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  1. Its a long walk down to the river.
  2. Yellowstone

    Great trip
  3. Wading Spots on the Bow?

    From Banff to Carsland, all good, find a stretch of river and get to know it.
  4. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    New Minnow pattern.
  5. Classic wet flies

    Fish wets a lot when dries don't work, I don't alway's swing them. I often fish them just under the surface with an upstream cast as I was taught back in the 60's, lots of ways to fish wets.
  6. Frank Matarelli passed away on August 17th at the age of 102. He was a well-known fly tier and the inventor of several popular tools for tying, the Matarelli thread bobbin holder and the Matarelli whip finish tool. There have been many copies made over the years by a host of companies but he was the originator of the style of tools. Original Matarelli Bobbins and whip finishers are no longer made. I have original Matarelli's and in my collection and they are excellent. Thank you Frank.
  7. Pinched barbs on 20s

    I always pinch, even the small ones.
  8. Bow River Shampoo

    Looks like a lot more than just one washed car
  9. Where to buy dry fly hackle?

    Its not so much where, but what brand. I tend to buy Whiting or Metz in Grad A (Pro) or B. I also bought quite a few form Howard Hackle, an Alberta supplier, he unfortunately is no longer in business. I grew up in the days before Genetic Hackle which now makes tying more consistent and easier. Although I certainly still tie with good quality saddles which is a bit harder to use (a bit of a learning curve) but still a good bet. Whenever possible I try to see the product. Hope this helps
  10. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Good little BWO and Mayfly pattern when those Browns get picky.
  11. Cork ring replacement on rod

    You do have to be careful with it, because it does expand. Use a light coat, if you are nervous about it use Titebond.I like it, because it expands. It helps fill in the gaps between the disks. I also like it because it is only one part, and I don't have to mix it. It bonds dissimilar materials, has a usable open time is water resistant, and cures quickly. Just working on a short Banty Bamboo rod using it.
  12. Cork ring replacement on rod

    I use Gorilla glue or Titebond II, at one time I used epoxy but like the Gorilla Glue better as it has a bit of flex and fill voids.