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  1. There was no limit to 'public' in BC, provided that public is a resident. I'm fine with that if we get the same here.. You also don't see every fish in the Elk with scarred mouths, unlike our local cutthroat streams... Guides pushed hard in east kootenays for sure with inflated days but Skeena was heavily pushed by annoyed locals who could not fish their own rivers on weekends. That being said, locals in east kootenays are plenty happy with what they see as moderately increased guide days, and substantially decreased overall pressure from outside, from my conversations with them. The michel is an absolute ghost town on weekdays since the implementation Guides there also require way more reporting then what we have here (none). Every guide day is accounted for, every fish caught.. at least on the Skeena..
  2. Time to stop the 'this is how we've done it for 30 years'. Calgary's population has increased 2.2x since 1980 and 2x since 1990, so it's not just the introduction of corporate trips. This isn't the river of 30 years ago, yet we're still regulating guide services like the last 100, as in, we're not. Time to aim for a quality fishing experience with resident-priority, not just quality fish. Based on the definition of 'blue ribbon' including: - "Angling pressure: The water must be able to withstand angling pressure. " - " Natural reproduction capacity: The body of water should possess a natural capacity to produce and maintain a sustainable recreational fishery. " I think it's fair to say that we cant even attempt to call the Bow that anymore. That is what is stated above, and from typical experience, the truth. Guided anglers catch more fish then un-guided anglers. So yes, they have a bigger impact on a per-capita basis.
  3. Here’s your chance to speak up... https://talkaep.alberta.ca/aep-fisheries-management
  4. Your right, it also goes back to 40 years of PC rule. So what are you actually proposing to do, rather then ranting on the internet?
  5. Did you vote UCP..? Considering how few of the boat inspection stations were running this year, the pretty much wholesale clearance of any and all temp staff (say, the temp CO staff) whose terms were up this fall, its only going to get worse..
  6. Talk to the guys at Robinsons in Vic. They’ll point you the right way. Some nice swinging water in the lower end of the Cowichan Provincial park.
  7. Before we start advocating for hatcheries, feel free to watch this... hatcheries are a sure way for one thing: to keep using hatcheries.
  8. If you think they're going to be pushing QSF and C&R opportunities, might want to check Nixon's history with wildlife management
  9. I was doing a fish salvage and found a pike that was alive and very healthy, and was entirely missing its tail fin. It had compensated by using more of its body to swim.. They're hardy as all hell..
  10. While I agree that they need to be managed, I don’t think you’ll see a fishery closure, as that is an exemption in SARA for them
  11. The average is 45-50 eh.. Guess you’re gonna have some company next spring
  12. Easier to see when there is wicked glare towards you, like in the evenings
  13. So these are all great legit reasons, but why are we accepting this operating procedure as ok? Are we ok with a system that they can only change flows at 15 cms increments? That is a 30 % of the flow on that day. How about the need to fill in September after having ample opportunity all year, such that were now below our lower quartile for flows as we come into brown trout spawning season. Should we not expect better standard operating procedures for something that makes a profit off our shared resource?
  14. How do you feel about that statement after the joke of water management that happened this week?
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