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  1. I would be willing to help you out with some beginner tips. I've got everything from 11'6" trout spey up to 16' long belly totem pole! PM me if you'd like to meet up on the Bow some time. If you want "Professional" help, another guy would be Tim Arsenault out of Vancouver (owns Bridge Fly Lines). I think he was just here back in June with Out Fly Fishing, but I'm sure he'll be back. Cheers Barry
  2. Yeah I've talked to Tim a couple times and tried to buy a couple of used ones from Spey Pages. I had a chat with Bob Meiser and he actually recommended the Bridge lines. I think OFF sells them locally. I'm looking for used lines first to try and save a few bucks (and can re-sell them for minimal loss if I don't end up liking it or wrong weight) before purchasing a new line.
  3. I've got the Skagit side covered for this rod and I'm now looking for a mid-long belly line. Does anyone local have something in the 60-65ft, 630-730 grain range sitting around collecting dust they'd be willing to part with? I'm looking for Gaelforce, Netxcast, Ballistic, CND, Carron, SGS, Snowbee or RIO lines preferably. I've tried a 55' 8/9 Ballistic Vector (which is money on my 13'6" 8wt) but it feels a bit light and short for the bigger rod. I would also be interested in a shorter Scandi line as well. I've been scouring Spey Pages but it's tough right now trying to get people to ship from the US. Cheers
  4. I recently finished my Meiser 15' 7/8/9 HC build just in time for my trip up northern BC. It turned out much better than expected! I really enjoyed the whole process from start to finish. I bought the blank and the builders kit from Bob and turned the handle myself on a drill mounted in a vise. I've since added some oil to the burl portions of the handle to darken it up a bit. I've also got a 13' 6/7 MKS to build now as well!
  5. Wow now that is talent tying those by hand! Thanks for sharing
  6. I took my Fish Cat Pontoon out on it's maiden voyage the other night. Floated from Stoney Trail to Shouldice in the NW, took about 2.5 hours with a few stops. I found it very hard to fish from the pontoon while floating even using fins. I don't know what I would have done if I hooked up, would have been pretty funny to watch! Those raft style ones look a little better as you don't have to beach them to stand up and fish. I'll have to try again and practice controlling it a bit more using the fins. Let me know how you make out.
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