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  1. I think 15lb anchors would hold you just fine. I've always figured if I'm getting blown off my anchors, it's too windy to fish any way. As far as two anchors go, indy fishing with only one lets your boat slew around and it doesn't take very long to get big bellies in your line, causing a lot of casting
  2. Beddington would be best but he'd be willing to drive
  3. Can any one recommend a reliable dog sitter? I have friends coming in mid Sept. that may need a dog sitter for a couple of days. Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks BK
  4. -Not sure of the Rotenone thing as I've never heard of it being used in flowing water. -I started trying to read the attached Recovery plan, but when i got to the part about no whirling disease in Alberta i quit as who knows when it was written. -Perhaps they should spend less time writing huge theoretical reports and get out of Edmonton and do some field work. -When push comes to shove, they'll penalize anglers and close it to fishing while allowing logging and oil companies to continue screwing up the creeks and rivers. My $.02 but hey I've been wrong before BK
  5. Brunsie

    Oar storage

    Go to FlyBC. Look under "readers rides" there's a couple of threads with what you're looking for. BK
  6. A heads up for folks going to B.C. If you have been in Manitoba in the past 30 days, they will want to decontaminate your boat. This involves washing your boat with 140deg water. This is a bit of a hassle but not really a big problem "IF" they have a decon (pressure washer) on site. On my last trip to B.C. (Whiteswan) we got the royal run around trying to get our boats decontaminated as all of their washers were broken. If it hadn't been for a very understanding young lady, they could have refused us entry into B.C. We drove from Radium to the Kicking Horse (Golden) boat inspection station to have our boats washed only to find out their washer was broken as well. If I was going again, I would stop at the Alberta check stop west of town and ask them very nicely if they would mind washing my boat. BK
  7. Opens for viewing at 6:00 PM. Usually over by 9:00-9:30
  8. Thanks for a great post All of the above including anchor ropes and some that we don't even think of. Floor mats (vehicle as well), clothes if you're wet wading, basically anything that gets wet. Even within a region, cleaning your gear every trip is a must T/U had some at the tackle swap this AM including a spray pump to apply. The sad thing was I didn't see very many people buying. I guess a lot of people just don't give a $hit. As important as a long term fix is, curtailing the immediate spread of invasive species is extremely critical. clean-drain-dry BK
  9. Lots of fish in the middle of the river.
  10. Bron is right Rowing a driftboat isn't rocket science. If I can row one, anyone can. Reading the water and finding where the fish are is a bigger challenge. PM me when McCinnons opens and I'll spend a day with you. Later BK
  11. Can't Mel just hold a flashlight for you?
  12. I'm a senior and as such, don't have to buy a licence. If I had to pay for a licence, it wouldn't bother me, as they're cheap compared to other provinces. The administrator (IBM I think) gets approximately $15.75 for every licence sold. If F/W were to require every youth and senior to get a licence, F/W would have to pay this fee or start charging youths and seniors at least this cost. Can you imagine the uproar this would cause? As Don said, making fisheries rely on licence fees to support themselves wouldn't work as ACA and SRD actually get about $40 million a year from the provincial government. My $.02 BK
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