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  1. Hey monger what page did it say about angling restrictions. I can’t seem to find it and would like to go over it. Thanks
  2. Hey sorry to bug you but thought you might shed some light. When I was on the Oldman this week there were some small pmds hatching sporadically. When I slid in the lane to get a closer look at them I noticed midges swarming them. Any idea what’s going on there?  Pretty interesting to watch

    1. toolman


      Yes, the Pmd's were either emerging or were spent spinners in the drift and the midges were mating/egg laying at the same time. I also saw this last week on the Livingstone. Greg

  3. Thx a bunch Don. I’ve always been interested how it works
  4. Don do you know if the stations have to be turned on manually each year or are they done remotely?
  5. Don is right. The have to recalibrate some of the stations in the spring
  6. The flow rates start showing on there around late April or early May. Every year seems different
  7. I agree with your whole statement. If people were a little smarter and paid more attention parks and trailheads wouldn’t be shut down right now and we wouldn’t be in this position. I live in Banff and that first nice weekend everyone flocked to the popular trails. There were well over a hundred cars at Johnston canyon and parks saw a problem so they shut down trailheads. If people were smart and spread out more and like you said not threw garbage around we wouldn’t be in this position. That is what will probably happen at river access points as well
  8. You can totally social distance on the river or trail but that’s not the issue. The issue is with having all those people in the parking lot. I don’t think it’s a problem but the government does. That’s why they closed the parks down
  9. A buddy of mine went to 4 different access points yesterday just to go for a drive. He counted 68 vehicles parked at those spots. I think we are gonna see some changes
  10. this is the most screwed up thing I ever heard
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