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  1. Does it come with an illegal guide charge, or 3? (inside joke, not calling you an illegal guide)
  2. For teams of 2, sure. but guy on the back seat is definitely within a couple feet. Good point on shuttle drivers
  3. Flows are just from a calculation using water level, from what i understand, so any missing flows are likely a software issue if they're still reading water levels. I noticed that the Elbow one randomly turned on last week, so wouldnt surprise me if they need someone manually to hit a 'export flows'
  4. So then why keep the fire ban but back off of OHVs? It’s 100% politics to allow them..
  5. You can’t get past highway 66 on highway 40 unless you own property. Get a fine if you park within 1 km of a PRA, can’t park in a staging area. Not sure why they didn’t just straight up close
  6. Prob the same day were out in K country. figured that Tryst had 25 cars at it, but then figured most were meeting out there seperatly. We did that for a day in Commonwealth. Unfortunately we bared the brunt of the idiots at Elbow Falls/Prairie (even though i dont understand how you hike within 6 feet of another person) Considering the OHV crowd got them to back off from OHV bans, sure hope they dont touch fishing..
  7. well, as someone who gets to deal with water act and public lands act daily, this is just the reporting requirements, not the actual approvals. Better yet, most of the reporting requirements were due on March 31. Seems like an attempt to bump market with a news article in my mind
  8. Isnt that a tung-stud?
  9. ha ya, they weren't overly politically correct when naming flies
  10. BWO killer, pheasant tail, red headed stepchild
  11. They’re closed to vehicle access. You can still go walk into fish creek park and fish. Otherwise, no closures of public land. Go fishing, be thankful
  12. such a joke. We can have the loud OHV crowd kill a park through consultation, yet when the UCP decide to remove parks from the system they dont need to do boo? I would be more worried about this part: " Sites removed from the parks system would have their legal park designations removed, and could be open for alternate management approaches. "
  13. Let's just say, dont accidentally hook one on an 8 weight when bluefin trevally fishing... things go wrong fast!
  14. I watched a well known guide/"celebrity angler" a few years ago spend 6 minutes photographing a fish. We pulled over and counted...
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