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  1. Geoff Pieroway at Pieroway rods should be able to help you out
  2. You might try talking to Steve Baumner at Spirit West. He might be able to help you out there although I suspect you may be able to purchase a pair of Hodgmans or Redingtons cheaper than “macgyvering” your existing pair
  3. If you have the d-rings on the front of your pontoons. Run a bungee cord between the pontoons. Whenever you stand up, your boat won’t get away from you. I prefer to float between the spots I wish to fish rather than trying to fish while drifting.
  4. https://tforods.ca/collections/fly-fishing-accessories/products/tfo-corkie-strike-indicators-4-per-pkg
  5. I would give the guys at Troutfitters a call anyway. They could provide you with the information you are seeking
  6. Send me a pm; if you can get out on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday I can help you out with learning how to row the drift boat.
  7. I have one as well but I find I go back to the Nor-bobbins. The Ekich now sits in the fly tying travel case I found the bobbin works best with Uni thread. Any thread spool that 4 "spokes" or less doesn't work that well; or at least for me.
  8. For cutties- I like my 8'3" 4wt Winston LT- For the Bow- 9' 5wt Winston Boron III LS
  9. Don't ever go up to Devon and see the vehicles parked on the North Saskatchewan River. Your example pales in comparison for what occurs up North
  10. I have the 4110 micro Spey and really enjoy it on the Bow. I mainly have been using it to swing small streamers and wet flies. Patiently wainpting for the stoneflies to try skating some flies on the surface. I found the 4wt won't do it all, it struggles with the larger streamers and heavier sink tips. The 11 1/2' 6/7 biimx that you have is better suited for that. The 5wt is a little more rounded then either forementioned rod, I have played around with one a couple of times but haven't pulled the trigger on one .......... Yet
  11. John Bransfield out of Bow River Troutfitters Kevin Peterson-Country Pleasures Terry Johnson-Fishtales Dee Chatani- Troutchasers Dave Sewell- (formerly Westwinds) Mad Max Robinson- Bow Crow
  12. Wishing a full and speedy recovery. He is in good hands at the Children's Hospital.
  13. Take a look at the Simms Vapor boot. Lighter than the Riversheds with good ankle support.
  14. http://www.jamieoliver.com/jimmycajunmicrowave/hr.pdf
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