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  1. Thanks Haggis57, I'll check them out.
  2. Yes I remember the Dave Jensen age, seemed like there were new posts every 10 minutes. I am old enough to remember getting the fishing reports in the local evening newspaper when I lived in England but those days are long gone. I don't do Instagram, twitter, etc. though I do have a FB page thanks to my good lady forcing me to open one and I visit the Alberta Fly Fishing page often.
  3. I guess winter on here is less busy as per the comments but it wasn't just directed at this time of the year it was more of a general thing. Some interesting responses above especially the Instead of the increased fishing popularity creating more comments and posts it has had the opposite effect. When I first came to Calgary, about 25 years ago, I read lots of reports about amazing fishing at Frenchman's Creek on a similar forum to this. I was desperate to find out where this amazing river was...
  4. I'm very late to the party here but I tried one of those indicator fly lines from SA on my reasonably fast 5 weight and it was obviously way to heavy for the rod. When I weighed it with my very scientific kitchen scales, I cannot remember the actual numbers but I remember the weight of the first 10 meters was equal to a 7 weight and at the high end of that. I intend to try it with my 6 weight but have never got around to it. If it works on my 6 I'll keep it, if not then I'll move it on
  5. I am a Calgary local and though I don't post a lot I do read other posts with great interest and I like this forum a lot. Especially now I am a fair weather fisherman and live much of my fishing life vicariously through the posts here. But... is it just me or is there less traffic or at least less posts on here than there used to be? Is there another forum that has taken up the slack that I am not aware of where I could be adding to my fix?
  6. I've never caught one fly fishing but have when throwing metal in the sea. They don't like to behave when unhooking them.
  7. Hey, I have enough 4wt lines currently.  

  8. Gotta get down to Huatulco one day
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