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  1. You won’t have to look over your shoulder for them anymore Matt...
  2. Wow... I can't wait til there are houses built all the way down across from the cottonwood... it's a bank angler dream come true...
  3. I have tried both and prefer the pyramid...
  4. Hey Don, Do you have your safari browser set to private?
  5. Honestly burningchrome, i have no idea what you did there?? 5 bucks Bigbowtrout?... that was the only hero-shot you took of that fish before you pulled the fly out of its mouth...in the water, im suspecting. Jayhad... PM me we can float this week.
  6. I do take the special fish picture and I agree there is no way to enforce it... We talk about fish mortality and use statistics... lets say 5 - 10% mortality rate for catching a fish. Say a person on social media has 100 hero-shots taken in a season, we could say they have statistically killed 10 fish. Say 1 person fished once in a season and kept 10 fish... OMG... now I think of all the fish that I have probably killed... I will never fish again! Sorry guys I need to go set up InstaSnapTwitter face accounts and shame these people. Like the attractive girl Friday pin up girl on MoldyChum today with the big.... bullies...
  7. In "light" of recent board events I have been wondering...🤔 But first I must recap... Social media has successfully been used to shame people fishing illegally... ✔️ Social media has successfully been used to shame people from trying to provide a service for the fishing community... ✔️ So my question is... Would giving your InstaSnapTwitterFace information while signing up for ones fishing license, be a great way for the COs to be able to pull peoples fishing licenses for too many hero-shots? Discuss...
  8. I am not sure BigFry... Maybe try the; http://cantfishcalgary.com/board
  9. Seeing how we are on the topic of contractors.... Does anyone know a good contractor that would be able to finish a basement??
  10. Ignorance and arrogance is a bad combination!!!
  11. I floated on Saturday Fish Creek to Mac. Not a monster day of fishing, just stop and fish where ever I thought I could fool a trout with a man made bug. It gave me time to watch the numerous drift boats and the flotilla of kick boats. By the end of the day it occurred to me that none of these people knew they were doing any wrong. They were just never taught any different. (or everyone is just really polite and doesn't want to scare the fish by yelling to you as they pass by asking how your day is going) Maybe I am just fortunate that I had boat nazis to teach me the river etiquette. Nowadays anyone can buy a drift boat or kick boat and float down the river and have a great day, oblivious that they are making someone else's day miserable. (apparently having your drift boat on the seam, 10' off the bank while your clients are happily chucking bobbers on the "White" side of the boat is a Great!! way of catching fish...) It was quite apparent that day which boats had veteran oarsman and I do appreciate that. It is just sad that it has to be this way. As I was bouncing my way up the Mac flats hill I wondered if an apprenticeship program would help... But then thought that would never fly... People would have to take the time out of their busy boating schedules.
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