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  1. I think a lot of these projects are on hold until the BRAP is released (Bow River Action Plan). From my understanding it should be released shortly, which will hopefully provide the direction and timelines that many of these projects will take.
  2. Delayed.....no update given as of yet as to when the project will move forward.
  3. AEP population survey: Volunteers

    It will be a full day kinda deal. No end time given. But since it is a government job, I am sure that there will be ample coffee breaks and a long lunch. My guess is you should be done by 4 or 5.
  4. From the Bow River Trout Facebook page: If you are interested in volunteering to assist with the AEP fish population surveys next week, please send me a PM and I will pass on our presidents contact info. Will keep his phone number off a public site. Two volunteers are needed on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, Sept 11, 13 &14 One volunteer is needed on Monday or Wednesday Sept 10 & 12 Meet at Fish Creek Boar Ramp 9.00 AM each morning New info: The 2018 Bow River Fish Population Study will be expanded to include 12 new sites within Calgary and the Lower Bow stretch of the river the week of September 17. 3 sites between Bearspaw and Harvie Passage 4 sites between Harvie Passage and Policeman's Flats 3 sites between Cottonwoods and McKinnon's Flats 2 sites below McKinnon's Flats and Carseland. When the final analysis come out of these new locations and compared to the historical sites used below Policeman's Flats, it will be interesting to see what the trout population estimate will be for the entire Blue Ribbon Bow River
  5. As you read the article, should you have any input, BRT would love to hear it. The more voices and perspectives we have the better!
  6. Bow River Flows

    Here is the link to our latest article on Bow River Flows. https://bowrivertrout.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/a-need-for-bow-river-water-management-change-final.pdf Feedback is always welcome, and if you feel so inclined we could always use new members!! https://bowrivertrout.org/membership-donations/
  7. Bow River Flows

    Tight lines, In the BRT discussions with AEP and Transalta we have brought up the issue of the flows in the Ghost - Bearspaw section and the impact it has on the fishery. We did not bring up safety, but that is an excellent point and something that we can being up in further discussions. There is a diverse opinion amongst AEP staff on what is happening in this stretch, but at the very least we got them considering the fishery. The same can also be said for the fluctuations seen on the Kananaskis river and it’s relatively poor fishery as a result. Both need to be looked at for sure. we will be releasing our second article about flows and power generation shortly. I’ll post the link once it’s live. We could always use more support, and the more squeaky wheels we have advocating for the river, the better. Jason Vice President BRT
  8. Cabin on the Liv

    In addition to winter operations, trap lines need to be maintained in the summer for winter use. Brush removal, trees cut, new lines cut. Not an easy job. Looks to me like he is following the rules. Primary Structure must not exceed 576sq ft. Must not occupy more than 1 acre, shed should not be larger than 12’ x 12’. https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/66f7d3b9-2af4-4970-9bb3-1a09462adfbf/resource/ec35975c-06f7-4568-aa0f-2157a8141a31/download/5005551-1994-trapper-cabins-a-policy-for-use.pdf Looks like he puts pride into the property to make it look good. Nice cabin. I would spend time there, as I’m sure most who love the area would. He probably paid a hefty price for those trapping rights. I find most trappers to be salt of the earth types, with a plethora of info about the area. Stop in and say hi next time, I’m sure he will chat your ear off.
  9. Power drifters etc

    Ditto on the fiberglass. One rock at speed would do some significant damage.
  10. Power drifters etc

    Rows pretty good, but maybe I’m a bit biased. But you are correct. It’s not a drift boat, you wouldn’t be taking it down tight water water chutes on purpose, But for the rivers listed above it works great and isn’t a killer to move up river, hold a spot, maintain a line. What you use lose in nimbleness is made up by all the positives of having a motor. 1) short evening trips 2) great spring water drifters can’t access due to closed launches 3) get out of dodge if weather turns 4) gas is waaayyy cheaper than a shuttle 5) for some reason you get way more friends when you own a jet 6) lake fishing Just to name a few
  11. Power drifters etc

    I own a explorer industries 162 with the 60/40 set up as a power drifter. It is all about weight. I have rowed the Hyde powerdrifter and a G3 powerdrifter. Both are pigs to row. I find the Explorer is pretty easy to row. I would say it feels a tad bit heavier than a traditional drifter. I think this is due to its 84” beam which displaces a lot of water. On the Bow we primarily jet up till we think we are ahead of floaters then row the rest of the day. I have rowed it over water that any drift boat could go over. Same can’t be said for the Hyde or G3. 60/40 yammy has been more than enough power. We have ran it on Bow, NSask, Red Deer, Skeena, Columbia and many others. Go with as much horsepower as the boat can handle or you can afford. But be careful, bigger motor means more weight, harder to row. Made in Edmonton, Dave is super easy to deal with and will build it to your needs. Scroll down to river boats. Pic is of our boat on Skeena. http://www.explorerindustries.com/index.php?area_id=1001&page_id=1001 Any other questions feel free to shoot me a PM with your number and we can chat or if you want to get out and see what it’s like, try rowing it. That could work too. J
  12. Alaska: Aniak River Lodge

