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  1. bcubed

    Flats boot...Orvis Andros hiker review?

    Do bonefish eat egg-sucking wooly buggers? Ive heard good things about the andros. Anything to keep sand out, more importantly from my experience is keeping out micro-coral. That stuff killlls your feet if you're wearing open sandals
  2. The creel survey last year wasn't an accident..
  3. For those that want to read the report rather then the press release, BRT has it on their site: https://bowrivertrout.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/cahilletal-2018.pdf
  4. The actual report states that there are many factors at play, and just mentions that managing angling impacts is the easiest to address. Which in this case, it is. That being said, it doesnt specifically call out transalta
  5. I’ve eaten walleye and they are good, just never understood the draw of perch with the effort vs meat. People be crazy.
  6. i have always wondered... why perch? do people actually enjoy eating those stunted little bastards?
  7. bcubed

    Aerated Lake permit

    this is AB, the amount of people that will lose their minds about being excluded to fish a public resource, or $$ for access... Hope it works, but i suspect i know what the general consensus would be from the 'dey took er jobs' crew..
  8. bcubed

    Aerated Lake permit

    How do you keep people who haven’t paid off of it?
  9. bcubed

    Cold weather/gloves

    Gotta get them likes tho!
  10. Could have been a C-ring/modular tank
  11. I’m not sure how much this relates to the BRAP entirely as they are having safety issues with the road itself, and more use then expected. Guess we’ll see
  12. It's tentatively planned for next year, but will depend if they get funding or not. They had the funding cut for this year, which is why it didn't happen.
  13. bcubed

    Wading Spots on the Bow?

    Fish creek park is a great place for access