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  1. Thanks, I’m glad i’m not getting too crazy. But i’m annoyed that the people who are supposed to help implement the regulations weren’t supportive nor helpful.
  2. This morning i was in Weaselhead, and a guy was fishing just upstream of the bridge. I checked the regs, sure enough, it says from 22 to Glenmore opens June 16. Quick call to report-a-poacher and the lady on the phone just kept telling me the Elbow is opened. I tried to tell her 3 times it was upstream from the reservoir and the regs seemed to say it wasn’t open. To which she replied, “google it, the elbow opened April 1st” and “the reservoir is open and the Elbow is open from the reservoir”. At the end she didn’t take my report. am I losing it and i can’t read the regs?
  3. Dewitt pond is riddled with them, mostly tiny. If you can face the place. Haven’t quite figured how to interest them though, this one was on a size 14 emerger. i’m tempted to get back to try and cull some.
  4. That's handy to be able to post pictures too
  5. Thanks, i didn't think of vinegar, sure is less scary to use on the waders (and net).
  6. Thanks, i'll have a look. Should i really clean flies with this too? It's likely they don't carry mud or residues and that would be quite a lot to clean up...
  7. I'm going fishing in Oregon next week and want to make sure my gear is well clean after being used in the Bow watershed. I have 2 questions: - what is a reliable way of cleaning boots and waders that is both safe for the gear and gets rid of all risk of contamination. I keep reading conflicting info, soap and rinsing is not enough, bleaching is too strong... - do i need to clean lines and flies? If so what's the recommended method out there? Thanks
  8. Nice. I've been looking for options as my desk always ends up a mess. Thanks for the tip
  9. God i wish they were still that cheap!!
  10. Still loads left, even went back for seconds. Thanks for posting and i hope it was a good day for you.
  11. Swinging wets and flies can be deadly, maybe not as productive than dead drift but certainly productive. You could go all the way to fish traditional wer flies and work on the swinging. Another way to fish nymphs dead drift is to attached them below a nice fat dry (hopper or big stimulator) instead of a bobber. Not the perfect official way to get your nymph low but a good way of practicing drag control plus the benefit of fishing 2 flies at once.
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