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  1. Before we start advocating for hatcheries, feel free to watch this... hatcheries are a sure way for one thing: to keep using hatcheries.
  2. If you think they're going to be pushing QSF and C&R opportunities, might want to check Nixon's history with wildlife management
  3. I was doing a fish salvage and found a pike that was alive and very healthy, and was entirely missing its tail fin. It had compensated by using more of its body to swim.. They're hardy as all hell..
  4. While I agree that they need to be managed, I don’t think you’ll see a fishery closure, as that is an exemption in SARA for them
  5. The average is 45-50 eh.. Guess you’re gonna have some company next spring
  6. Easier to see when there is wicked glare towards you, like in the evenings
  7. So these are all great legit reasons, but why are we accepting this operating procedure as ok? Are we ok with a system that they can only change flows at 15 cms increments? That is a 30 % of the flow on that day. How about the need to fill in September after having ample opportunity all year, such that were now below our lower quartile for flows as we come into brown trout spawning season. Should we not expect better standard operating procedures for something that makes a profit off our shared resource?
  8. How do you feel about that statement after the joke of water management that happened this week?
  9. What came of the presentation, particularly the "Some thoughts on what the Bow Fishery looks like into the future"?
  10. AOGAA would never let this get the light of day
  11. Curious if the removal of the weir made it easier for them to get and stay up there
  12. Fish habitat has nothing to do with invertebrate biomass, and we have definitely seen a decrease in actual hectares of habitat since the flood. Has anyone talked to Post or Jackson at UofC to see if anyone is actually seeing a decrease in invert populations in the Bow or an actual decrease in nutrient load (@monger); as I’m not sure that’s actually being tracked
  13. You're a confusing man. I would suspect that stocking is a bit of a non-starter, at least for rainbow trout as they are trying to get away from introducing additional rainbows to areas with WSCT. Furthermore, if we are truly having an invertebrate problem, then why would adding more fish to the mix help? We'd likely have a lot more little guys, so it would be a question of quality over quantity.. The relentless angling pressure that was described in the OP is definitely starting to have a toll from a 'quality' perspective. I think this will be the most important piece of the presentation, see where the government actually sees this river going. Are they just looking at keeping it at current levels and have people just realise this is the new norm, or will there be an attempt to actually get it 'back' to the way it was. Considering Bull Trout just got listed on SARA, and the current government's tendency to not fund, I'm not sure how much focus the Bow will be getting from the limited resources out there. Maybe someone needs to take Nixon and Kenney for a float..
  14. Where is the report that indicates this?
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