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  1. Curious if the removal of the weir made it easier for them to get and stay up there
  2. Fish habitat has nothing to do with invertebrate biomass, and we have definitely seen a decrease in actual hectares of habitat since the flood. Has anyone talked to Post or Jackson at UofC to see if anyone is actually seeing a decrease in invert populations in the Bow or an actual decrease in nutrient load (@monger); as I’m not sure that’s actually being tracked
  3. You're a confusing man. I would suspect that stocking is a bit of a non-starter, at least for rainbow trout as they are trying to get away from introducing additional rainbows to areas with WSCT. Furthermore, if we are truly having an invertebrate problem, then why would adding more fish to the mix help? We'd likely have a lot more little guys, so it would be a question of quality over quantity.. The relentless angling pressure that was described in the OP is definitely starting to have a toll from a 'quality' perspective. I think this will be the most important piece of the presentation, see where the government actually sees this river going. Are they just looking at keeping it at current levels and have people just realise this is the new norm, or will there be an attempt to actually get it 'back' to the way it was. Considering Bull Trout just got listed on SARA, and the current government's tendency to not fund, I'm not sure how much focus the Bow will be getting from the limited resources out there. Maybe someone needs to take Nixon and Kenney for a float..
  4. Where is the report that indicates this?
  5. This has come up at least 3 or 4 times since the report came out, and once again we’d hate for a bit of self-reflection from anglers. Whirling disease, climate change, flow control (or lack thereof), 2013 flood, nutrient load, flood control, riprap, angling pressure.. you tell me which is the lowest hanging fruit.
  6. Lol, such a typical response. the stats must be wrong, everything’s fine, the bow will recover.if there’s one sure way to get us to the bottom, it’s to do nothing
  7. They have till the 15th to be in river unless they have an extension under the water act. I believe the work is also for increasing spawning habitat by relocating gravels that don’t get through the dam soooo prob not one to hate on
  8. Rain would also be over top of the moraines, such that it’s acting like glacier melt. I was out on a moraine last week hiking and it was leaking glacial milk in the rainy weather. You won’t see me complain about high flows!
  9. Anyone got a line on cheap boat/trailer storage? Send me a PM
  10. Don’t ever take it out of the bag, cut a slit in the bag at the top next to the staple, pull through said slit
  11. I've been successful on ours using Seam Grip
  12. Have you tried Orvis or Patagonia? They always seemed less wide then the simms
  13. Around the flood, they were "testing out the UHMW on the bottom", and jumping the boat over some of the side channel bits on Poplar Island during high water... Good thing we're not even supposed to wade over there. It's a toy to them. Spend enough time on the river and you'll see them just spinning it in circles, taking bikini-laden women for rips, and then going for rips out of town just for the hell of it (no jurisdiction downstream of Deerfoot extender). Everyone should be taking videos of them being idiots and be sharing them widely... They cant even give out tickets without a peace officer on board, so the enforcement angle is bunk. Hell, the COs use small jet-skis and also run them quietly and away from anglers unless they're checking them.
  14. Depends where you measure it, which is why that legislation is a bit *hit
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