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  1. Xplorer

    Good Vice for large streamers

    Thanks guys! Going to look at some vices this weekend.
  2. Hi everyone, I am looking at buying a new vice. I am tying larger streamers(pike, bull trout flies)now and my old vice is not doing well(Apex). I think a rotary vice would be good and I am leaning towards the norvise but before I spend that money I thought I should ask the guys that know! So looking for any advice or opinions Thanks Lance
  3. Xplorer

    Waterproof Camera

    Awesome info guys! Can you still buy the TG-4 locally or is it all the TG-5? I mostly found the 5 in stock in stores with the 4 online with limited inventory. Thanks for all the info
  4. Hey everyone, I have Recently seen some of the photos that grace these forums and I am extremely impressed with the quality and ability I see here. My photos pale by comparison. I am using a 7 year old Pentax optio W90. I know it's probably more me than the cameras fault but I am curious about what cameras people are using. I did a search and found some threads from 2014 and older but I am looking for a refresher on the topic. Besides the camera model, any other advice is welcome too. I don't want to "pose" a fish, just couple of quick shots, maybe underwater would be great. I just seem to screw it up. Thanks
  5. Hey Guys, I have a 11' zodiac boat that I inherited, it has an old electric motor but I was thinking of purchasing a new 4stroke outboard for it. It has a rating up to 20hp. I know certain lakes have speed or motor size restrictions(ie electric only) but where can you find that info? I remember the fishing guide used to have some info but no longer seems to be there. I am really looking at lakes like Upper and Lower Kananaskis, Spray and Maligne lake in jasper. Thanks
  6. Xplorer

    Wading Boots For Cold Clear Streams

    Thanks guys, I'm going to swing by a shop and look at some new boots today anyway. Maybe there is a boot with part felt and part rubber sole out there? Maybe I am getting to old to run around in the forest..haha. Has anybody tried the Patagonia Ultra Light Sticky boots? Thanks again Lance
  7. Xplorer

    Wading Boots For Cold Clear Streams

    Hi, I have rubber vibram soles. I have had felt before but the hike in was usually too much for felt, do they hold up better now? Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, I went out yesterday to a cold clear stream in the foothills and had a terrible time moving around and gaining traction. I currently have SImms Vapors and I just could not get a grip. Those boots are not quite a year old. I took a hard fall in knee deep water yesterday, filled my waders and wow it was cold. Is there a better boot for these clear cold waters? There is no visible algae, rock snot etc, where I am fishing, just cold. I have seen some boots with aluminum bars across the tread, any better? What about the hike in? I have a tendency to cover a lot of ground in a day. I fished the bow earlier in the week and all was ok. Thanks for any and all opinions Lance
  9. Xplorer

    Mclean Creek Bridges

    Yes, I was out checking the conditions. I was there last December and none of the work I saw had been started then. Yes I was on a quad, didn't see any truck but lots of dirt bikes that are not supposed to be there until may 1st. Did not see a single conservation officer, hopefully that will change. I will try to post a pic of the bridges, they were all the same and did not look like they would support a truck/4x4. The trails I was on were not designated quad only, so that may mean changes are coming? Going fishing, so will post pics later
  10. Hi guys, I was in McLean creek 2 weeks ago near the southern end and found that the province has been busy recently. I found bridges beside most creeks ready to be installed. I also found a lot of off trail bogs have been blocked and filled in with large debris to prevent access. Many more signs regarding the trail system and to stay on it. More construction is going on now and i can only assume it is more of the same work. I assume this is similar to the repair work that is happening in waiparous. I have video that I can get photos from if anyone is interested.
  11. Xplorer

    Backcountry Trails Meetings

    Thanks for the info! Hopefully there will be good signage regarding what is closed/open so people will abide by the rules. I will be out there in a few weeks, I will post back with what (if anything) I see.
  12. Xplorer

    Backcountry Trails Meetings

    Hey BurningChrome, I have checked out the flood map for Waiparous on the alberta gov website and see the where they indicate the bridges that were washed out or damaged during the floods but it does not mention the trail closures. Even the trails that have bridges washed out still say they are open. Do they have an updated map somewhere or am I looking at it wrong? Thanks
  13. Xplorer

    A Few Recent Shots

    Thanks guys! Hi Dick, sorry I missed your reply earlier. We stayed at the riverside campground and the st marys river runs right past it. I caught fish in the river along the campground, I did catch bigger fish the farther away I got from the campground. I recommend driving to the bottom of the hill in the campground and walking from there. It is mostly flat there and the paths are well marked. The river by the campground had some pools, riffles and enough runs with boulders to keep me interested and the cuts were in all the usual places. Hope it helps a bit Lance
  14. Xplorer

    Copy & Pasting Links

    Hi again guys, Thanks for all the advice, I switched to Chrome and all is good. Here's hoping MrBotangles got things figured out too..