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  1. Big brother looking out for us! https://cottagelife.com/general/transport-canada-considers-making-lifejackets-mandatory-on-recreational-boats/ Don
  2. If it came from a hatchery in Alberta, it could be called a Frankenfish. Who knows what level of gene contamination happened. Don
  3. I’ll make the time today to learn what Orvis does in design. The best graphite I’ve ever owned was built by J.Kennedy Fisher in the early 80’s. A 9’ 0” 6 wt.
  4. Folks, The the charges were to be dealt with In December but were stayed. The charges are coming before the court May 11/22. https://www.aer.ca/providing-information/news-and-resources/news-and-announcements/news-releases/news-release-2021-10-21 Don
  5. As a guy who flogs occasionally and wanta helping of humble pie, how do those young locals do so well? Don
  6. Folks, Prairie Creek SW of Rocky was subjected to a water diversion to supply frac water in late December 2021. The diversion flow was incorrectly calculated for a host of reasons. This may have resulted in a fish kill in the section that is closed to protect the spawners. Please take the time to read the info and write whatever Govt agency and make sure you copy your MLA. Here is further information on the Prairie Creek Water Diversion. http://bamboorods.ca/Prairie%20Creek%20Water%20Diversion%20-%20web.html Please take the time to read it and write a letter or two. Make sure you copy your MLA. regards, Don
  7. What I find curious is why the concept of build it and they will come! if Beaver Lake was a business, the owner would make or build another instead we have Twin Lake where perhaps one fishing boat is afloat. Struble is much the same why does the Govt worship mediocrity? Don
  8. Really, in many waters they never existed. They invaded. Don
  9. Money for training grizzlies to munch anything wearing Goretex. Don
  10. The rod was given away, I still have the reel and a fly vise. Don
  11. The smallest rod I built was 18” six stripper. Didn’t cast well! Trying to match it too my 1” reel. Don
  12. As those companions disappear, I find it very difficult to return to where nothing but memories exist. It many cases, it has taken years before the pain is diminished. Such is life. Don
  13. Lorne, Had much the same experience on the Oldman @ Bob Creek While eating my lunch I thought of all the guys who had fished in this spot over the past 50+ years. The list grew longer and longer. All but one are fishing elsewhere now. It was a good day! Don
  14. You do know that the Bow is in Alberta where rivers are electrical generating units. Don
  15. Giving the guiding group a pass in the light of their efforts to stop WD is ludicrous. Don
  16. A friend suggested Halloween Mask materials for pike flies. The stuff comes in many obnoxious colours. Right time of the season to acquire a selection. I tie Clousers out of the stuff. I think the stuff is Poly Vinyl. The best body material I found was Easter Egg basket stuffing material. Like the masks, it comes in weird colours. And I make my own leaders. Tools and materials are cheap. Consider a stainless meat cutters stainless glove. This one works well. https://northwoodsoutlet.com/product/normark-fillet-glove/ Don
  17. Lefty is bang on. For specialized conditions, increasing or decreasing line weights helps. However, for the bulk of angling, using the line matched to the rod is the best choice. To use Lefty’s advice with six lines, three floaters, three sinkers plus reels likely would add $300>1500 in reels and $400 at least in lines. Don
  18. Fishn….. There are few that have the numbers of lines that I own. 1>9 wts. In floaters and <>10 sinking lines which don’t include various shooting heads. The cost to try a bunch would be cost prohibitive for most. A starting point where the manufacturers provided the truth would certainly simplify the search for the line to match your casting style and equipment. I weighed,with a RCBS powder scale, my 6 wt. lines the other day which are mostly Cortland and found them dead on to standard. A Sci. Ang. Ultimate Trout and a DT Mastery we’re also dead on. The results paralleled the information published in the manufacturers web sites. Don
  19. Clearly, the fast auctioned graphite rods are really underlined with the line manufacturer aiding in the deception as demonstrated by the information presented. Obviously the BS stops when the line manufacturers mark the packaging correctly. This would drive the rod manufacturers to also mark their rods correctly. Regards, Don
  20. You All Kidding Me! Unfortunately, unlike most good stories, this one doesn’t start with a beer. I build bamboo fly rods and have for the past 40 years. I sell the rods that I make with a recommended fly line weight rating. As I personally use Cortland 444 Peach or SL lines, I was somewhat unaware what has happened to the fly line weights in the past years. A customer called and said, “This rod doesn’t cast worth *hit! It was overloaded.” Well, I test-cast each rod prior to placing it for sale. The rod cast fine in my hands so I asked the customer what line he was using. “Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity model,” he responded. So off to Scientific Anglers web site and I found the model of line he was using. No damned wonder, the line marked 6 weight on the box was really 7 weight line according to the line description from the site. So that begged the question, how about other lines? A rainy day showed up, so I headed to the web sites of RIO, AirFlo, Scientific Anglers and Cortland looking over their fly line descriptions. I chose 6 weight lines to examine as 6 weight is a transition line between light and heavy trout fishing. Although they all presented the truth on their sites, the fly line box may not contain the line weight and could mislabeled by up to 3 weights heavy. I checked only what I considered trout lines and most of them were floating types. Scientific Anglers: 23 floating lines checked – 7 of them were rated correctly 5 sinking lines checked – all of them 1>3 lines weight heavy Rio 18 floating lines checked – 2 of them rated correctly 7 sinking lines checked – all of them 1>3 line weights heavy Cortland 13 floating lines checked – 7 of them rated correctly 7 sinking lines checked – 5 of them rated correctly -2 were 2 lines weights heavy AirFlo 13 floating lines checked – 1 rated correctly 1 sinking line checked and it was 1 line weight heavy. So where does that leave the buyer? You are faced with two issues. Firstly many of the rods manufactured today are oftenrated 1>3 line weights less that what they should be. However, you are saved as the line manufactures have bought into the game and mark most of their line lighter than is in the box. Secondly the buyer will really be caught if he believes the internet chatter and buys a line one weight heavier for his new rod. Now he’ll have a 5 weight rod as marked by the manufacturer [ really a 6 or 7 weight] and looking for a line weight heavier, he buys a 6 weight as marked on the box and got a 7 or even 8 weight. Why this happened, I haven’t a clue. There are industry standards for nearly everything in today’s world. Thankfully, the line and rod manufacturers don’t build nuts and bolts or any other of the myriad of tools, equipment, orparts that make the world go around. Further notes: 1] The standards for several Fly Fishing equipment are maintained by the American Fly Fishing Trade Association. See: https://affta.org/page/About 2] Several of the line manufacturers have changed their offerings on their sites since I collected the line weight information in July 2021. However, the lines could still be and likely are for sale at retailers everywhere. 2] The data list for each of the manufacturer is provided on my web site http://www.bamboorods.ca/ 2] For those doing their own research, here are the web sites from the four line manufacturers. https://www.scientificanglers.com/product-category/fly-lines/ https://www.rioproducts.com/freshwater/fly-lines https://www.cortlandline.com/collections/freshwater-fly-line https://www.airflofishing.com/products/fly-fishing-lines/freshwater-fly-lines.html
  21. Here is the best and easiest place to get Macrame. https://pepperell.com/6mm-bonnie-braid-50-yards/ The material works for indicators and flies. The CFF was created using this stuff. The BM is similar. Use it instead of Elk in Elk Hair Caddis or the Mikiluk Sedge. Works are a post for parachutes. I use it in pike style yarn flies. Very versatile material. Don
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