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  1. Wow great story. Love the freestyle tying as well.
  2. OMG what a place!! Amazing, and well presented.
  3. Fished it on Saturday morning, flow was ~2m3/s and water was still a bit murky. 3 bulls on an egg sucking leech. Saw some risers here and there. Pretty good day, other then the wind.
  4. Was the FT fishable/wadeable? I see other reports that all the water up that way is high. Did you see the Burnt Timber or LDR? Just wondering if it's worth burning the gas or not. 





      I had no problems wading on Friday at Fallen timber. Most of the spots i crossed, the water was at most mid thigh. Clarity was good ~ 2ft, and the flow was 3-4m. Thought it was going to be a great day, but not one bite or flash of any kind. I have fished this spot for years, and know the river very well, usually very successful. But I have been out twice this year, and haven't seen sign of fish.

    2. adams


      Well, if it makes you feel any better, I went out yesterday and had the same experience. 






      Was wondering if it was just me. Very strange, wonder what is going on?

  5. Looks pretty good. Not bad for a first attempt.
  6. I agree there is an issue here for sure, and that fisherman can help somewhat to prevent further spread. But i also know that you can not blame fisherman entirely. These are recreational waterways with a lot of people, and wild life.
  7. I don't know if I would call 14yrs a quick process at all.
  8. On Sunday Aug 23 my nephew and I were questioned, by a Fish and Wildlife CO, about fishing the Jumping Pound. He stopped us in the Pine Top parking lot and explained to us that there was an emergency closure of the Jumping Pound, and many other rivers due to high temps and so on. I politely explained to him that all the rivers except one, reopened on the 21st. He seemed shocked by this info, but said it made sense after all the rain, and the cooler temps. I then asked him if he wanted to see our licenses, he said no and drove off. My question, should a CO not be the first one to know that thes
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