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  1. hopdrop

    Flipped Jet Boat On The Bow

    I have no idea how bad it's stuck, but have seen a picture. If you're able to wade to it SAFELY, would a tractor/farm jack between the river bottom and the transom be feasible? Ideally it would lift the power head off whatever it's stuck on and let the current do the rest. I have a jack if you want to borrow, but only ~$100 at PrincessAuto. Get out of the way when things start moving, tractor jacks are scary. Good luck.
  2. Had some cancellations for a pre-planned trip, looking to fill the beds/share the costs. Have room for three reasonable people in a three bedroom house right in the town of Craig (40min from Great Falls, about 5hrs from Calgary). You would be responsible for your own transport/boat/meals/guides if required/etc. - our party is bringing our own (full) boat. Local shops rent boats/shuttle/sell lunches/etc. - logistically, it's a really easy place to fish and very safe for new rowers. There's a good place to eat in town and the house has a full kitchen if you want to DIY - we usually mix it up. Cost would be dependent on occupancy and number of nights, but should be in the $100-125 CAD/guy/night range. Dry fly looks solid on pseudos, and the big BWOs should show up any day - weather looks good, cloudy and cool. Nymphing always produces. PM for details.
  3. hopdrop

    Fort Mac Fire

    Like wise. Also, if anyone has people in town who need food, clothes, diapers, toiletries, fuel, etc I can help out a little............I'm sure FFC can adopt a family or two.
  4. hopdrop

    Dog Names

    I can't recommend ARF enough. Make sure you follow through with the training included in the adoption, it really helped when kids showed up a few years later - our anticipated 40lb collieX puppy, turned into a 90lb lab/wolfhound/? Frankenstein. Good with the kids (took some work), good in the boat and I never worry about the family when I'm gone. To each their own, but I personally couldn't imagine paying for a breeder dog after having a rescue. Sometimes I swear my dog knows we saved him from a short, cold, hard life.
  5. hopdrop

    Amateur On The Oars

    I always tell new guys if they stop moving, they're doing it wrong - running the sticks doesn't mean it's sandwich time. Most new guys over correct, lots of small strokes (that's what she said) and save the big deep ones for bank switches. They also always get the back - because they're new and because they can watch. You can teach side slipping, but you can't teach effort. No effort = no invites.
  6. hopdrop

    Need A New Fishfinder :(

    I have a Hummingbird PiranhaMax portable, but can't remember if it's a 150, 165 or 175 - 99% it's the 175. Used exactly twice, I'd let it go cheap it you're interested.
  7. I did a pig a few years ago and am planning to do it again this summer. I remember the BBQ rental being a little spendy, does anyone have a recommendation?
  8. If your buddies are not so great at estimating time (while on the sticks), an egg timer will keep them honest. Lack of invites will have the same effect. A spare oar lock is a must and a breakdown oar is a good idea too. Head lamp with spare batteries. A garbage can so plastic bags, cans, old leaders etc. don't blow all over the river - the small narrow recycling bins work well (doubles as a bailer). Garbage bags to pack out others people's plastic bags, cans, old leaders etc. you're going to find. Spare trailer light, bearing, electrical tape/wire nuts, Crescent wrench for bush fixes. Toque/gloves. Common sense.
  9. I'd spend it on a psychologist. No such thing as easy money. For what it's worth, a few years ago I did a month of fishing in New Zealand for roughly that much......
  10. hopdrop

    Beat Down @ Police

    Guy pulls a total dick move...twice. Someone straightens him out, yet he's the victim? C'mon.
  11. Post the outfitter/shop.
  12. hopdrop

    Metal Tent Poles

    If you don't need them to colapse, Home Depot. EMT conduit (light gauge electrical conduit), put some 90s on the ends to stop any tearing - done.
  13. As would I. I don't know if 6 guys with shovels are going to cut it though, more along the lines of front end loaders, track hoes, bobcats, etc. I'd be willing to pitch on fuel, run a BBQ, ice the beer, run a pump, whatever. Anyone with heavy equipment connections?
  14. I bought a used 1000watt Yamy off Kijiji a few years ago - it has the eco mode. Zero issues so far. Buy quality once and be done with it.
  15. hopdrop

    Pontoonable Streams

    You're probably not going to make many friends running a pontoon down smaller rivers/streams. If you're just looking to get a feel for things, wait until the ice comes off the loacal lakes/ponds. The Bow isn't that bad in a pontoon. Don't take it out during run off, wear a PFD and concentrate on 'driving' more than fishing your first few trips. You'll be fine.