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  1. Is this the jigging equivalent of sight-fishing? looks pretty damn cool, but $3k is a hefty bill Had never heard of it but watched this video, its pretty wild ..
  2. Ha ya i tried to see if they'd sell them as well to retrofit my Scadden.. no luck
  3. Those corners are just asking for some F&F
  4. First the Parks being delisted, then the coal policy being rescinded, now opening of water availability in the oldman drainage.. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/alberta-government-water-use-coal-oldman-reservoir-1.5826994 Any UCP voters want to put their hands up to say they support this?
  5. All of the questions you brought up, you could address through the restrictions on the license. I have specific restrictions and things i must follow when using fish research licenses (where it's allowed to be used, extreme weather (hot or cold) requirements, reporting requirements, etc), so why couldn't this model be followed for that? - Put a restriction that you are not allowed to utilize a guide-day when there is a heat recommendation, or that there is a requirement to stop fishing by xx:xx pm. - out of province should have to pay more. Tic for tac on this one, regardless if we'r
  6. Licensing guides could allow for more accountability on things like fishing during high-water-temp advisories, out-of-province incursions, use restrictions, safety, etc. All that being said, commercial 'rights' should still fall below that of First Nation, Conservation and Recreation requirements..
  7. All your responses are why we need to get 'the man' involved. Typical tragedy of the commons, it will all be run into the ground as the majority of people dont self regulate.
  8. I dont see how we could get to a 'quality' experience without some sort of limitation on angler days. Yes pick on the non-residents, and then non-resident canadians first.. but i really do believe we'll need some level of resident angler management. There are just too many in a 2-3 hour proximity of the southern streams with a limited number of truly great streams.. Fernie area improved dramatically as by removing the million + person source that is just next door, which in turn increased pressure here by residents. I know for a fact that i get leapfrogged by a hell of a lot more AB plate
  9. Can’t speak to the Nile boats but these new one from outcast... real oarlocks are a life changer https://www.outcastboats.com/osg-clearwater.html
  10. My favorite was the guys that were parking parallel to the silt control rolls like they were built in parking stals when i drove by the other day. If i was AT, i'd be rather sick of people wrecking our drainage..
  11. I mean, how many near accidents does it take to finally close the centre of the median.. walk in from police or down .. you'll be ok
  12. “ Response from Transalta: my request for who at AEP asked for drop was ignored. Hello Thank you for your email, I am writing to provide some context surrounding the changes to river flows that occurred on the Bow River upstream of the Calgary Weir on the morning of August 6. The flows in reference were the result of a request from Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) to assist in re-installing a safety boom upstream of Calgary Weir. The flows were decreased to ensure safe conditions for workers installing the safety boom, and were returned to normal (approx. 150 cms/
  13. Best of all, WID is still running full tilt, meaning flows at Policemens around 75 cms.. gideeeyup
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