lennox, Carrier and Trane. Last year I was in need of a whole system (furnace and central air) and had quotes from the Lennox dealer in my town and a consultation with Sears who sells Carrier. If you're talking just central air, Lennox came in at around $4100 and the Carrier unit through Sears was out of this world at $5000. I got a huge shock when I went to Home Depot who sells Trane systems. The central air unit came in at just over $3000 installed. So I got my high efficiency furnace and central air for $9400. By the way, my house is abo
  11. No, almost identical to a blueberry in flavor and texture.
  12. Don't get me started on UPS. Didn't have a problem with them until they lost a $420 ski jacket I was returning because it fell apart. So much for the insurance I bought...almost $60 for shipping and insurance and they ended up not paying me a dime.
  13. Ahhh Honeyberries. They kick the crap out of Saskatoons any day. I built a patch in my yard 3 seasons ago with 5 different types and we end up with more fruit than we can eat ourselves. They aren't called the "Blueberry of the North" for nothing. PS: My neighbor makes a kick ass honeyberry wine that you can drink like Kool Aid.
  14. Know where there's a ton of wild ones.....pm me.
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