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  1. McKinnon Flats new road construction complete. Open to the public April 2021.
  2. I have spent a considerable amount of my time recently on the subject of the Bow River Water Management Policy and the impact on the Fishery. And along with others within the fishing and paddle community have managed to get the ear of senior AEP water and fishery staff as to ways to make improvements to water management operations for the Bow River. You may ask what this has to do with the subject of Bow River guides? A lot, because the water management debate has opened up the Cumulative Effects Computer Modeling needs for the survival of the Bow River trout fishery. The recent 2018 creel sur
  3. I find this post interesting as no one has addressed the major problem on the Bow River of lack of fish to chase by a growing number of guides who lack the experience to find the fish that are available. Certainly, many of the names listed as "good guides" are there because for their time on the water over the past 20 years. They have the knowledge to switch up to techniques to match an angler’s skill and preferred angling technique. But unfortunately, very few guides and anglers have the desire to improve their skills beyond just putting fish in the boat. There are government plans to li
  4. The following image gives a better idea of the scale of the new road construction. The site will be closed to public vehicle access during the road construction starting September 08, 2020 with an expected completion date of mid-December. The road will remain closed until the spring of 2021 - probably early April weather permitting. An alliance of stakeholders is being formed to advocate for added capital infrastructure improvements to the property. Hopefully an expanded overflow parking lot that will at some time become the sole parking lot with the existing parking area and river access site
  5. https://www.calgaryriverusers.org/mckinnon-flats-closure-september-01-2020/
  6. Jayhad: In 2006 the City of Calgary at the request of the Calgary Fire Department closed all previously public accessable boat ramps above Grave Bridge to " Emergency Access Only". Following the 2013 flood the CFD added the Shouldice Park and Quarry Park boat ramps to their exclusive emergency service boat ramps. Grave Bridge was left open because the CFD would get stuck on the new gravel bar after the 2013 flood. It became the only city ownerd public boat ramp. Nevertheless, many guides had access keys to the emergency access keys to Cushing Bridge and other river access sites in the ci
  7. Vitalshok - it is listed on the CRUA website. The road access off Ogden Bridge is just south of the bridge before you go under Calf Rope Bridge. Supplies for the boat ramp and road construction are being stockpiled. Construction will start after runoff with completion in the fall
  8. Jayhad- I am not sure where you have been putting in or taking out, but both West Baker Park was closed to the public until this year and Shouldice was closed to trailers boat access until last year. Yes you could drop a boat in anywhere if you wished to carry it to the river bank. But now there are three designated trailers boat access sites above Harvie Passage. Toolman - the City of Calgary has invested $2 million in the River Access Strategy in the past two years with both West Baker Park boat access upgrades and the new boat ramp at Ogden Bridge this year. The GOA has spent in the r
  9. I believe that technically it is possible to maintain the 2M social distancing in the longer drift boats. I have just measured the distance from the middle of the rower's seat to the middle of the front seat on my 15' skiff at 1.70M. But under a days fishing it would be impossible to maintain the current social distancing guidelines. It appears that some relaxation to the mandatory 2M distancing guidelines is taking place. That is "wear a mask if the 2M distance cannot be maintained". With the use of buffs commonplace in the fishing community this may be an option. We all want to get out and e
  10. It is certainly interesting to see the comments here!! Classical fly fishing community - bitch about everything and not appreciate what has been done to allow the city reach of the Bow River to be fished from a drift boat. A few facts: St. Patrick's Island is not a part of Calgary Parks Department. It is operated by Calgary Municipal Land Corporation who spent $$20,000 to make it possible for drift boat access. Be thankful- without this access the upper city reach of the Bow River would not be accessible to drift boats. The upper and lower concrete "roadway" are approved for vehicl
  11. Calgary River Users' Alliance has produced an overview of all boat ramps in Calgary and downstream to Carsland. https://www.calgaryriverusers.org/bow-river-boat-ramps/ You can also keep up with Bow River flow forecasts on the same website https://www.calgaryriverusers.org/bow-river-flow-forecasts/
  12. Monger: The statement "Although the cause/effect for the decline (in rainbow trout) was not determined, it suggested that angling effort could well be the major contributor to the decline" is in my mind accurate! The 2003 to 2013 data analysis did not pinpoint the cause of the trout population decline or the primary corrective action that should be taken. Even to suggest that angling effort could well be the major contributor in the decline is purely speculative considering the data set available to the investigators. There are more than 15 potential causes sighted in the CRUA docum
  13. New and Upgraded Calgary Boat Ramps open in 2020. Also follow discussions on water and fishery management. https://www.calgaryriverusers.org/newsletter-march-2020/
  14. I'm not surprised - campng is a non-essential service. When you see the cuts taking place within other departments, Alberta Parks was in line for the bullet. Will we see the planned $2 million road upgrade at McKinnon's Flats this fall abandoned? I have asked AEP that question. no answer yet!
  15. We need to recognize that the Bow River trout population abundance some 20 years ago was based on a concentrated food source from Calgary's wastewater treatment plants and a lot lower level of angling pressure. Since that time the trout populations appears to have seen a steady decline. The threshold between trout population and angling pressure has narrowed to where many believe the survival of the fishery is in question. Regardless of the fishery management directives that could be put in place, the Bow River will never return to the glory days of 20 to 30 years ago. But a good recreation fi
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