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  1. Bingo, same with the browns and brookies. Rainbows get progressively more piscivorous as they grow of course. I love the 10 large tigers that were stocked. Must be a "brood stock" of sorts, of course they aren't used for reproductive matters as they're sterile, but must have been research fish, must be nice and ugly like the rainbows, all rubbed raw and torn up from concrete.
  2. I am having issues with this site too. Posts are glitchy, PMs I can't even get out, looks like a lot of people are double posting. Maybe a bug? I am no tech guru especially with websites.
  3. Produced water with injected chlorine. Picks up frac sand and chemicals, nitrogen, acid, heavy metals, you name it. Hopefully it's not too detrimental.
  4. Don, I don't believe there was large browns in that stretch, but I can't help but wonder if there were some moving in trying to spawn in the affected area. Chlorine is pretty toxic to microbes and invertebrates.
  5. This was on the Nordegg river SW of Lodgepole and happened 10 days ago. 4000 m3 of chlorine, definitely nuked the Nordegg and Braz tailwater.
  6. northfork

    Mapping of trout stocked lakes

    Been out to the borrow pits north of Nordegg lately?
  7. northfork

    VHF radio

    I run Kenwood in my trucks and Motorola for a handheld. You need a radio that can Tx/Rx 136-174 MHz. You also need one that can hold at least 100 channels, Alberta hasn't got with the program of streamlining all resource roads like BC to get everything down to 40 channels. I work all over western Canada and my radios probably have 300 channels in them, and I've had to use nearly all of them. Communications shop purchase, program, and setup will run you around a grand. My suggestion would be to find either a kenwood, icom, or motorola mobile unit on kijiji that can hold quite a few channels for 3-4 hundred bucks and get a place like sundance comm in calgary to program it for you and install it/give you whatever accessories you need.
  8. northfork


    I'm sorry if it came out that way, I didn't mean to lash out at you. Just wanted him to know that he would have options locally if he wants to chase browns or brookies, agreed it's not the most ideal base for cutt fishing but the nordegg motel sure could be. He did mention he was already going to be in the pass otherwise I agree fully, it's a much better base camp. Good suggestions there yonderin. I quite like learning about the local history, and the pass sure does have a lot. As a newcomer, you'll also notice the way of life changes as you come north too. Southern Alberta generally is much more laid back and slower (the way it should still be all over), as you come towards my neck of the woods where oil and gas is king, you will notice people aren't as friendly, everyone is in a hurry, etc. We have as much diversity in people as we do landscapes here. There is lots to see and do up this way as well if you decide to make it up. Lots of accomodation options in Rocky and more water than you could ever fish. I'm still working on it!
  9. northfork


    Hi Delray, Don't let the above post discourage you. We have many different types of rivers and species to fish for up here, within 3 km of town or within 200 km of town. I'll send you a PM later when I have some more time with some info. I'm going to be up in the mountains bighorn sheep hunting at that time but if I was around would for sure take you out fishing! There are several places to access the south ram on foot and a hundred to access the north ram. The blackstone and tributaries also offer great fishing. As for Medicine Hat, cool name, nothing to see. Just a city on a parched prairie. The cypress hills an hour south of town, however, are beautiful, but you dang near need a few days just for that!
  10. This would be my #2 recommendation also excellent tires.
  11. Duratracs are the best all around tire I have found, there's a reason they are so popular. I've had them all working in the oilfield and they are hard to kill.
  12. I'm sorry tell me who you voted for in the last election in Alberta? If you do not vote you cannot bitch or cast stones. Get off your horse pal. That pipeline is headed your way too. Smitty, I just spent 30 minutes writing up a big reply of how I'm on the same team as you, the website decided to have a hiccup. I was just stating that Ms. Phillips has a double standard and does not engage ALL stakeholders when making decisions, and we will pay for that down the road. I like the positive changes we are seeing so far mostly especially with trying to get our economy off the tit, but, what, do responsible ATVers just not a have a right to public land, but us as fishermen do? There are three keywords this province needs, and that is Integrated Land Use. I voted NDP the last election and I will this one too, even though we've too many narrow minded rednecks gobblin up Jason Kennys bring back the alberta advantage BS. The oil price is on the climb and certainly that will have everything to do with the right being re-elected, much in way the same the NDP were responsbile for killing the economy. And yes, I do believe that she is the worst we've ever had. She's almost an ecoterrorist in my eyes. You could literally put anyone else in that role and I feel there would be way better stakeholder engagement, integrated land use management strategies, and a greater Alberta for all, not just the ones with the double standard. It just goes from wild west to shut everything down. There needs to be a middle ground, we can find the balance. Most of the NDP will engage all stakeholders, Phillips and her regime will not. Send me a PM and we can chat on the phone about this in more detail if you want, I don't have the energy to type another 20 paragraph post.
  13. Good year duratracs, I've ran them all working in the oilfield. Still behave nice on the highway and have enough meat to get you through gumbo. Otherwise as stated I'd get the toyo at 2s, or if you want something a little less agressive look at the cooper discoverer at3. Blaskin and Laine in calgary when I lived there carried coopers for hella cheap and I never had an issue there.
  14. While I agree with a lot of it, I would NEVER give Shannon Phillips a pat on the back. She has the biggest double standard of any environment minster we've ever had, and is never willing to listen to both sides of the line. There are some major proposals up here in my neck of the woods now, which, mostly would do a lot of good, however there are a few things I think are far too extreme. We need to develop better ways to adopt integrated land use management, and a lot of her plans for this area would threaten a lot of peoples livelihoods. Hits me in the feelers for sure and I won't bite the hand that feeds.
  15. To echo what scel said I grew up fishing the tailwater too. I was fortunate enough to catch a few donkies in the last ten years even but the consensus is that the original monsters have died off. The good news is there is a great crop of 8-16" browns. Sure the coarse fish may be impacting the brown trout negatively but as stated, the few browns have found a way. Unfortunatrely as the prussian carp advance further and further upstream I think we're going to see detrimental effects on the native and "wild" brown trout. Guys like sanky on here spend a lot more time there now than I do and can chime in with more information.