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  1. Yep, and they were already telling mining company’s that policy would be rescinded at about the same time as the parks announcement. Hmmm... https://thetyee.ca/News/2020/08/12/Alberta-Environment-Minister-Cheered-Coal-Mining/?fbclid=IwAR393feNKLde6k_gds9l3BjqOFqXXJrMFCiP_2Wje0PosdRGUFINvYddTdQ
  2. Nixon was already telling Australian mining companies the policy would be rescinded months before Kenney announced it. Kiss the eastern slopes goodbye, it’s a done deal. https://thetyee.ca/News/2020/08/12/Alberta-Environment-Minister-Cheered-Coal-Mining/?fbclid=IwAR393feNKLde6k_gds9l3BjqOFqXXJrMFCiP_2Wje0PosdRGUFINvYddTdQ
  3. The U of C outdoor rental centre rents packrafts if you maybe want to try one out before purchasing one. https://outdoor-centre.ucalgary.ca/gear-rentals
  4. I have a couple watermaster kodiaks, one of which I actually purchased at Nile Creek. I love them for flowing water (they’re slooooow in stillwater) but if/when they eventually wear out I’ll be replacing it with a Nile Creek boat. It’s a no brainer for the price difference.
  5. Kenney strikes again... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/jason-nixon-covid-19-coronavirus-martin-olyszynski-alberta-1.5518567
  6. No need for public consultation according to Nixon because they clearly ran on a platform of “modernizing” the parks system... and we all know that “modernizing” means closing down a quarter of the parks in the Province. At least it will save five million bucks though! That’s enough dough to keep the war room stealing copyrighted logos and insulting people on twitter for 8 whole weeks!
  7. The company was Metz but I’m not sure if they distribute it anymore. You can buy it right from Hedron or get one of the local shops to order it in for you if they don’t have it. https://www.hedroninc.com/products/flashabou-accessories/flashabou-dubbing Have you tried Ice Dub? It’s pretty similar and readily available almost everywhere.
  8. Thanks for the info, sad to see it closed for good though. Monger, I get my parks license at The Fishin Hole every year. I'm not sure if anybody else in Calgary carries them. It boggles my mind that you still can't buy them online though.
  9. Just picked up my parks license today and noticed in the regs that Marvel Lake is now closed to fishing. Has anyone heard the reasoning for this closure? Thanks.
  10. Awesome! Would have been nice to have more time.
  11. Thanks guys. I wasn't too crazy about running a swivel through my guides so I'll give it a pass if it's not necessary.
  12. I'm just in the process of putting together my first Spey setup and have seen some "Spey swivels" online that attach between the head and running line to help prevent twist. Does anyone actually use these? and are they actually necessary? I've got an Airflo Skagit Compact head and Airflo Super Dri running line if that makes a difference. Thanks for any insight.
  13. That's cool! I already voted for yours before I even knew it was somebody local. Nice tie and good luck!
  14. Any local shop that stocks Hareline can bring them in for you.
  15. It's already been decided that they will be closing it down unless there is a massive public outcry. Everybody who reads this needs to send the emails off asap if you don't agree with these closures.
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