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  1. Check this photo. I use an old 45 Lt north face pack. I have been using this set up for decades and is good if the trail is wide enough for up to 5 km in then I find the trails start to get thin. . No fish cat though ( I found them to heavy ) I have a Cumberland , Togiak & JW Stillwater The Tagiak being the best I clip it to my pack. None have ever been deflated.
  2. Bass pro is headed down hill now also. I drove across Calgary to get 4 specific things for tying ( hooks flash ect. ) Went 0 for 4 . The salesman said they can’t get stock sent to Canada. Fly fishing is only a nich market and not worth there time.
  3. Thanks for that I have tried the ice dubbing but find it too course and doesn’t lay down like I like. I will give it a go. Paul
  4. A number of years ago I was able to pickup a large bag of Flashabou dubbing I think it came from a company call Mertz or something like that . I need it in black for tying a few dozen #6 leaches All I seem to be finding is small bags of hareline dubbing. Would anyone have a line on this . Thanks Paul
  5. I have seen these before. I looks to be a pre Great Depression Rod .
  6. As I start fishing more in the spring I never used many Chironomids I was wondering what some of your favorite high altitude still water Chironomids might be . I am in the mid of tying season. Thanks Paul
  7. I have fished Baker Creek a number of times and Red Deer Lks But as I start planning my summer has anyone fished Oyster Lk or Heart Lk in the last decade. Paul
  8. I find mine very noisy, not very good on ice, copper stiffed me on the rebate Paul ,
  9. I had Goodyear Armours on mine they were an excellent highway tire. But we’re prone to rock shots . Anything but Coppers never again
  10. I usually hit the lakes in behind Parsons in June. The forestry roads have started to dry out. You can bring a boat to most.
  11. Thanks for the recommendation.One of our other guide has her  

    I start a 5 day fishing trip tomorrow Sunshine to Shark . I need the break . BNP has been a *hit show this year 


    1. ÜberFly


      Yes it has! I was guiding on Friday up at Helen and Egypt lake Sat - Mon.

      Are you on Instagram? Mine is "the_alpine_expereince"

      You might see a Yam group somewhere up there. The guide is Lenny (Lenora). I teach AST with her. Say Hi. They were in at Egypt with us for a night.

      Be safe have fun!


    2. Nachako


      No instagram for me. I just go back and honestly I kinda stayed clear of everyone and just fished and climbed

      back to the *hit show tomorrow have a group going up to Hellen/dolimite to start my week. 

  12. Thanks Dan. That’s what I was looking for. Paul
  13. Thanks for that Actually I was serious My friend is working for Douglas Ranch. Anything else about the area I am planning on spending a few days there. Paul
  14. I have some time off in between seasons in May A friend who had just moved down to that area invited me down to do some fishing. He said it was non public lakes. Not to sure exactly what that means. Pay as you go ? He also mentioned a species call a Lard fish ? Canoe or Belly boat Any info on this area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Paul
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