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  1. I am relatively new to fishing the Bow and share many of these concerns. Would like to propose a very clear intervention which seems to be working on a similarly pressured trout river in central Oregon and has not been mentioned thus far from what I have read. 1. Ban fishing from a boat. Use boats as ferries to access walk and wade water. Two feet on the ground at all times while fishing. 2. Impose a limit on number of boats accessing certain stretches of water during specific times of the year. Boat passes would be sold for a nominal fee and include guides boats, recreational rafts, etc. Is there any appetite for this sort of regulation change? What mechanism would you suggest for moving such ideas forward?
  2. Thanks for the tips, guys. Believe me, I prefer throwing tight loops with a juicy streamer. Typically, I swing my way downstream and then nymph my way back up to the car. Hate carrying two rods. Have gotten a few really nice fish with the streamer (violent takes on the drift, rarely grab on the swing/strip) but not much consistency. The walk upstream tends to give my arm a much better workout ... at least for brief periods! Hope to actually land a few more next time around.
  3. So I have started doing a bit of nymphing with a switch rod running a compact scandi line and have noticed losing a lot more fish due to spit hooks. I feel like the weight of the scandi head makes me lose some contact and leads to a softer hook set. Then again, I am also tying droppers to the shank of the hook, which some people believe causes poor hookups. What do the pros think?
  4. Awesome feedback - thank you all! I definitely love the chance at bigger, more aggressive fish that streamer fishing provides. Also very intrigued by the idea of trailing a fly behind one Will certainly pick up some hoppers and nymphs in town to keep things versatile. If anyone is coming out to Ontario to fish for steelies in the fall, don't hesitate to give me a shout
  5. Hello all, Will be visiting Calgary for a week in late August and wanted to know if anyone has had success swinging files for rainbows/browns in late summer. From what I have read, the preferred style over there seems to be nymphing with hopper-dropper rigs or using dries. I primarily swing for steelhead on Lake Ontario tribs with a single handed 8wt. and have only used nymph rigs a handful of times. Are the resi trout too lethargic to chase a fly in the late summer heat? Are there particular stretches of the river better suited for swinging? Should I just suck it up and put together a nymph outfit? Thanks for any feedback!
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