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  1. Country Pleasures

    Thank you for your support of this Forum, our fisheries through various programs and the individuals you helped in the sport. Keep well in your future endeavors.
  2. Country Pleasures

    Has anyone been to Country Pleasures lately? Happened to be down that way for Physio on my sprained ankle and they seemed to be closed with very little stuff inside. Tried phoning with no answer and their web site is removed. ????????
  3. Fly Fishing Expo

  4. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Peacock Soft Hackle Mayfly
  5. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Thought I would start off the 2018 topic with a small #18 Parachute Royal Coachman.
  6. Trout Id Key

    Here you go
  7. Is there a REAL fly data base?

    Try http://flyfusionforums.com/board/forum/25-fly-patterns/
  8. foam cutters

    I bought some of mine at Fish Tails, they had a really nice selection. Think I have about 15 including some for Mayfly wings.
  9. New Format, or what?

  10. Strike indicator

    Use it on occasion as an indicator behind small dry flies. as I can make them tiny.
  11. Wading jacket ?

    Frogg Toggs have been good and well under the budget you mentioned. I also have a Redhead Wading Jacket that I've used for 6 years that has kept me dry.
  12. tips for very flat water

    .... and be sure that only your tippet is drifting over your Trouts holding area not your fly line. Dress in muted colours, If you have to wade to get into position for a cast give it lots of time for things to calm down. Think about where you need to be for a proper presentation, plan it out.