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  1. LMAO: At the start of the 30 Day Survival Challenge in the Canadian Rockies, Fowler said: “It’s criminal to have this much fun out in the woods.”
  2. Ditto to 50lb fluoro, stuff is pricey but never had a bite off and of course doesn’t kink. I just tie a snap swivel on so it’s easy to change out flies. Bass or pike don’t care about a little swivel when using big flies.
  3. Coming soon to a river near you: My brilliant plan for keeping my sanity this summer on the water isn’t looking so good. Fishtancing I’m always good with but what’s next...
  4. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/brooks-motocross-club-fined-cutthroat-trout-habitat-1.5192042 Besides the few bad apples destroying the place also a whole club of assholes. A bit of justice anyhow. Don’t worry Jason will put the fine $$ to good use to bring back the good old days soon and the trout crushing can resume.
  5. Absolutely, major omission that has huge impact on habitat and stress. Only fished the bow for past 3 years but fished very same holes last summer with great success this year with very little success. You can’t tell me that’s mainly due to a year over year increase in angling pressure I think that’s way further down the list of contributing factors.
  6. So anyone know where we are at with a barbless regulation for AB streams? I seem to remember it was in a year and then out. Sz 18 barbed flies are one thing. Makes me want to cry when I see a spincaster on the Bow hoping to rip into a big brown with a sz8 barbed treble hook. If the fishery rumoured to be in decline maybe time to push barbless or fly fishing only for the Bow Crow etc. Probably old news and a tired topic so forgive my ignorance but I don’t understand why we don’t have these regs in Alberta especially where streams are release only.
  7. Didn’t occur to me! I seem to remember now there was only one? barbless year and Ive fished barbless for 20 +yrs anyway so never bothered to check on that again. Eyes just getting old now thus the query. But in my mind it’s always been a good “ rule “ for fish health so I make it my practice. Plus in the end you save time to catch more fish as we know... Some great posted replies thanks all! Nice point scel about saving the flies too, never considered that. I’ll continue 100% barbless and maybe invest in a special tool rather than just nn pliers...
  8. Out casting dry 20s the other night around 8:30 on the Crow (for me really nothing more fun than 20” fish on size 20 dries on that river and there’s been some fun this summer) and as I was tying a new fly on I went to pinch the barb and gave up in the smoky low light. Had to get my lamp out to do it which took more precious time so I asked my buddy if he always pinched the barb on 20s. Casting to 18” + fish I’m not sure the barb on a hook that small is much harm. I usually do it anyway b/c I just like to follow the rules (usually in daylight right after purchasing). But got me thinking should it be optional on smaller hooks especially 20s? End up breaking some when I pinch them. On the other hand some of these fish are caught many times a season so maybe that tiny barb does take a cumulative toll even on a small hook? They are beautiful healthy fish (especially browns seeing many more big browns this year) and I certainly want them to stay that way. Like to hear from anyone your honest practice and knowledgeable input...
  9. Stopped visiting the Gap altogether around 10 years ago because it became so depressing like you say. Upper Oldman used to be so idyllic. Thanks for the good news update I’ll need to see it for myself soon...
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