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    Found Thanks
  2. 30 Pound Pyramid Anchor

    On Kijiji 30 lb Pyramid Anchor $70.00,obo In Okotoks 587 433 9353
  3. Waterproof Backpack

  4. Boat Inspections

    Every boat, kayak, canoe, jet ski, sail, raft etc. must stop to be inspected.
  5. Cataract Drift Boat Oar Blades

    How do you find the magnum blades? Both blades are $110 each CAD or $79 USD The Magnum blades do look a little beefier though.
  6. Need to replace my oar blades. I was going to order Cataract magnums but I see they have a new Cutthroat oar blade specifically for Drift boats. The Cutthroats place more blade in the water. Has anyone used these? Thoughts? Cutthroat left and Magnum on right.
  7. Small Boat Accessible Lakes Or Pond

    I would suggest Lee's Lake as well especially if your daughter is young. Lots of fish so she won't get bored. Can get windy but you can find spots out of the wind. You can slowly troll pretty much any small nymph or streamer/leech and get fish. Chironomids work well here too.
  8. New 4 Weight.... $500Ish Budget

    Off the topic of a new rod but I would take the $500 and get into a decent new/used pontoon boat. Sitting a foot or two higher will make a lot of difference. So many advantages of a pontoon over a float tube. Started in a float tube, then pontoon and now fish lakes from a pram. Still find my old 9' rods are fine.
  9. Drift Boat

    Convert your CAD to USD and advertise in Montana and it is gone! Lots of old Purist's down there that still love the originals. The wooden boat followers are few and far between here in Calgary.
  10. Rooster Fish

    http://www.bajaflyfish.com/about_staff.php Read his book and this place is on my bucket list.
  11. Terry is a great host for these trips as is Fishtales. Very organized and Terry has been there plenty of times and even speaks Spanish. I would stick with the 8 and 10. A 6 or 7 wt is a luxury when no wind present which is rare when salt fishing. An 11 is for GT's or 100 lb plus Tarpon. Also big difference between rods which will allow a lot more flexibility. Example a TFO BVK 8wt which is light and casts like a cannon but weak for lifting power vs. a TFO TiCrx 8wt. Heavier, still casts like a cannon but you can catch Bones to Tarpon on it. It is built tough and needs to be overlined. My absolute favorite rod in my quiver is my Sage Xi3 9wt. It almost cast's itself. Book the trip as you only live once.
  12. What Are You Tying 2015 Edition

    The Tarpon flies are all 2/0 & 1/0. Crab patterns 1 & 2 Bonefish flies 4, 6 & 8. These flies are for the flats and lagoons down in Ascension Bay. If you do any blue water or inshore fishing (Mayan area) tie up some Sardina patterns in white/rootbeer white/ocean blue or white/dark olive. On the top you can tie in 4-6 strands of Peacock herl or dark brown crystal flash.