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  1. Yup it was a beautiful fall day even if the fishin' was a tad on the slow side. For two days the only thing I could consistently get them to hit was a b&w foam back swimmer pattern. Thursday was a bit better day size wise.
  2. No need to soak down the whole wader if you know the general area of the pinhole. I just use a 500ml spray bottle And Fishin' Hole, Cabela's etc carry Aquaseal
  3. I've seen your truck, that's why the facetious reply. I've always regretted selling my first gen even though everything but the engine was completely worn out @ 600,000plus Km.
  4. Not worth the effort on a truck that old, I'll save you the grief and buy it from you.
  5. I got them through Amazon.ca but I don't believe I paid what they are quoting now when I checked . Maybe I did but I do know I said piss on it after the third time I went down in a dirtyassed wet pile. I turn 70 in a couple weeks and don't bounce worth a damn anymore.
  6. This but the jury is still out on the Rock Treads I've installed on my new Simms boots https://rocktreads.com/ I''ve got a sole comfort issue that needs sorting. I've been using Vibram soled wading boots since 2012 and until now the best solution to traction issues I've found has been Kold Kutter ice cleats https://koldkutter.com/products/kold-kutter-ama-legal-8
  7. If the new 4wt LL is anywhere close to the old 4wt Sage LL specially in 8 1/2 ft grab one. I've always regretted selling to one I had.
  8. I like all my RPL+'s pushed one weight class
  9. Well there ya go! Learned something! Thanks BBH,
  10. I caught a couple 10-15 cm ones in the Belly just downstream of the 49th Parallel. Area locals also confirmed to me that there is or was a population of Arctic Grayling much closer to the Belly headwaters on the Montana side. I remember reading somewhere that Barry Mitchell and Don Andersen caught one in a irrigation diversion on the Canadian side of the Belly which is what sent me on my quest to catch a native southern Alberta grayling. I have no idea of their current status as all this was 20-25 yrs ago.
  11. I had no idea you were such a stubby ****er!
  12. Brookies with some swish and a rainbow flag. I like it! But I may be hesitant to eat one though. **In deferance to our transgender fisherfolk no offence intended **
  13. Here is the ACA's 2019 list for a ,more complete listing. https://www.ab-conservation.com/programs/fish/aca-stocked-lakes/
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