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  1. Spey Swivel?

    Thanks guys. I wasn't too crazy about running a swivel through my guides so I'll give it a pass if it's not necessary.
  2. Spey Swivel?

    I'm just in the process of putting together my first Spey setup and have seen some "Spey swivels" online that attach between the head and running line to help prevent twist. Does anyone actually use these? and are they actually necessary? I've got an Airflo Skagit Compact head and Airflo Super Dri running line if that makes a difference. Thanks for any insight.
  3. Flymen Fishing Fly Tying Contest

    That's cool! I already voted for yours before I even knew it was somebody local. Nice tie and good luck!
  4. Hairline Gritty Tungsten beads

    Any local shop that stocks Hareline can bring them in for you.
  5. It's already been decided that they will be closing it down unless there is a massive public outcry. Everybody who reads this needs to send the emails off asap if you don't agree with these closures.
  6. Gonna need a 28wt to cast a seabird fly.
  7. Looks like a pretty good opportunity. http://www.ab-conservation.com/featured-projects/land/porter-property/
  8. Just Found This Guy

    Nice video of him "chacing" a moose calf in his truck too!
  9. Whirling Disease Update

    Well, the latest update is out and sounds like really bad news... Anybody know what this facility is? and why wouldn't they name it? http://www.inspection.gc.ca/animals/aquatic-animals/diseases/reportable/whirling-disease/alberta-2016/eng/1473443992952/1473443993551
  10. Which Is Your Favorite Rod Maker?

    Man this is an old thread! I bought that last Loop AEG from Southbow as a backup and its still never even been taken out of the tube, I can't believe its been seven years m8!
  11. National Parks Fishing Licence

    The Fishin Hole. I get mine there every year.
  12. I drove it yesterday. It's completely open but there are some deep muddy spots on the southern half. Northern section is in much better shape.
  13. Graves bridge now has concrete barricades blocking access to the gravel bar.
  14. The bump was just my lame attempt at an April fools wtf? moment since I didn't see Clive's annual news bulletin this year. It's kind of amusing though, that I bumped the very first thread on this forum (that's been dead for 9 years) and jet boats on the Bow was still the hot button topic way back then. We've been having the same arguments here for a loooooong time.