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  1. I got rx Maui Jims through my optometrist at huge expense ($850) a few years ago. I think the brown polarized produces a great picture for fishing and general use.. I was careless with them and they started to get pretty scratched. I noticed that some of the scratches were caused by the arm ends touching the inside of the lens when the glasses were crushed in a soft case. On a flyer, i sent them back to MJ through my optometrist saying "design flaw". They sent me brand new rx lenses and frames in about 3 weeks without comment. So Im a believer (and am careful to now use a hard case)
  2. Looks like the application has been resubmitted : http://aep.alberta.ca/land/land-industrial/programs-and-services/environmental-assessment/documents/Benga-PublicNotice-Oct31-2017.pdf
  3. Smith Optics

    Forgive me if this is irrelevant but I had a great experience with Maui Jims recently.. I had a pair of the brown polarized with fancy progressive prescription lenses that I got through my optometrist. I thought they were near perfect ( although way too expensive). Stupidly i stored them carelessly in a golf bag and they got badly scratched up which you would not expect to be under warranty. However I pointed out to them that some of the scratches were caused where the ends of the arms touched the lens when they were folded and suggested to them it was sort of a design flaw, In about two weeks they sent me brand new lenses and frame without any comment.
  4. River Flows Everywhere Dropping

    I'm with the the Cube. Im guessing the river is brown till at least month end. But the rain forecast for the weekend has decreased a lot, at least on the GFS model: http://www.atmos.washington.edu/~ovens/loops/wxloop.cgi?mm5d2_pcp3+///3
  5. Poachers

    Re confronting poachers: a few years ago I posted here about what happened when I got mad and confronted a poacher near the Douglasdale baseball diamonds. In short , I said some rude things to a poacher who continued to bait fish after I had pointed out to him in a semi - friendly way that it was illegal. He went back to the car park and slashed tires. But it turned out he slashed the tires of of another fly fisher who hadn't been involved at all rather than mine. I felt sick about the whole thing and learned that the best thing to do is to stay back, say nothing and just call em in.
  6. Thanks to Trout Unlimited/BRC for this study. Also the number of redds in the Mallard Point side channel speaks to the efficacy of their Mallard Point project. I think many of us noticed that big Browns were back this year. So support TU/BRC and ATTEND THE FALL SPLASH coming up Nov. 24
  7. I guess i assume grow because like me he wants a conservative government elected in 019
  8. I agree with Jordan that a large number of Albertans are in the centre or, to be more precise, just right of centre-- fiscally conservative but much less so socially. I am one of them. I am not a Wildroser. But I totally disagree that the formula for displacing the NDP is a PC rebuild. Recent history is all we need consider. For me,the collapse of Alison Redford, a true Red Tory, and the more astonishing collapse of the somewhat further right Jim Prentice make it overwhelmingly clear that the only way to get back in power is to make sure everyone on the right side of the spectrum votes for the same party, This is not a novel or outlandish concept--of course it is exactly how Harper got his job. I'll admit that historically I disliked Kenney's far right "rat pack" antics and I continue to be dumbfounded that anyone thought the niqab position was a good idea, but I think Kenney's experience, enthusiasm, hard work with ethnic groups,intellect,fundraising ability and friendliness have earned him a shot. I support a VERY large conservative tent.
  9. Saskatoons

    SCEL: This is fantastic info. Are Bilberries what we commonly(incorrectly?) call Huckleberries? Thanks.
  10. Current, get current, last week's proposal appeared to be to fast track two things 1. a channel around High River (ie your alternative?) 2. a dry berm on the Elbow in the vicinity of the mouth of Quirk creek. Dry berms on the Highwood seem to have been put aside, at least for now. I would think our community might want to focus on the utility of the Elbow dry berm and I, for one, am heavily influenced by Van Tighem's comments.
  11. Another completely different route is a pellet smoker. Traeger is the leading brand. Perfect temp control all the way between fairly cold smoke(ie<100winter and about 140 summer) to 425f plus. About 10 different kinds of hardwood pellets. Op costs are WAY lower than buying charcoal. If you watch the bbq shows carefully you'll see that most of the pros with big mobile pits also have a Traeger or two and pellet smokers have won some big contests. The best thing is that all it takes make real bbq is throwing a switch. I don't think you can get cold or semi cold smoke in an egg so you won't really be able to smoke fish. The Traeger with a digital temp control (which you want)costs about $900. I've ended up with two of them.
  12. Lots of good points TF particularly on the fish and silt/cobble migration. I did look at the power point before my first post. I agree it's a type of dam and assume you agree that if the dry berms are subject to the same engineering, environmental and other regulatory scrutiny as conventional dams that is a bit of a start anyway. I also get the hanging culvert point but I'm assuming that these structures would be a lot more sophisticated than the simple culvert under a road grade scenario. Maybe I'm wrong but we are not going to decide that from a slide show. I don't get the point about sacrificing Eden valley at all--I would have thought that having a flood control structure upstream might save some of the type of damage they suffered in the recent event. Also, I agree that home buy-outs are much preferable to any in-river structure but I don't think the thousands of homes that went under water in High River, Bragg Creek and the Calgary Elbow floodplain are going to be relocated. In any event TF, I think to very large degree we are on the same side. My point is that the implementation of some flood mitgation measures is virtually certain and a nuanced approach from our team could help. Regulatory tribunals almost always ignore the extreme "stop this at all costs" position. What I should have said first off is thank you for bringing this to our attention.
  13. Does anyone know if dry berms have been used on other trout streams and if the fishery has been affected? Clearly they will be awful to look at on a local basis but on my limited understanding they do not affect normal flow patterns at all and it isn't completely obvious to a layman that it's devastating for the fishery. Dams must be much worse than dry berms and it must be recalled that Bow is not a bad fishery despite the fact that it is a multiple dam tailwater. I know these comments border on treason on this forum and to be clear I've spent a lot of time on the Highwood and would certainly prefer it not be touched in anyway. On the other hand, having recently had some first and second hand experience with flood damage I would like too see mitigation measures at least explored. In any event, they will be explored and the fly fishing community will be marginalized in the process if it takes a strident "don't even consider touching it" position.
  14. I have an off grid cabin with a solar system which was down for a long while so I relied almost completely on my Honda 2000i for a couple years.. I'm a complete believer mostly because of the reliability- it always starts first pull hot and third pull cold. On at least two occasions black bears have treated it like a beach ball but it still goes. With the eco throttle on it is quite quiet on idle but I wouldn't say super quiet. One thing I would note is that under a big load it will throttle up a lot and get kind of noisy which might be an argument for getting the 3500 or going solar.
  15. Dangerous

    Some people might recall a couple of years I posted about a situation where I called in a poacher near the Douglasdale ball diamonds and made the mistake of letting the poacher know I had done so. The result was the poacher went to the parking lot and slashed the tires of another fisherman who had very little to do with the incident other than lending me his phone to make the call. What I took from that incident was that while you should always call in poachers you have to be careful about how you do it.