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  1. Picked up a MInn Kota 55lb 36" shaft variable speed electric motor. Was time to upgrade. Price. $212.99. Their Reg. $499. (Checked Wholesale sports down the street $430.) FYI in case you think you need a Xmas present. I think he said there was one or two left. At Canadian Tire south Edmonton.
  2. I'm in for $100 on Dave's Oldman River Dry flies.
  3. Was out at Premier last week. Most successful fly fisherman were in 20 feet of water with a 20 foot leader and stike indicator. Anchored of course. Size 14 Perl Pupae Chironomid. Black thread, silver ribbing and perl glass bead head. Two lines can be used. Where...just look north and see where everyone is anchored. Middle of the lake and Within reach for a pontoon boat, but you must be past the closed markers.
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