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  1. Auto Select in Douglas Glen. Ask for Mike (he's the owner)
  2. Has anyone tried the Goat Head wading sole spikes to enhance grip on their Vibrams? Thought I also read that Orvis is coming out with a Michelin tire tread sole Wading boot that is more plyable (similar to winter tires for added traction)
  3. Good learning for me, appreciate the great thread mkonnert. Thank you for starting this.
  4. Fantastic! Well done and thank you for calling it in. Hoping as a repeat offender within two weeks he gets a very stiff fine
  5. That is simply fantastic!! Congratulations on an epic project. Excited to see it when it's all built and ready to fish. Keep the pictures coming and the story of the first ever fish landed with the reel.
  6. ^ Hi scel. Ok those Patagonia Danners are new......crazy expensive and not what I've been wearing! Try patagonia.ca and then search ultralight boots. There will be felt and sticky versions at more humane pricing!
  7. I had Chotas (Felt) and got about 1.5 seasons out of them. Bought them from Springbrook (The TFO guys). Candidly fair for what I paid for them. I switched to Patagonia Foot Tractors (heavier boot but far better traction) and have been thrilled. Heading into my second season. Patagonia has lighter versions as well (think they are ultra lite). Both Patagonia and Orvis have fair satisfaction assurances on their gear.
  8. Bought a micro brand called Vedavoo. Handmade fly fishing slings in US Model I bought is called The Beast and find it fits the ideal balance between size and practicality for use and storage. Used it for past two seasons. Great net ring. KEY for me is the sling sits on my left shoulder, off my right handed casting arm eliminating fatigue. Nothing in front when casting to tangle as well. Vedavoo offers left or right shoulder models. Hope that assists.
  9. Suggest and encourage you to take a beginner course from one of the local fly shops. Iron Bow Fly Shop in Dalhousie Station is your closest. It will be money and time well spent
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