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  1. Those 1-piece rods are nice to cast with, but a bitch on the walk out!
  2. Ummm....I'm not sure those are proper fish handling techniques. jk
  3. Fantastic stuff, thanks for sharing your trip!
  4. I had a pair of polarized Smith's that went missing. I've been using some cheaper polarized glasses from MEC but I think I'll spring for another set of Smith's soon enough.
  5. FYI, Things are starting to move a bit on this project..... http://www.rivresources.com/site/Projects/grassy-mountain-project2/overview3
  6. Nice fish(es), caught in flip flops too!
  7. Depends how open to travel (the driving kind) you are but I'd recommend spending a day on both the North Ram and the Crowsnest. Both of them are well known rivers, but have easy access, productive/large fish and, if you have the luxury of going during the work week, some potential solitude in the foothills. Enjoy your visit to Canada and ensure you read the fishing regulations as many streams here are now full catch and release.
  8. Looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Great underwater shots, nice fish too!
  10. Has anyone here actually gone for Golden Dorado? Would be curious to know costs and how much action you get in regards to fish quantities (not Argentinian women,....although....). Might be a nice alternative to steelhead one day.
  11. Komp


    Brutal......no wonder no one posts pics. If it isn't a picture of google earth with directions to the exact location people should relax. Folks either know about the spot or they don't regardless of photos posted on this site.
  12. Agreed that predator control is a slippery slope but I don't think our endangered provincial fish would get branded as such. What they wrote looks good on paper. We need to get creative to develop more fisheries to match the population growth.
  13. Alberta Trout, yes the Edson area still has hidden gems and some unique opportunities. I grew up there and know the area well. However, I don't see how you cannot protect native species and produce new fisheries at the same time. It can be done well. I'll give F&W a ring. Reid
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