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  1. Nymphing Primer

    A couple of weeks ago, a member sent me pictures of a Nymph Primer I wrote several years ago. As the original has been lost, here is a blog post with those pictures. I actually did catch a lot of fish using these methods. I've strayed from them in the past several years, hopefully this can help me re-learn myself! Nymphing Primer
  2. Mostly just me rambling about the inner workings of my brain. I did go for some cheap laughs. No fishing however, so be warned. I have a pretty good fishing related one brewing in my head. Hope to do it this week. Fishing, nostalgia, fathers, uncles, cousins, all sorts of good stuff. My Train of Thought Makes All the Stops
  3. Alaska: Aniak River Lodge

    Super jealous! Happy for you buddy.
  4. A couple of short ones

    Here are a couple of short posts on my FB site. A moose encounter in downtown calgary and the return of my lost net. Among other things. It's Hard to Lose Things in Alberta Moose on the Loose If you like them, give the site a like. Fishing stories to come.....
  5. Be careful when grazing!

    As one who has some experience in falling, might I offer some suggestions: 1. Unless death, or amputation at a minimum, is imminent, hospitals are for when the fishing day is over (amputation is only acceptable if its' the casting hand or arm) 2. Nothing looks as bad ass as when each cast sprays blood on the water (actual experience with that one) 3. Anyone who thinks there is nothing better than saskatoons has never been blackberry picking in Louisiana. Not a debate here. Just fact.
  6. New Blog Site

    Guys, I've had a blog on wordpress for a while now, but I feel it is for actual stories. I'm playing around with shorter (like 2 paragraph type of things) on FB under juststumblingthroughlife. I think if you search it on FB it's the only one I think. It will be mostly stories, hopefully funny observations, unintentional comedy, and fish videos and pics. I do fish the Bow a lot, so if you see a place you like you don't need to tell me it's a place you like. Anyplace that will show up in a vid will be a popular spot, or I won't post it. And anyway, there are fish on the Bow everywhere. Which shouldn't be a newsflash!
  7. I am now officially on a non stop hunt for that shirt. Edit: Got it!
  8. Maui Jim's mostly because they have readers in them. I also have a pair of Smith Chromapops that I love.
  9. I have been around a LOT of pelicans in my life. Caught one on a topwater once, they fight pretty good. They were everywhere where I'm from . I cannot speak at all about what they do on the Bow, but in the gulf we used them as fish finders-not because they ate the fish we wanted because they were reliable bait finders. I have never seen one eat a game fish, though I'm sure they do. Here however, since there are not huge schools of baitfish around, I can only imagine they would eat game fish if they can get them. And they sure do seem to hang out in tasty runs.
  10. Don't Let This Be You

    So I seem to be on a bit of a writing jag, but keeping them short and sweet. Trying something new with an eye toward a possible project. Anyway, this is from my bike trip, but the sentiment can be extended to a lot of scenarios-jet boat roars past your fish feeding on caddis, finding that super remote, hike in stream only to be interrupted by the sound of a dirt bike, etc. In this case, it's a truck in the rain passing a bike race. Don't Let This Be You
  11. 3rd Worst Yard Guy

    Can you call Larry David?
  12. 3rd Worst Yard Guy

    There are things that tear us away from the thing we love to do most, which is fish. The primary time suck is the job. I can't do anything about that, we need money to feed the habit. Kids and wife are next, neglect those at your own risk. Next is yard care. Yard care sucks. But the negative attention of ignoring it can be severe. Here is my advice on maximizing fishing time while minimizing yard care: 3rd Worst Yard Guy
  13. Hitting the Gym after 50

    It's becoming obvious to me that if I want to keep going to the places I want to fish, some sort of physical fitness is required. As I am genetically incapable of doing things half way, here is my experience with OrangeTheory fitness: https://wordpress.com/post/juststumblingthroughlife.com/2531 It's not a serious review, pretty tongue in cheek.
  14. MS Auction 2018

    Glad I could help!
  15. MS Auction 2018