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  1. One of my favorite days fishing, ever, was fishing for spinner sharks in the surf in Louisiana in the spring. We were using heavy spinning and medium bait casting gear, catching spinners and bulls up to 100 lb. One after the other. When I asked people to join, they said "why do you want to catch sharks?" I don't know, because they are big, jump all over the place, and wear out after 10 minutes. I can't imagine on a fly rod, it would be epic.
  2. It's gong to be like this all season. No one is able to travel, many are unemployed, everyone needs a break. If you want solitude, you are going to have to work for it and even then you might not get it. I'm resigned to the fact I'm going to have to probably do some significant hiking, which normally wouldn't be a big problem, but this year might push me a bit physically. Honesty, I'm glad people are utilizing the outdoors.
  3. Thanks to Fly Fusion and all the members here for the continued support of my yearly auction. It was a bit limited this year as a new job is keeping me hopping, but the items donated were high quality (to say the least) and we were able to raise almost $1600! See you all next year!
  4. Last 2! Item #4: Custom Built 4 pc 8' 4 Wt Fly Rod donated by my friend Pat. RainShadow Rx6 blank with warranty card. REC recoil guides, REC Box Elder Burl Reel Seat, pictures below, reel NOT included! Just shown for effect. From Pat: Moderate action for dry fly, but I’ve chucked small streamers too. Deep Blue in colour. Orange, silver and black accent wraps. Rod is unfished, but test cast obviously, so mint cond. As a personal note, I've fished one of Pat's rods for years, it was my go to stillwater rod. He also built a rod for an old boss of ours several years ago and he says he will fi
  5. Auctions close today. Please bid on the Facebook link at the top. I am at a conference today and might not be able to check here.
  6. The official bidding is on FB. I gave the option to bid here if you are not on FB under the stipulation that I will try to transfer the bid, but cannot guarantee to do that on time.
  7. Auction Item #3: A float trip on the Red Deer River (skwalla hatch!) or on the Bow with sanky. I have had the pleasure of fishing with Tony in the past, and cannot recommend him enough. The winner can pick between the options of chasing big browns during the skwalla hatch or a float on the Bow. The winner of this trip will need to have his own equipment and provide his own lunch. (If you don't have gear, let me know and I can outfit you). Tony is not a guide, he is just providing his time to host the trip!
  8. Auction Item #2: 2 days of chasing big rainbows and brook trout on Maligne Lake near Jasper! Trip dates are from ice off (looking like 1st week of June) to the 2nd week of July (excluding June 16 and 17 and 20-27). This trip is hosted by a local fisherman who excels at catching fish at Maligne. Each day will start at 7 AM. I auctioned this trip a few times now, and the winners have always been thrilled! See the first post on this thread for a link to the facebook page or place your bid on this thread. Auction will close Wednesday, May 15 at 8 PM
  9. Hi Brent, I'll put it in. It will be my last chance to bid remotely as I'm in Texas and am busy this evening. The link is in the description if you want to keep up with it.
  10. And I just had a couple or extra items donated: A custom made 4PC 8' 4 wt and a 2 day trip to Maligne! Will run these probably starting next week,
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