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  1. Wow I drove by there the other day since a month or so ago, it's quite the camp now! Looks like a mini oilsands camp
  2. Basically true. I think you're only loophole is an island on the river, there is some grazing lease land throughout the east but you still need permission from the leaseholder to camp.
  3. Some brush clearing/logging and pipeline integrity digs. Good they're doing it.
  4. Just keep in mind not all road allowances are totally public in Alberta. Many are leased or subleased to landowners (undeveloped ones obviously) with the crown's right to end the lease at any time to develop a road. But I do know of several instances where a county or the crown has leased the road allowance to a landowner for grazing or otherwise, so just keep that in mind. Obviously in the case of bridges you're fine to go across, but for some instances at a 90 along a river or creek where the allowance intersects. If you're ever unsure a quick call to the county office can generally answer the question as long as you have your rough legal location,
  5. No permission needed as long as you stay below high water. You will encounter many landowners who will try and intimidate you, but as long as you stay below high water you are good. This can be difficult sometimes to navigate some of these fencing quagmires. I have had several landowners try and intimidate me and tell me I wasn't allowed to fish and was trespassing. Twice a quick call to fish and wildlife and have them come out if they're reasonably close, settled the matter. Once I had to wait for about an hour, would have been easier to go to a different access point, but it was the principle. Don't cut their fences and try to be courteous as possible, but don't let ranchers intimidate you from fishing. Sometimes it really is a grazing thing too, though. That being said, especially in southern Alberta, sometimes a quick knock on the door and chat with a landowner can give you some unbelievably great access. I have had multiple landowners grant permission to not only cross their land, but allow me to drive in on their private trails and even been permitted to camp. Mutual respect thing right. Same with hunting access. They understand the guy who actually puts in the effort to ask permission, is respectful, and will be respectful, follows the rules - instead of just going where he pleases. Worst they can say is no, you won't be shot. If access is granted, follow up with a tim's card, a bottle, a christmas card, any gesture, and I guarantee you will have access for life. Bottom line, don't let any of the fence-the-fishermen-out fences along bridges keep you out.
  6. 15 -20 front and back. Scotty anchor locks. End.
  7. To echo what SD said; and here's how: Honestly if you know a little about grayling habitat, ie any creek mouth or good looking place, they will be there. Did that drive a few years ago and anywhere we stopped for a whiz and a few casts we got into em.
  8. Thanks mdfcontracting, those will work at the fishin hole. Checked Cabela's canada with no luck but found them online from cabelas.com https://www.cabelas.com/product/Wordens-Lures-LilCorky-Bodies/1166949.uts 6 bucks US doesn't sound too bad for 25 but I bet you'll pay 4x that in shipping and customs. Looks to be all tiny sizes though. Also right off Yakima's site: http://store.yakimabait.com/search.php?mode=search&substring=lil+corky&including=phrase&by_title=on&search_in_subcategories=on Thanks Lornce I never even thought to give BPS a look. Current - The Canadian Tire here doesn't have them. I miss Wholesale for this type of stuff nobody else had!
  9. As the title says; does anyone know where a person can find the worden's brand corkies for indicators? I refuse to use the peg style if fishing less than 12' with a bobber. The fishin hole used to carry them in the bulk walleye tackle area for making bouncing rigs, but it appears now they no longer do either. Anyone? Thankyou in advance!
  10. Or you post it on instagram.... I don't mean to come across as attacking you - this is a good debate.
  11. It would be no skin off my ass, or most other hardcore stillwater anglers I know, to not be able to fish a perch-infested lake for small unhealthy trout. None of us bother to fish them now anyways as it stands. You are correct in that nothing has been done to deter the idiots, it is pretty miniscule in the regulations about transporting live fish, the people who did it know they were doing something illegal and obviously took steps to ensure they wouldn't be caught. Education is a big part - but the principle still stands that these ass hats shouldn't be rewarded for their efforts. I think the next logical step is to close the lake, so everyone knows it shouldn't be done. From there it would sure be nice if a rotenone application was pursued. Then if only they could prioritize trophy trout lakes over put and takes. Stock less fish in most of the lakes and tighten up the regulations, better management, and all the extra fish can be dumped into the sacrificial put and take lakes for each area. Some very simple fixes from where we sit to create manitoba or bc-like fishing opportunities here and boost tourism, but I don't believe things will ever get to that point due to all the bureacratic BS. It's guys like Brian and Don that keep fighting and holding our management personnel accountable, that have gotten us where we are so far. We need more people to do the same. I have no problems putting my money where my mouth is, I feel bad spending so much in BC and SK and MB to fish each year, knowing I could spend that locally and help our economy...We got it bass ackwards in Alberta.
  12. We've been at the "might as well try this now" stage for quite some time in a few lakes here. I understand Don's frustration and agree with him wholeheartedly. Above and beyond rewarding these idiots, it leaves more places for them to get perch to transplant to more lakes. Enough is enough, might as well poison all the lakes. The sooner we can start rectifying this problem the sooner we can get our trout lakes back.
  13. If you enjoy quiet mornings, be proactive and destroy the nest in the dark before she lays eggs. Otherwise you will completely curse magpies for the rest of your life. Seen a couple of ducks around here, some geese to the east. Can't help but think we'll get at least one more good blizzard yet...
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