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  1. Willy, Have you thought about reporting this to the Environmental Hotline? Sounds like it's worth the attention of AEP and maybe DFO. 1-800-222-6514 : AEP 24-hour Environmental Response Line ("for spills, releases, or other emergencies that could damage the environment")
  2. Current


    Brian C figures fish become more fussy about size, shape, & colour as the larval emergence progresses. Good little article here: http://www.gofishbc.com/Blog/Fishing-Tips/Blog-5-(3).aspx
  3. Just get two doubles and another rod!
  4. I looked and you are right!
  5. I've used regular sheet metal screws. They work fine but do wear out after time. I keep a box of screws and a battery-powered screwdriver in my wading bag. The slot-head ones add extra grip!
  6. "Frenchy's". Frenchy's and Barotto's. Moved down to 58th then became the original Wholesale. I remember going to the fire sale with my dad when I was a kid. Ribtor was pretty awesome too. For cheap stuff.
  7. Definitely good to be informed. Much info on conservation site management at the link below including inspection and maintenance reports. http://www.ab-conservation.com/programs/land/projects/conservation-site-management/
  8. I've heard of them in Dogpound. Pretty sure I saw a dead one on the bank one day when I crossed it lower down. This was a couple years ago.
  9. I don't understand Loewen's comment regarding, "removing barriers to accessing Albertas fishing spots". Nothing about access is mentioned in the Plan. I wonder if this comment is directed to fishing spots that need to be accessed on foot. I thought there would be explanation in the Plan but didn't see it.
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