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  1. I'll mention again all the road salt that the city of Calgary started liberally laying down on icey roads all over the city for the last 5 winter's, for year's it was pea gravel but now it's a mix called pickile, road salt/pea gravel, when the snow and ice melt, the melt water with all of the salt goes into storm drains that run directly untreated into the river, the cities storm drains smell like the ocean in the spring. The asphalt roads in this city are burnt by the salt, they use to be black, now they are white and grey from all the salt. If the roads are burnt imagine all of the creatures that used to live in the water...it seems obvious, fresh water fish don't do well in salt water...I imagine the same is true for fresh water invertebrates.
  2. 4 years ago after the snowmagedon winter in Calgary, the city of Calgary built a snow dump located near 32 Ave and deerfoot trail next to the white dome tent at the golf course, the city sends loaders and trucks out to remove snow from neighborhoods and hauls it to the snow dump to be piled up until spring when it can melt, the snow is not the only thing loaded on those trucks, all of the salt that the city lays down is collected and dumped with the snow, when the snow melts in the spring,the melt water containing all of that salt (and oil and whatever else was in the snow) flows from the snow dump directly into Nose Creek that then flows into the Bow river near the science center, last year the banks below Nose Creek on the Bow river had snow and ice free banks weeks before the banks of the Bow above Nose Creek. I have not seen this metioned but I think there is some correlation to the declining fish numbers since the snow dump went into use. Next spring have a look at the water flowing out of Nose Creek during the melt...it smells like the ocean. This mountain of snow salt and oil lasts long into the summer, usually August, the remains of what's left are there right now sitting on the asphalt if anyone wants to see the disgusting mess, I can't imagine this not having a serious negative impact on the health of Nose Creek and the Bow river.
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lTY6mR9WjMsttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nQQDKmjgFrc A few of my favorites.
  4. This artistic genius ties museum quality flies that look to good to fish with. Sorry the videos are not in English and i cannot translate but i have subscribed to his YouTube channel and watched all of his tying videos. His tying area looks like a nice spot to tie.
  5. %100 with ya Don! It's time to release zero point.
  6. Pro Saudi oil propaganda nothing more. Is it really safer to buy oil and ship it from the other side of the world and neglect our own supply? Globalist nonsense.
  7. It looks like i will get a forth season out my simms g3 guide boots, the only issue is the treads are wearing down after all the walking on rocks, i was told that simms repair will resole them for $80 if you send them in, i plan on doing this when the time comes as the rest of the boots are in amazing shape for the miles they have on them, they are the most comfortable footwear I've ever worn and I've never for a second regretted purchasing them.
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