    Got the opportunity to head up to Aniak River Lodge in Western Alaska. Home to 12 species and some of Alaska best mousing for big Rainbows. We were pretty lucky weather wise, only 5 minutes of rain on one of the days, rest of the days were very comfortable. We got a goldilocks week, as we were the only paying guests, there was the dad of one of the guides and Todd Moen and Brian O'kiefe were up there doing some filming for the next issue of Catch Magazine and IF4. If I am lucky, the back of my head might be in one of the videos....hahaha But what this meant is that we had the 50 miles of Ania river to ourselves. No other lodges, no floaters. Just us, a guide, the wildlife and copious amounts of fish per mile. The welcome committee: When you get off the plane you are greeted by the guides, and taken to the welcoming lodge in Aniak. You quickly wader up, get on your jet boat and head up the river for an hour or so to the main lodge. The lodge is well appointed with a big dining hall. Heading up the kuskoswim to the mid lodge: The Aniak river is a tributary to the MUCH larger Kusko. Was worried when we were flying in at the color. But the Aniak itself is crystal clear. The Mid River Lodge: We spent 4 days fishing out of this lodge: Walking up to the dining hall View from the lodge, looking at the Aniak The Cabin: Outside The Cabin: Inside Up River Tent Camp: We spent 3 nights fishing out of the tent camp Tents. Very comfortable, and gives you more of that camping/rugged alaska feel. Waiting on Supper, Chillin by the fire Supper Time!!! Breakfast and Suppers were amazing. Chef Corey preparing the nights suasage, tri tip and brisket. Every night left you fully satisfied! Lots of wildlife around. Guides are packing the heat. But we only saw one juvenile bear the entire time, and he was none to interested in sticking around. The Daily routine. Coffee is ready at 7, breakfast is served at 7:30, 9 you meet your guide and head off for the day. Get back to the lodge around 6:30, supper waiting for you at 7:30. Your Chariots waiting for you: The fishing: Its not really fishing, but more like catching. We caught UNGODLY numbers of fish, if I threw a number out there, you probably wouldn't believe me. Most of my fishing was done with single handed 6 or 7wt rod. No need for two handers or light tippet here. You primarily fish from the boat, as they back drift with the motor. We fished most methods that they use up there: Streamers, beads and mousing. Mousing is by far my favourite, but conditions arent always optimal for it. Had one really spectacular day on the mouse, with about 15-20 big rainbows landed on the mouse and bunch of grayling in the mix. When I wanst mousing in the front of the boat, you would kill time by catching dollys, chums, or grayling on every cast of your streamer. They get get returns of all 5 species of pacific salmon ( everything except coho was in the system when we were there), leopard rainbows, grayling, sea run dollys, artic char, sheefish and pike. Most days you caught 6 or 7 differebt species of fish. Sheefish and Coho were the only ones that we were unable to catch while there. Rainbows (These girls are the prettiest rainbows I have ever seen. Their colors are just WOW. That red streak....amazing. They pull like tanks, get them up top of water column or you arent landing it. They are all over, and when you got one on you know it right away. We caught so many over 20" that I stopped counting the first day. Getting out of the wood and on top on mouse patterns was my favourite way of targeting them) Sight fished in a flat water spring. Beautiful colors, and those shoulders are meant for pulling. Hydroman with a a chunky Bow! Double Rainbow......But what does it mean? Sea Run Dolly (these girls are super abundant, you have to get past them and the grayling to catch the big bows. They are in feeding heavily on eggs being dropped by the Chum) Double Dolly Duty!!! Look at those dorito mouths...... Lots of color variation in the Dollys, some are really light, some very dark King Salmon ( you cannot target them, but you catch the odd one accidently. Must stay in the water and be let go as soon as possible. This was a little 15-20 pounder in her spawning colors) Grayling (rub his head to get his fin up......lots of these guys, like the Dollys, they eat your fly as fast as possible, caught many the beat my PB grayling. Ranged in colors from very light to very dark. They will eat mice, streamers, eggs whatever) Chum Dog. Catch lots of these guys, awesome pull on the line. They get a run of about 800,000 of these guys in the river. As you jet up, it is a parting of the Chum. But these guys provide a ton of nutrient for the entire ecosystem, whether that is their eggs or decaying bodies. Everything feeds on them. Which is why the Dolly, Bows and Grayling are so big. Watch your fingers with this set of chompers. Artic Char: Tough to tell them apart from the Dollys sometimes. But this is a good example of a more typical Char. In the lower stretches and a trib called the Doestok, you can catch some very nice Pike.. Everyone should try to experience Alaska at least once. Whether it be this lodge or somewhere else. The time and money is worth the adventure that awaits you.
  13. Bow River Flows

    In addition to the previous post, here is a link Bow River Trout has on all the information about flows (both present and historical) https://bowrivertrout.org/2018/07/20/bow-river-flows-how-are-they-controlled/ in addition to access, we have been working on multiple Fishery needs (population, riparian habitat etc) Like Brent said, we need to keep talking about. Our message to the government is only as strong as the people behind it. So I strongly urge you to get involved with the conversation. Find a group and become active. If we hope to have this wonderful resource it’s going to take a cohesive voice to effect change.
  14. I like the new system. Pretty slick. Booked for 2 people for Egypt shelter Aug 12-15. Last I checked there were still 2 spots available.
  15. MS Auction 2018

    $100 on 4