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  1. https://ibb.co/Lh9XPG3 https://ibb.co/Pjj5CH3 This is my first Loop reel 4seven, like 8 years old an was in bad shape, Im going to try doing some really cool patterns with cerakote on Reels. this was my first one what you guys think. Cerakote is one of the most durable protective coats and i think its great option for refinishing or doing custom stuff. frustrating paying 600 dollars for a reel the marking it up. This is H series cerakote oven baked i have more reels to share soon feed back please
  2. Flip flop an shorts was just going for a walk with kid an found some snouts Had to run back for the rod an reel Thanks for looking guys
  3. https://ibb.co/iMtBho https://ibb.co/kVOf8T https://ibb.co/nC0MF8
  4. Cowboy and wife are at the local market grabbin a few things cowboy puts a case off 7 dollar beer in the cart, wife looks at him shakes her head and puts it back on the shelf, says" we gotta watch our pocket book and bugdget" so they walk around grab some more things wife walks up to the cart with a 50 dollar tube of beauty cream, ma n looks at her shakes his head puts it on the shelf, says "we gotta watch out pocket book and budget " wife says " but honey thats so i can look beautiful for you" cowboys goes " thats what the 7 dollar case of beer was for "
  5. used a 690-4 sage tcx for streamer it was ok on a floating line, didnt likw it with sink tip used a 7 wt bvk luanched the streamer ok, with 250 grain 30 ft head personal favorite is the 7 wt st croix bank robber i throw ghetto rig with 2 articulated streamers with ease. i
  6. orvis is made in usa pretty sure
  7. so is the fishing below mac, that slow or boring. ? i wanted to camp a night below mac. how did you guys do. streamer fishing was going to be the weapons forsure
  8. just a thought would underwater lift bags , get it up. ive seen some that can lidt 1000lbs plus . i feel for you man a boulder beg can work in skinny water
  9. wow, lots good tips and great link . thkns fellas
  10. well im trying to plan a 3 day camp float with little sister and wife, i do have camping experience, how ever not there usally a truck close by. with a major city within few hours. cant say ive done to much other then that . i relize this will be a differnt kind of experience and will probly run into some situations,i didnt think of or plan for. so if any one has any tips or tricks, or supplies tht you wouldnt go float camping without. please share!! have already , coolers,tent, sleeping pads, sleeping begs, hatchet, water proof mathes, small pack stove, some dehydrated meals, first aid kit ,tarp, head lamps. these are some things i feel like its just not enough any tios would be great
  11. nice work, did you make these on a manual machine , or a cnc ? if you did these in cnc , how did u program ? mastercam . or long hand g code? or mazatrol. have any experince with titanium? was a swiss screw machines used?
  12. yes they are 2 face . labeling dangerous dolphin meat , large whale is a little sideways. Why do you think they label it whale meat ? i think its becuase if it said dolphin on it alot of people wpouldnt eat it . The japanese government is letting their civilians eat highly contaiminated meat, with mercury levels of 2000 ppm. If they cared about their citizins they wouldn't harvest dolphin, dolphins have the most mercury in them becuase they are at the top of the food chain in the oceans. I personly dont think if ther was a ban on harvesting dolphins, the japanese people would suffer a lack of protien. In the move the jappanese fisherman stated that they were doing pest control. wouldn't it make more sense to say we are starving we need it? The japanese government were saying they killed the dolphins in a humane fashion, didnt look like it. When you shoot a mature bambi it is usally dead within a few minutes. Killing a animal that is as intellegent as a dolphin is ludacris, deers and cows pigs .... dont have the I.Q like a dolphin does. Dolphins are so much like humans, they have sex for pleasure not only to reproduce. The japanese people are very smart, iam sure they could figure out a way to farm dolphins, if they need it so bad.
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