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  1. Whirling Disease

    Folks, Below is and abstract from a ACA funded report. TESTING RAINBOW SENTINEL TROUT FROM SOUTHERN ALBERTA RIVERS FOR WHIRLING DISEASE (2004) Prepared for Alberta Conservation Association By: Dr. Jacob John John Derksen, M.Sc. Aquculture Centre of Excellence Lethbridge Community College March 2005 Abstract This report presents the results of testing larval, sentinel rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), exposed to lentic areas populated by T. tubifex, for the presence of the Whirling Disease pathogen (Myxobolus cerebralis) in Southern Alberta waters, specifically, the Crowsnest, Castle, Bow and Elbow rivers. The methodology adopted for detection of the organism in fish, was the Single Round, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), designed against the 18S rDNA gene in the organism. A total of 1545 sentinel fish, pooled in groups of 5, were processed for DNA extraction from a total of 9 sites. Positive and negative test controls revealed no signs of contamination or false results. Results from all tested fish indicated no presence of the pathogen. The takeaway from the report is that it only took from 2003 when the samples were caught to 2017 for the disease to scatter to every water shed tested. Parks are working Johnson Lake but by the spread, the source or sources could have been anywhere. The rivers tested are the most heavily visited rivers in Alberta. If you wish a copy of the full report, I can send it along [ need your real email] or you can contact the ACA directly. regards, Don
  2. A sobering read.

    The further south in Alberta ya go, the fewer water meters. last I heard Calgary is not yet to 100%. In Rocky, we've had water meters for 40 years. water valuable - really. and forget domestic use. It is a fraction of irrigation. Don
  3. A sobering read.

    Folks, We have to change our ways if we want fish to live. https://albertaviews.ca/safeguarding-the-source/# Don
  4. Kayak Fishing

    My wife uses an inflatable kayak. Stable and readily paddled. You will need a skeg on lakes. We chose an inflatable kayak as she can load it, paddle it and Morty the Mutt can wander around without dumping it. There is no ready anchor points however. Don
  5. North Central Native Trout

    Taco, i hope the sense of outrage will result in meaningful changes. I would suggest a "Summitt" of all users to figure out how the habitat destruction can be turned around. How this might be organized I haven't a clue. It would appear that the only organization who really understood the issues are the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. They or a Govt Group would be best regards, Don
  6. Govt Native Trout Plan

    Burining Chrome,. I don't fish them either however. This is a water shed moment. Either we get ahead of this or the other streams in southern AB are next. regards, Don
  7. Govt Native Trout Plan

    Folks, Telling me is fine - telling the Minister even better. and I'll be pleased to add any letters pro or con sent my way to the page. regards, Don
  8. Folks, I put together a simple page to capture the Plan and some of the backlash. Link: http://bamboorods.ca/cutthroat1.html regards, Don
  9. North Central Native Trout

    This may well be the last time TUC has disappointed me. Tbe list of previous lack of effort on TUC's part is extensive. The list includes: 1) encouraging the ACA to remove support for exclusion fencing on the Dogpound, South and North Raven which in many cases returned the streams to the agricultural abuse. 2) sitting on their hands knowing full right well WD was just over the border and them jump into life when most of the streams in southern Alberta are found effected. 3) for the idiocy of the "Fish Rescue" on the Bow w/o any effort to fix the situation. 4) for the complete lack of effort while Asian Carp take over waters all over Alberta 5) for ignoring my continued requests for a statement on the use/abuse of fresh water in Alberta 6) for thier lack of support in finding the cause of the population decline of trout to 1970 levels in Stauffer Creek 7) fit many years I have attended Provincial Roundtable meetings along with representatives from one end of the province to another but only twice have I seen TUC in attendance, It is one thing to be useless., but It quite another to allow the Govt to yet again kick the can down the road for another 5 years. Regards, Don
  10. I get a real kick outta the statement "I HAVE A GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF TBE CONSERVATION CONCERNS AND SPECIE RECOVERY EFFORTS IN ES1" Which means, those that done agree with them are ........ Gotta wonder if those that created this survey have an "understanding" Don
  11. Bamboo rod design

    Folks, Thank you to all those that answered my query for what rod they would like for the 2019 raffle. There were those that wanted a 6>7' two weight rod and others who would like a 7/9" 5 wt. rod. Well,- - - - - - - I pondered your responses for some time and finally concluded that the two weight rod was a specialized piece of equipment and would appeal to few. The 7'9" 5 wt. is a great suggestion however there is one of them heading into the 2018 raffle so I considered it best not to "crowd" the field. During my pondering it occurred to me that most of the tickets would be purchased in the Edmonton area as that is where the raffle is held. Realizing that a longer and heavier line weight would be more useful for the fishing encountered in this area, I am going to build a 8'0" 6 wt. rod. The taper for the 8'0" 6 weight rod will not be found on any taper archive. This taper I use for my personal rod used on the Crowsnest or Oldman Rivers when the flies are larger - stones and green drakes or the wind is up but not blowing strong enough to cause a beer break. Also, the rod performs well during the swimmer hatches. The rod is being split out today. PS: there are or will be those in Calgary wondering why the rod is offered to Edmonton and not in Calgary. With the "ME TOO" attitude that exists in Alberta, the question needs answered. Originally, the rod donation was part of the Central Alberta Chapters auctions. After the market was saturated, the rod appeared in the Calgary Dinner Auction for a number of years. For the past 5 or so years, the rod has made it's way to Edmonton. regards, Don
  12. Mustad Hooks

    Chose your hook style depending on fish weight. C49's I find are good for fish to 3 lbs. after that you need a heavier iron hook. i use C068 for chironomids.dpwn to #18 w/o a problem. R50's too #16 after that Partridge Capt. Hamilton >26's regards, .Don
  13. A conversation with Carl Hunt

    What really scares me - even when the govt is faced with evidence of law breaking, they sit on their ass. i guess they wouldn't want to offend the law breakers. Unless and until Angler's realize they are the only ones paying, the destruction will continue. Don
  14. Bamboo rod design

    Guys/gals, For a perhaps 25 years I've constructed a bamboo fly rod as a fund raiser for Trout Limited. For the past years the rod has been donated to the Edmonton Trout Unlimited Chapter. The funds are part of the Lloyd Shea project that is presently working on Arctic Grayling. The rod for the 2018 fund raiser is already completed and delivered. It is a 7'9" 5 wt. rod featuring gold coloured fittings. Raffle tickets for the rod will be available soon. So, here is your opportunity to design a rod you would like to win. Some things to consider: Length between 6>8' Line weight between 2>6 Handle shape Thread wraps Hook keeper style Some of the things that are "locked in" already include. Oven tempering temp & time, glues, varnish, ferrules and bamboo selection. I'm going to split the bamboo out for the Rod soon. Regards, Don
  15. Mustad Hooks

    Gee, I just ordered near $300 worth of hooks. Only been using them for 60 years. Work well. Catch fish upwards of 8 lbs. on them. You want a lousy hook - give a Tiemco 100 a shot. Don