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  1. My experience with the copious amounts of kids I teach is that he probably picked up this bad habit from some shady friend on some sleezy backcountry stream. Hopefully they don’t introduce him to other bad habits like slough sharks. Everyone knows rainbows are just the gateway.
  2. Don’t forget upper bow. Banff - Canmore (lonnnnggg float in very beautiful country) Canmore - Exshaw (bring a trolling motor for last slow section)
  3. With the online reservation system for front and back country camping I thought it would. Plus you can buy your park pass online. Tech would be the same I don’t understand why they haven’t.
  4. Yep thats where I started, found the local fly shop online. Also found a blog article and good Yukon online resource. Was just looking for some more intimate or personal experiences.
  5. No section below for this I guess...so put it here. Headed to Whitehorse Aug 2-9 Will spend a few days there, then touring to Dawson and Skagway. $25 license is appealing. Will bring rods. Can only walk and wade and I’m not afraid to hike and explore. Looking for some general guidance to cut down on searching time. Looks to be lots of grayling, what else?
  6. Man that is pretty cool...love the renderings you did. Pretty solid skill set you have there! I taught my students a little AutoCAD and Revit, takes a lot of work to make something as nice as you did. My skills are no where near where yours are (or my students) Nice design, like all the different fish on the casing. Drag looks pretty solid! awesome post all around!
  7. I think a lot of these projects are on hold until the BRAP is released (Bow River Action Plan). From my understanding it should be released shortly, which will hopefully provide the direction and timelines that many of these projects will take.
  8. Delayed.....no update given as of yet as to when the project will move forward.
  9. It will be a full day kinda deal. No end time given. But since it is a government job, I am sure that there will be ample coffee breaks and a long lunch. My guess is you should be done by 4 or 5.
  10. From the Bow River Trout Facebook page: If you are interested in volunteering to assist with the AEP fish population surveys next week, please send me a PM and I will pass on our presidents contact info. Will keep his phone number off a public site. Two volunteers are needed on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, Sept 11, 13 &14 One volunteer is needed on Monday or Wednesday Sept 10 & 12 Meet at Fish Creek Boar Ramp 9.00 AM each morning New info: The 2018 Bow River Fish Population Study will be expanded to include 12 new sites within Calgary and the Lower Bow stretch of the river the week of September 17. 3 sites between Bearspaw and Harvie Passage 4 sites between Harvie Passage and Policeman's Flats 3 sites between Cottonwoods and McKinnon's Flats 2 sites below McKinnon's Flats and Carseland. When the final analysis come out of these new locations and compared to the historical sites used below Policeman's Flats, it will be interesting to see what the trout population estimate will be for the entire Blue Ribbon Bow River
  11. As you read the article, should you have any input, BRT would love to hear it. The more voices and perspectives we have the better!
  12. Here is the link to our latest article on Bow River Flows. https://bowrivertrout.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/a-need-for-bow-river-water-management-change-final.pdf Feedback is always welcome, and if you feel so inclined we could always use new members!! https://bowrivertrout.org/membership-donations/
  13. Tight lines, In the BRT discussions with AEP and Transalta we have brought up the issue of the flows in the Ghost - Bearspaw section and the impact it has on the fishery. We did not bring up safety, but that is an excellent point and something that we can being up in further discussions. There is a diverse opinion amongst AEP staff on what is happening in this stretch, but at the very least we got them considering the fishery. The same can also be said for the fluctuations seen on the Kananaskis river and it’s relatively poor fishery as a result. Both need to be looked at for sure. we will be releasing our second article about flows and power generation shortly. I’ll post the link once it’s live. We could always use more support, and the more squeaky wheels we have advocating for the river, the better. Jason Vice President BRT
  14. In addition to winter operations, trap lines need to be maintained in the summer for winter use. Brush removal, trees cut, new lines cut. Not an easy job. Looks to me like he is following the rules. Primary Structure must not exceed 576sq ft. Must not occupy more than 1 acre, shed should not be larger than 12’ x 12’. https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/66f7d3b9-2af4-4970-9bb3-1a09462adfbf/resource/ec35975c-06f7-4568-aa0f-2157a8141a31/download/5005551-1994-trapper-cabins-a-policy-for-use.pdf Looks like he puts pride into the property to make it look good. Nice cabin. I would spend time there, as I’m sure most who love the area would. He probably paid a hefty price for those trapping rights. I find most trappers to be salt of the earth types, with a plethora of info about the area. Stop in and say hi next time, I’m sure he will chat your ear off.
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