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  1. Floods, rampant poaching and an ever growing population of walleye and pike have made the brown trout's life quite difficult in the Red Deer river. I've only fished it since 2011 when I moved to Red Deer but with each passing year their numbers seem to decrease a bit. I've spoken with quite a few members of the local fly fishing community and it seems water quality and hatch numbers aren't what they once were as well.
  2. A CW system isn't about limiting angling pressure, it's more about revenue generation. Why give away a resource which other jurisdictions charge heavily for? BTW this whole whirling disease debacle is going to need $$$, big time
  3. I'm all for the implementation of a CW system for the SW streams, not as a way to limit angling pressure (but that might be a side benefit) but for revenue generation and as a way to collect general angling information. Also, guides/guiding must become regulated and taxed/fees charged accordingly. I love fishing on the east slopes few days each season, maybe 3 or 4 days tops on a good year, fishing drys to rising fishing and then I leave those fish alone. I heard of a great idea a few years back from a fellow angler for an endorsement stamp type of licensing system with a fee paid for each wat
  4. Insight into why Bullshead has not been restocked? 

    1. BrianR


      Water conditions.if there is any there  guessing Shane.Petry@gov.ab.ca give him a shout out..He looks after all the lakes in the south

  5. Hi Don, Ive heard a rumour that the powers that be may be allowing retention on Beaver Lake in the future. I kind of dismissed the rumour as nonsense but I did the same when I first heard about the whole aeration fiasco a couple years back. You hear anything? 

    1. DonAndersen



      just sent an email to Govt asking them about the rumour. 
      I suspect the rumour was the result of Ray Macawicki (sp) push to increase killing.

      He is a retired F&W biologist and past president of F&G Assoc.



  6. thanks for the info! how long is the drift? I'm thinking a very long day
  7. I've been very interested in drifting the tailwater section of the Waterton and am wondering if anyone out there has any experience with floating this stretch of river? I've got a 13ft NRS raft w/fishing frame that great for tough access and low water conditions. I'm wondering about the time/distance covered during the normal post run off conditions, is it a long one day or needs 2 days? Is there a place to take out before the bridge crossing north of Glenwood? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  8. The question to be asked is what is the new fly fisherman expecting of the outing? will it be more hiking than fishing? 8kms can be a challenging distance depending on conditions like terrain and weather. Someone new to the sport might get tired and discouraged by encountering a lot of variables that vets just brush off as part of the day.
  9. For me the eastern slope streams have always just been the occasional mid-week day trip runs, especially during summer holidays/camping season. Some really good dry fly action to be had in September and even into October if the weather co-operates and then you can avoid the crowds!
  10. Sorry Northfork, my post took a shot people posting on this thread and I really should have stated what was my personal experience with steam access and trespass. I've had heated conversation with a couple of farmers while using road allowance to access crown lands for elk hunting, I understand there are those out there that just don't want you/me/us on their property no matter what the case may be. If what Bcubed stated is correct and it's generally interpreted as the 1-2 year high-water mark, basically where "the grass meets the mud", you've got to stay in the water which makes makes moving
  11. I can't believe how many people posting do not have the courtesy to ask land owners for access to property! With all of the information that is really available (county maps, iHunter app) it is inexcusable not to make a phone call or knock on a door, shake a hand and state your business. As someone who has spent years hunting on private land and being farmed raised I find it hard to fathom how many people in this sport claim a right to trespass by way of a loophole that is meant to protect navigation/commerce (the movement of goods and services by way of water, example one logging company coul
  12. With a lot of worry and concern being directed at the Bow river, here is some food for thought. It has been the focus of a few studies and some scientific research, the negative effects of birth control and other pharmaceuticals on the sexual development and reproductive health of fish and other aquatic life. Calgary has over doubled in population in the past 30 years? what has this done to the river in terms of the the amount of mentioned toxins in the watershed. I think the problems in the Bow drainage have moved well beyond angling pressure and poor fish handling. Fish the Bow and enjoy it
  13. There are many anglers out there, of all demographics, who simply believe they are entitled to catch fish by any legal means. Personally I've been lucky enough to have an accomplished fly fisherman and conservationist take me under his wing and inform me of some of the unwritten rules. No nymphing for cutthroats on the Eastslopes, dry flies only, same goes for the Raven, Stauffer, Prairie Creek etc. Targeting Browns in streams/creeks with streamers is in poor taste. My buddies and I fish the central creeks/streams for 6 weeks ish in the spring/early summer, catching a hand full of nice browns
  14. I would think that the powers that be should be seriously considering enhancing/stocking the Bow. Why not have a hatchery built right in/on the river itself? this could be funded through conservation stamps, guide licensing/fees. The Bow isn't being fished to death and the c&r anglers are not the problem.
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