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  1. Relics on the bow

    Here I thought the subject was about guys as old as me. Don
  2. Smithy, i ain't looking for an attitude change. I want a behaviour change. And frankly, I give a crap what it takes. Fines or jail suit me just fine. i'm long past sitting on my ass watching my province get destroyed. Don
  3. i had hoped that the Squatters and OHV abusers had finally seen the light and realized the abuse cannot continue. But SIGH, looks like the abusers will take the day. Don
  4. Anybody else notice the changes

    Here ya go: http://aep.alberta.ca/recreation-public-use/recreation-on-public-land/public-land-use-zones/livingstone-pluz.aspx http://aep.alberta.ca/recreation-public-use/recreation-on-public-land/public-land-use-zones/
  5. Camping/fishing Castle Area

    Anybody miss the good Old Days when all campground water was OK to drink. No testing was a Ralphie save some bucks idea. Don
  6. Anybody else notice the changes

    Quad operations, from what I gathered at the kiosk, was they were limited to established trails. Some squatter camps still exist. But there are a lot less od them. Don
  7. Folks, i've fished the Oldman River for something over 50 years and watched the changes. From the constant signs of land destruction, the loving sounds of quads and dirt bikes, from the villages of squatters things have changed big time. Damn but am I impressed. Only took a couple of years to change. Was it hard, must have been. Only took 50 years. Big trouble for where I live though. The herd will go somewhere. Don
  8. Folks, Last Saturday a friend and I headed to the Coleman for needed supplies. We got replenished and headed to the Crow heading down to below the Highway #3 bridge. Damn but things were good, not only some decent fish but saskatoons everywhere and there is nothing better than saskatoons. So I went grazing working my way upstream. I wasn't grazing quite as fast as my friend who fished. Looking up,I realized he was 200 yards ahead of me. So I hurried, tripping over some bent branches, falling face first into some wood. One piece Impaled me into the palm of my hand. Tough looking at a 1/2" wood stick in your palm. So off to the hospital for an inspection and three stitches. Luckily, it was my right hand, not my casting hand. So all week, it was bandages and nitle gloves. Looked weird but I was still fishing. Oh, the fishing was OK. Camping great! So be careful out there. Sometimes nature gets ya'. Don
  9. Seems like a lot of frustration chased by the lack of enforcement. Ever considered that is what somebody voted for. Seems like we got what we deserve. Don
  10. You comment reflects what I found up this way. From 0 checks for near 60 years of angling to 4 times in one summer. You might think someone finally gives a crap about our resources. Don
  11. Log Haul near North Ram River

    Adams, please record the number on the front of the truck and phone the logging company. They need to know which driver demonstrate discourtesy or drive dangerously. Don
  12. Log Haul near North Ram River

    Adams, Sundre Forest Products is building a road from the North Fork Road south into the triangle of land bordered by the North Ram to the north, the Forestry Truck Road to the west and the South Ram to the south. During the construction of the road right away. tress are removed and are called "SALVAGE". The salvage will be trucked to the mill for processing. During the meeting I attended as a representative of TU, the audience was told that the drivers are local and care. Further, a contract enforcement person is employed to check on truck drivers performance. In spite of this, the audience was told that there maybe drivers who are still being weeded out due to performance. On a personal note, I've been chased off the North Fork road twice by logging trucks and once by an oil field hauler. Pay attention, the road is narrow in some places. In each case, the incidence happened well away from the present log haul area and over 20 years ago. Regards, Don
  13. Log Haul Plan for Sundre Forest Products in the North Ram Area. The comments below were provided by the company. The Haul on the North Fork Road will commence on July 3rd. One contractor, Erickson, will begin hauling from Km 49, travelling east to the mainline. Erickson’s will be hauling on the North Fork all summer from Km 49 and 47 and will move to the Gap mainline this Fall. We plan to have only one contractor on this portion of the North Fork (Km 42 – 56) for the summer so traffic will not be too heavy. Trucks are instructed to drive as if there is a vehicle around every corner. We completed line of site clearing last fall and have plans to upgrade the road over the summer for the winter log haul. This will involve shaping and grading as well as gravelling. Another contractor, Darcar, will begin hauling from the Trout and will travel the north fork between km 42 and 41 then down the mainline so will not add much to the traffic. Robill contracting will begin hauling on the lower portion of the mainline mid August coming out at Km 18.5 and travelling south to Hwy 752. We do have right of way salvage from the road we are developing in the Ram Triangle, this wood will move sporadically over the summer months but should not add significantly to the traffic. We plan on occupying the new camp at km 61 temporarily with planters come July. The permanent camp will not be established until October. We expect the loghaul to be busy in the winter months, starting in November. Folks in addition to the companies comments above: Sundre Forest Products is installing a log yard and camp facility near kilometre 60 on the North Fork Road. This facility is needed due to forest operations in the Ram Triangle. While it was not Sundre Forest Product preferred location which was south of the bridge at kilometer 61, the Govt required they locate at the present spot. Regards, Don
  14. Folks, got this link and it is a good one for FF history. http://www.johnkreft.com/old-fly-fishing-and-fly-tying-books/ Don
  15. Gotta wonder about FF types

    Born, Maybe I've watch too much stupid over the past which got your comments tossed into the pile as qualified. and the rest I deleted. Don