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  1. i learned a bunch about WD attending the virtual symposium. If you would like to watch the symposium, here is a link. It had a bunch of very informative info:
  2. The AEP Whirling Disease task force that produced this report has had its funding severely decreased. Much of the work that they have been doing is going to be discontinued unfortunately. Last year they hosted an online virtual WD conference which I attended, where a lot of the research was presented. It really opened my eyes to the work the task force was doing. Dont get me wrong, work will still be done on this portfolio, but just not same amount or scope. BRTF was approached by the U of A looking for some financial support to do some site specific research on the Bow
  3. Hope they took his gear. One week out from another offence sounds like he needs a stronger lesson this time.
  4. Doesn’t it mean??? You follow General regs June 16 - Aug 31 Then you follow the special regulations listed. Sept 1 - Oct 31 (5 whitefish) The listed special regulation deviates from the general river regulation of 0 whitefish Sept 1 - Oct 31.
  5. I liked the event. Very engaging Biologist willing to share info and their ideas. Liked the come and go format, thought all of the AEP staff were very approachable. They seemed to care and were enthusiastic in talking to the public. Some very good (and weird) feedback on the post it notes at each station. I will be watching with interest to see what happens.
  6. For those interested: Bow River Trout Foundation is hosting a Fall Fishing Festival on Sept 28th. At the dinner portion of the event some of the issues mentioned above will be presented and discussed: Further synopsis below: Paul Christensen, Senior Bow River Basin Fishery Biologist, will be presenting the population update. He will touch on the following topics during his presentation: How a population estimate is accomplished. The 2018 population summary from the survey completed in September 2018. A short summary of the 2019 fishery population study (took place from S
  7. Tons of logging trucks on that road as they are pulling logs out of fire zones 7 days a week, tread carefully in the tight spots, and watch the corners. Enjoy! Bigger isn't necessarily better when choosing your fly in this area.
  8. My experience with the copious amounts of kids I teach is that he probably picked up this bad habit from some shady friend on some sleezy backcountry stream. Hopefully they don’t introduce him to other bad habits like slough sharks. Everyone knows rainbows are just the gateway.
  9. Don’t forget upper bow. Banff - Canmore (lonnnnggg float in very beautiful country) Canmore - Exshaw (bring a trolling motor for last slow section)
  10. With the online reservation system for front and back country camping I thought it would. Plus you can buy your park pass online. Tech would be the same I don’t understand why they haven’t.
  11. Yep thats where I started, found the local fly shop online. Also found a blog article and good Yukon online resource. Was just looking for some more intimate or personal experiences.
  12. No section below for this I guess...so put it here. Headed to Whitehorse Aug 2-9 Will spend a few days there, then touring to Dawson and Skagway. $25 license is appealing. Will bring rods. Can only walk and wade and I’m not afraid to hike and explore. Looking for some general guidance to cut down on searching time. Looks to be lots of grayling, what else?
  13. Man that is pretty cool...love the renderings you did. Pretty solid skill set you have there! I taught my students a little AutoCAD and Revit, takes a lot of work to make something as nice as you did. My skills are no where near where yours are (or my students) Nice design, like all the different fish on the casing. Drag looks pretty solid! awesome post all around!
  14. I think a lot of these projects are on hold until the BRAP is released (Bow River Action Plan). From my understanding it should be released shortly, which will hopefully provide the direction and timelines that many of these projects will take.
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