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  1. Sacha, Welcome to Alberta, the Calgary area and fishing! Whether you fly fish or cast with gear, (a spinning type rod with a lure, possibly with a float or weights as well), as my learned friend above says, you are off to a good start by desiring to know the regulations. Frankly, I have seen too many "new Canadians" (I am not saying you are one, I am referring to new residents of Canada) who fish without knowing the rules or, in some ways even more importantly the customs and courtesies or etiquette of fishing. Good for you. The recommendation from Peter above is wise. A profes
  2. Wow, that is a treasure of info and links. Lots of good winter browsing. Thank you and a forward wish that you have a Happy Birthday.
  3. Some good discussion here. Also a bit of thread drift, (pardon the word play). I would like to put in a word for T.J.’s colleague at Fish Tales, M.V. He is as hardworking as T and rowed his tail-feathers off on our day together. A different personality but at least as competent and friendly, informative, patient and full of enthusiasm.
  4. Your good handle was mentioned: Silver Doctor, and your cousin too, Black Doctor. I love those old names, and the multi-coloured salmon flies are pleasing to the eye. I have fished a tributary to the Tweed, the Whiteadder, (wit-adder), on an estate in the Berwick area. It is a lovely area and river, much less wild than our eastern slopes of Alberta. I find, as I age myself, a sense of history and connection to it from these old films. The gentleman seated in the wooden boat held in place by another gent flashbacked to my first ever Modern era float on the Blue Ribbon section of the Bow.
  5. Educational, brief and clear. Thank you for sharing.
  6. I have Simms boots with both felt and Vibram w/hard bite studs. They have different applications in my opinion. I had to recently use the vibram sole without cleats, as the Simms Hardbite cleats are not available in my area and are on order through my local shop. I was extra careful and they performed fine on the day when I used the brand new boots. I believe Simms studs in general are way too expensive, especially here in Canada and they do not hold up quite like I wish they would. If the Philips head slot gets damaged they are a bit ornery to remove. I searched the interweb and fou
  7. I agree with all our friends’ earlier remarks. I love maps and map reading and us them to plot detailed paths along streams, and conservatively, I cover 2-3 km each way so 4-6 km round trip in a 6-8 hour outing in a foothills creek. On a well known larger river, I usually arrange a drop off and pick up. 5 km is a huge 8-9 hour day. Wading against knee/mid-thigh 6-8 kmh current uses a lot of energy. A large number of factors affect energy. Age, physical condition, motivation, hydration... terrain is critical as bushwhacking, climbing, standing on uneven or less than ideally stable ground
  8. We have an abbreviation for this in the airforce: FUBAR. Stands for £¥€§ed Up Beyond All Recognition. All the profits to an Australian conglomerate from Albertan slave labour. I think I am going to throw up...
  9. Tight lines, thank you for the link to this monograph. It is well written and historically interesting even though the subject matter is not very exciting.
  10. I held this centrepin a few days ago, it is splendid. Beautifully executed and free wheels in balance that ie eye-watering in its precision.
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