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  1. If we should have learned anything from the UCP vandals, it's that nothing--not fairness, not the law, not basic decency--will get in the way of them rewarding their friends and donors. We simply can't afford to sit back and wait for regulatory processes to kill this abomination. If we do, we'll have to tell our grandchildren about how we failed them.
  2. Thanks everyone. Jayhad, are you saying you had this interaction with the exact same guy?
  3. Thanks. That's pretty much my take on it too. It's further down than the campground, below the bridge, if I'm thinking of the right campground.
  4. I'm sure this topic has been covered many times before, but I'm interested in people's input. I was fishing a favourite stretch of lower Fallentimber, when a landowner approached me and told me I was trespassing and to get off his land. I pointed out that he doesn't own the river or the bank up to the normal high water mark. I had always assumed that this meant the level that the river reached its highest during a normal spring runoff. He told me (yelled really) that unless I was in the water, I was on his land. In his words, "If I can see bootprints on it, it's my land." I should point o
  5. I have friends who will be visiting from BC in a couple of weeks. Our original (pre-flood) plan was to float the Bow. My question is this: will that be even conceivably possible by mid-July? I have a two-man pontoon boat, so I don't need a launch, just a place to park within shouting distance of the river. I should also mention that I have four-wheel drive, so rough or slippery roads won't be a problem. I suspect Fish Creek will be accessible, but what about Policeman's or MacKinnon? With this hot dry weather, I am also assuming that flows will drop enough over the next two weeks that floating
  6. On Thursday, my wife and I were floating from Policeman's to Mac (cold and wet!). We are fairly new to floating the river ourselves, although we have done it with guides a number of times. We are always careful to give others ahead of us a wide berth, whether they are floating or wading. Anyways, just as we were coming up on some prime water, a guide from a local shop (the name was on the boat) made a beeline from the far bank, straight across and ended up about 50 yards in front of us, and then slowed right down while his client bombed the bank, forcing us to go around him. I was astounded at
  7. My wife and are thinking of floating the Bow this week, but we have to be off the river at a specific time. At this time of year,how long should we allow to float Policemans to Macs? Thanks
  8. My wife and I are thinking of buying an Outcast PAC1200 2 person pontoon boat as an easier to store and transport alternative to a driftboat. So far, I haven't seen any negative comments on the web. Do any list members have any experience with this boat. It looks ideal for our purposes, but I would be very interested in others' views. thanks
  9. I'm curious if others have had the same experience I have had this year. I have found the cutthroat fishing to be much more difficult than in past years. In all my favourite spots, Livingstone, Oldman, etc. I have had far fewer fish and had to work harder for them. I'm by no means an expert (I get out 10 or 12 times a year if I'm lucky), but I could always count on gullible cutties taking a dry fly. If anyone else has noticed this, what might the reasons be? Smarter fish (although could they learn that much in a year?), water conditions (no real runoff this year), other ideas? Thanks
  10. This is my first post, so please forgive me if I'm infringing any rules or traditions. This summer my wife and I and another couple are looking to do our first float trip on the Bow. The guys are experienced fly fishers (though we have never floated the Bow), the women--not so much. I would be interested in hearing peoples' experiences with the local outfits that provide guided float trips. As far as I can tell, the prices all seem about the same, but are there compelling reasons to go with one outfit over another, keeping in mind that at least for the women, we want someone can also be a
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