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  1. Do you think the information from this will be posted somewhere after? There's no way I can make it that night but would love to at least read about it.
  2. Hi All, I'm taking my Fish Cat Scout out for its maiden voyage on the bow river this evening after work. I've been out a couple times on lakes, so got a general idea of how it handles in the smooth water. Time to try to flowing water. I'll be able to be on the water/ready to go around 4:30 or 5:00 pm. Wondering what section of the Bow I should float. I have until dark basically. I plan to cab back to my vehicle as I have a large MEC dry bag to put the deflated scout into after the float, so I should stay within city limits. Also, it's been a while since I've fished the bow, and I don't often fish while drifting (been on a guide boat twice before). What's the best setup for while drifting? I was thinking of going hopper/dropper, but not sure if the grasshoppers are out in force as I haven't seen many. The biggest question I have when using hopper/dropper set up is the distance between the hopper and dropper. Otherwise, probably the good ole indy, red wire or squiggly worm, and pheasant tail trailer to start. Cheers, Caley
  3. Hi All, I am looking at picking up a pontoon for floating the bow and am looking for some pointers. What to look for when purchasing a pontoon? Is maneuvering on the bow tricky? Are there any spots to watch out for? Any tips or tricks for purchasing a pontoon and also for floating would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Any chance some of the pontoons didn't sell and the people selling them can be contacted. I was hoping to get there that morning but the newborn had a rough night thus mom and dad had a rough night. I am hoping to find myself a pontoon.
  5. Yup just about was in over my waders a week ago. Was a close call and cold outside. Use caution when wading, bring a wading stick to not only check for solid ground, but to aid in balance while wading. Be cautious when standing on rock or other slippery surfaces. My almost fall in happened when setting a hook and moving to a place to net the fish, the surface I was standing on got wet and in the cold weather the thin skim on water froze creating an icy surface. With winter right around the corner, be aware of ice chunks flowing down the Bow, they can take you out pretty quickly.
  6. Commenting on the fish handling techniques of others can be a tricky thing. I agree that one must educate others and the holding showed in that picture is not good. Some people take the criticism constructively and learn, others will get offended and shrug it off. You need to be able to educate without making them feel like a donkey. I think if you notice poor handling techniques you must first discuss through a PM, congratulate on the catch first, then mention that it might be better to do things a certain way. Do not chastisize or put down, as that will not teach anyone anything. If the individual takes the pointers well and thanks you for it, you can then ask if it is ok to put out in public what is wrong and what to do next time. Or you can find a random picture on the internet, crop out any faces, and use the picture as a example of poor handling and start a new thread discussing it. There is always a way to educate without making someone feel horrible. If your kind and respectful your pointers will be taken a lot better and the individual will be better for it.
  7. My first full year around Calgary fly fishing had a lot of skunks. Now that I am through that first everthing is starting to come together. I don't catch nearly as many fish as some on here, but everytime I head out now I can usually muster up a couple. Time, patience, and a lot of exploring is what helped me. Still have a ways to go, but the fish are their. The frustrating time will pay off, stick with it. Hopefully see you on the water one day. Cheers, Millar
  8. I use Thingamabobbers. I do get nasty knots once in a while, but that is because my casting is a work in progress.
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