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  1. Thieves stole all my gear from my trailer in September and I'm now starting to replace everything . I am considering a sling pack to replace my vest. I have looked at the Fishpond and Simm's options and I'm having a difficult time deciding. I haven't tried or looked at the Orvis, Umpqua or Patagonia packs yet but I intend to very soon.. There are so many different bags to try on. Each has great features and things that I don't like. It seems that carrying a net with these packs is very awkward and I haven't really found a perfect solution for that problem. Top on my list right now are the Fi
  2. My seasonal campsite at Dutch Creek backs onto the "Dutch Creek" road. For years I would hear the quads zipping up and down that road. Now they can't quad on that road and it is so quiet!! Much appreciated!!
  3. I was fortunate enough to see the healing wound!!
  4. Right here....fire "restriction"...so fires are allowed in fire rings at campgrounds. Don't steal the firewood I hid!!! https://albertafirebans.ca/
  5. Some frosty mornings!! Were you camping at Dutch Creek campground last year?
  6. I just returned from Oldman and tribs and it's high. The big rock in the middle of the Gap is more than half submerged. The tribs are high and fast but with a bit of visibility. The 14 day forecast for Crowsnest Pass is below seasonal temperatures (high 12-16) and rain showers. I wouldn't expect fishing on opening weekend. Maybe Stampede time......sigh!!
  7. I make a loop then tie a nail knot with some mono to hold it securely. Add a bit of Knot sense to smoothen out the knot and you're good.
  8. Although I know I'm missing out....I only fish the OMR and tribs.
  9. I really concentrated on my fish handling last year. I hope I see them all again this year.
  10. Gold Bond.....like a breath of fresh air!! I remember my first time......
  11. Spurly....They improved the boot from the original Rivertek. Did you have the Rivertek 2?
  12. Update: First season with the Simms Rivertek II Boa and they were awesome. Absolutely no problems with lacing system. They are a lot heavier than my previous wading boots and it took a few trips to break them in, but overall I am pleased.
  13. I'll grab a bag of this for nexy cutty season. We will do a "field test"!!
  14. I love Frog's Fanny and I was only able to get it at Westwind's (sorry I forget the new shop's name) and BPS. I might have bought the last bottle at "Westwind's" as they were not sure if they were going to buy more. I think I'll give this a try. If it's similar I'll be saving a ton of money as "Frog's Fanny" wasn't getting any cheaper. I hope it works as well!! https://www.aircraftspruce.ca/pages/cs/fillers/cabosil.php
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